Bedtime Fauxtography

Bedtime Fauxtography offers a very unique service! We’ll come into your bedroom and snap a picture of you just before you go to sleep for the night! Warning : the photo will be horrible…

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  1. WHAT is that sticking up in his lap?!?

  2. Literally jaw-dropping…

  3. May I have a 16×20 of this? Strictly for bonfire-starting purposes, of course.

  4. Anyone got any bleach?

  5. is it just me or does he look waaay too excited to see her?

  6. Craig Taylor

    I think its funny that there was an ad for eye glasses on the page. Maybe its just our poor eye sight that is preventing us from seeing the full potential of this image?


  7. A photographer

    Remember the simple days of the pop-up flash? Remember how you blew out subject’s skin because every shot needed to be “exposed right” so there weren’t any distracting shadows that might create a mood? Remember when you thought people’s cheeks and noses really were white?

    Remember how photography got really complicated when you learned about off-camera flashes, diffusers, flash-fill, and pre-flash exposure so people’s skin would look like skin instead of toilet paper?

  8. LOL It looks like he has a little woody….awwww how precious. lol

  9. Canaduck

    “Please make sure my nose looks as uncomfortably squashed against my wife’s face as possible.”

  10. Seriously creeped out!!

  11. Lalalalaaaaa

    *scream* A bigfoot got my daughter!!! Oh wait… that’s not my daughter, thank God.

  12. Am I the only one noticing the rather awkwardly placed fold in the blanket as well? You know, that makes it look like he’s really happy to be there.

  13. Nice to see Mommy puts on eyeshadow at bedtime. *eyeroll*

  14. Leprechauns are growing taller and bolder every year. Look in bed next to you. There could be one there already.

  15. WHY? Why would you advertise with this???

  16. Deargod…………………

  17. why on earth would you put your watermark on this???? SMH.

  18. Even when I FIRST started, this would have been deleted immediately. No, scratch that, because even when I first started, I never used the on camera flash. But, alas, it goes into their “portfolio” as the best of their best.

  19. monolith

    Maybe we’re just missing the big picture. Perhaps this photography is meant to be a parable: grody life-draining disease lustily embracing well-fed, pink-cheeked youth; the embodiment of yin-yang. In a cheap motel bed. I mean, when you look at it in that context isn’t it kind of beautiful?

  20. Hobbyist

    Love how her t-shirt says “I can’t be having another crisis”…hate to break it to ya, but you are! You’re in the middle of one of the world’s worst kinda, sorta, somewhat of a photo shoot-ish type thing. And now your face has made it to YANAP. Not good. Major crisis alert!

  21. is this the home grown porno stuff ?

  22. This is just way gross!

  23. browneyedgirl89

    This just makes me lose faith in intelligent human life.

  24. is it just me..or does he look like Mr. Thomas from Narnia…..

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