Nice Frame

What a nice frame and you almost got the whole thing in there, but what is that colorful blob in the background? …

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  1. its a lovely frame !! Darn autofocus.. darn it lol

  2. Of course, they sell it as “custom art” and the client buys it. . .

  3. Just…. why?! I really don’t get it.

  4. Maybe the kids in the picture are really ugly.

  5. Of course it is best not to hold the frame where you cropped it off. Not that it matters with this crap anyways.

  6. robbifelldown

    F*&king outstanding! Nice hand holding the frame least her nails were clean.

  7. Another way to get out of that pesky model release…

  8. skynigurl

    This is why I use manual controls and don’t green box the photos.

  9. Wow! Love that thumb ring!

  10. Go home camera. You’re drunk.

  11. What in high holy fuck.

  12. And the point is …?
    What I really don’t get is why is the guy wearing a bright orange vest? Is he a road engineer, maybe, or a crossing guard?

  13. Photography: you’re doing it wrong.

  14. HOW could the AF fail to focus on that bold dress?
    MY camera’s AF has already focused on it …and the damn things turned off with the lens cap on.

  15. Rule #1
    Huge watermark = lame photographer.

  16. Delete – in camera – I get what they were trying (kind of) and it didn’t work – really delete…now.

  17. TollToll

    THROW THE FRAME AWAY! lol stop doing the frame thing!

  18. dawnofthedeadling

    That would have been a nice picture if they had been focused and her hand wasn’t in the way! People abuse the blur way too much. If this was purposely edited that way, then shame on them. These kind of pictures can really hurt a person’s eyes.

  19. ROFL… if you can’t control depth of field, put the camera away and go work at Walmart or something.

  20. This reminds me–Time to schedule my annual eye exam….

  21. Really what is the point…this crap with the subject out of focus I do not understand. Maybe I have been in the business way to long. After 25 years am I missing something….[please help me if I am….

    • You’re not missing anything…. it really is that bad. I’ve been wondering the same thing lately too…. WHY would you have the subject out of focus? Because if it’s not in focus, it’s kinda no longer the subject…

  22. Artie fufkin

    if it ain’t bokeh, don’t fix it

  23. Eh, the frame isn’t *that* nice.

  24. Yani Dueri

    The ONE thing this individual had to do, was FOCUS the couple. FOCUS the couple, The one thing…

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