Hello Sailor

Oversaturated, wrinkled, poorly edited shipwreck.

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  1. It looks to me like it was shot in the 1970’s.

    • I think that the fauxtographer was trying for “vintage” but he/she didn’t age the photo far enough. That, and the rest of the effects are horrible. The saturation is weird, the eyes are unsettling, there’s a streak going across the girl’s face., and it looks like some of the hair’s dye bled into her forehead, and I am positive that the wrinkle was added digitally to enhance the terribleness.

  2. How do you wrinkle a digital image?!

  3. I say that if you enjoy taking photos and you have that “bug” for it then you are a photographer. I have seen the so-called professionals royally screw up photos and ruin a treasured moment. This photo does not look like it is messed up. It looks like it was maybe scanned or imaged in with some issues, but nothing that cannot be fixed and/or repaired.

    • Livvyrat

      Really? Because those eyes scream “awful Picnik job” to me.

    • Well, I say that if you enjoy brain surgery, and you have a bug for it, then you are an M.D. I have seen the professionals royally screw up operations and ruin a treasured life . . . . . . if wishing only made it so . . . . .

  4. Amanda

    She looks like a fucking oompa loompa.

  5. James, you are partially correct. If you enjoy taking pictures with a camera you can be ccalled a photographer. Many people try to pass themselves off as professional photographers who lake the training, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide the quality images you expect from a professional. This website exposes those “faux”-tographers and the poor quality work they produce. It is a great way to learn what is poor quality photography by examining each photo and finding all of the things wrong with the work that is supposed to be from a quality professional output. Most have focus issues, poor lighting techniques, bad composition and posing, etc. I have studied photography for over 40 years. It is a never ending quest to improve yourself. When someone asks what kind of camera I have used to produce an image, it shows their ignorance. It is my knowledge and experience that composes the image. The camera, lighting equipment, and other tools I use just record what I visualize and create.

  6. pretty sure those wrinkles were digitally added, no? Fixing or repairing would mean turning the poor girl back to normal color, and to leave her eyes alone. People use and abuse photoshop eye enhancing actions, this seems to be the case here. WHITE whites, and VIBRANT blue, then a sprinkle of too much sharpening for good measure.

  7. Taylor

    what is it with all these fauxtogs making blue eyes look really really blue? it doesn’t look cool, or even human, it looks like an alien. Or like they’re wearing colored contacts, and I doubt the subjects really want that look

  8. Geekcr

    Is that a wrinkle or does she just have a serious varicose vein problem?

  9. Wsroadrunner

    More gawdawful oversaturated fake eyes….

  10. Loverfli

    I think they scanned the picture, then edited it. Please. I hope so.

  11. Sorry about the spelling mistakes in my post above. I was in a hurry and didn’t proof read before I hit enter.

  12. I’m not yet unconvinced that somebody wasn’t trying to make this look like a vintage pinup. That would explain the wrinkle, the bad saturation and the sailor motif. I’m not sure about those eyes though. Maybe they should’ve stuck with B&W instead.

  13. Salzie

    Those eyes are horrible! Not to mention the extreme orange/yellow cast. Yuck! And why the hell is there a random ripple. She also looks nothing like a sailor. Looks like a nurse with a wig and too much tan hahahaha.

  14. When the application of a warm glow is more like a slow roasting.

  15. I don’t know if this is a bad scan of an abused print or just bad digital editing. Either way, it’s not worthy of posting online.

  16. aswicks

    What?? You are critical of the wrinkle which is actually a cleverly contrived leading line leading your eye down to …

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