The Camo Family


Your camouflage is not functioning properly…

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  1. sassyone

    What is that awful mess?

  2. nothing wrong w camo . we wear camo alot . but this is done wrong .

  3. I’d love to see more “fotos.”

  4. monolith

    YeeHAW it’s gonna be a good season this year!

  5. Holy crow – i can still see that you’re still fat…

  6. Lalalalaaaaa

    Honey-BooBoo’s relatives? Why doesn’t one of the girls merit pink blotches like the others?

  7. awwh what a nice family photo… :/ well apart from the awful selective coloring

    • And apart from the fact that they are all standing at least two feet from each other like they’re strangers and dad looks pi$$ed.

  8. Good grief.

  9. skynigurl

    Dear lord! I am waiting for Leatherface to jump out from the back with a chainsaw.

  10. The little girl in her mother’s arms looks frightened? 🙁

  11. A photographer

    I can’t think of any cases where crossed arms makes a subject look good outside of sports portraits. This family looks like they’re about to kick the asses of some other family.

  12. Wow. You’re doing it wrong. And there is a tree growing out of her head.

  13. Jessanderson

    Oh dear. This is CLASSIC fauxtography at it’s best (or worst? … I guess for a fauxotg it’s the same thing).

  14. Unfortunately, we can still see them

  15. Isn’t the purpose of camouflage so that you can’t see something? I wish I couldn’t see this entire photo but it didn’t work.

  16. A friend of mine who was a hunter joked once that the only colour deer can see is Realtree.

    But the thing that’s really scary is that the dude on the right looks very familiar. DAMN I sometimes wish you guys could link your images to sources.

  17. Wow, and what’s more scary is that the eldest daughter is the spitting image of her father….

  18. This camo is so good, the girl and the man even have trees growing out of their heads

  19. TheCollector

    YAY selective color!!! All photographers that do this should choke to death.

  20. Even without the selective desat, this is beyond awful.

    Daddy looks like a psycho who sorely wants to be cradling a smoking shotgun, Big Sis is grotesquely obese (pregnant?) and has proportionately bigger arms than Daddy. Li’l Bro looks too shit-scared to do anything other than go along with it (I’m guessing Big Sis threatened to sit on him and force-feed him Twinkies and Funions as punishment if he doesn’t).

    Mommy looks like she’s wondering if this was such a good idea after all? meaning that she has a couple of functioning brain cells. And Baby is cringing in Mommy’s arms and smiling that forced tight-mouthed smile, meaning that she knows just how stupid and hillbillyish her family looks, and that she has more functioning brain cells than the rest of her clan combined.

    Run away, Baby, run away….while you can.

  21. If there were a big, dead ten-point buck lying in the foreground–perhaps with selectively colored ornaments dangling from his antlers–this would make the perfect Christmas card!!!

    • Yeah, and rest assured that the kids would be seated one behind the other on its back, Mommy would still be standing there holding the antlers, still looking faintly worried in that ‘Gee is this a good idea?’ without knowing why, and Daddy would be standing psychotically triumphant behind them, cradling the still-smoking gun.

  22. Hey now, this isn’t fair! If the dad were looking at me like that, I’d take the damn picture too. Fear can make us do stupid things. Of course, one can only assume the dad then followed the fauxtographer home and made them post it on their website as well…?

    • Meeshybee

      “I said WHITE vignette! And you’ll add that watermark if you know what’s good fer ya.”

  23. I can still see you….

  24. Bad selective coloring, and did anyone else notice that dad, mom and the son are cut off at the shins?

    Could have been a good shot if done right – and this ain’t right.

    • They’re not cut off at the shins, they’re standing in a field and the grass is obscuring their lower legs. So that part of them is indeed camouflaged.

  25. I love the tree growing out of teh daughters head. That really makes the picture special.

  26. Excellent white vignetting… I mean, how creative can one get?

  27. What is the black line across Mom’s chest for? So weird.

  28. AbsyntheGreene

    Making fun of a preteen girl for being overweight does not make you witty or clever, it makes you immature and moronic.

  29. joejoe

    I know what the daughter is thinking – “Adolescent diabetes, here I come!”

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