Easter Bunny Barf

Fauxtog – “Oh don’t worry, because the Easter Bunny seems to have thrown up on this image, I’m giving you 10% off!”

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  1. Why would anyone think desaturating the subject will make the photo better?

    • Shut up…that’s why!

    • That was exactly what I was thinking! It seems like in ALL these spot color/desaturation things they bring out something entirely uninteresting and leave the main subject black and white.

      • Why anyone would think its the things that make a picture worthwhile and not the person in this kind of shot …

      • Burninbiomass

        Perhaps its a ploy to draw attention away from the blown to heck highlights.

      • Fauxtog 101: Shoot all portraits in direct sunlight.

  2. WHY do people do this to cute kids? It should be a crime.

  3. Ooh….selective Greying! This Fauxtoug is breaking the rules and I love it!

  4. ithurtswhenipee

    I think I have figured out why fauxtographers do spot color. Its because they need to feel like they are an artist or they seem to think that using photoshop makes them pro. What better way to show that they have a “post editing routine” than to do something a glaring as spot color.

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Is it the Easter bunny or the keetster bunny? Because this picture is sh*t

  6. What’s with making people grey and everything else coloured? I would have thought most reasonable thinking people would put it around the other way. Yet another example on how to make some one look like a zombie.

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