Get It Away

The baby looks pretty concerned about his proximity to such a hairy nipple.

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  1. “One day, son, you too will have a hairy nipple. One day.”

  2. monolith

    If you look closely, you can see the image of that fur-choked obscenity reflected in the infant’s starry retina. And in his once-unblemished psyche.

  3. Did anyone notice how the nipple is in focus and the rest of the man is not? EWE. So grossed out.

  4. TollToll

    Breastfeeding… you’re doing it wrong

  5. TollToll


  6. Go ahead….pull my finger.

  7. BurninBiomass

    Dad is teaching him how to breast feed and floss at the same time…

  8. It’s really not a bad picture, if you don’t mind male nipples. So maybe it’s aimed at the non-prude, unamerican market.

    • Canaduck

      Since when do “unamericans” like close-up shots of hairy nipples?

    • Exactly. But then us westerners seem to only see the nipple as a sexual thing. This is precious, Dad and Baby, skin to skin.

      • PookyBear

        Since when to westerners consider MALE nipples to be “sexual things”? I hear “unamericans” are somewhat more tolerant of hair, though.

  9. I’d like that in a 16×20, only I want the blurry baby cropped out. Seriously!?!?

  10. Call me Maisie

    Yes by all means; focus on Daddy’s nipple, not the baby’s face. Perfect.

  11. Oh gawd I just barfed in my mouth. The nipple is all that’s in proper focus. All that hair….ugh.

    If I were shooting this, I would definitely make Dude wear a plain T-shirt – ie any colour at all, no slogans, artwork or stupid sayings on it – and ensure my focus was on the kids’ eyes. And shoot at more than f1.8. And make sure I got Dad to do more creative stuff than the trite shit going on here.

  12. You guys are amazing. Overall the pic isn’t terrible technically, so what do you do? Take the mick out of a hairy nipple -which, OMG is part of the person, their body, the thing that makes them what they are. Because you guys are all perfect, and every photo of you makes you look like a Greek God?
    And for the ‘nipple is the only thing in focus’ people…. erm, check out the fingers. I think you’ll find that’s where the focus is.

    • BurninBiomass

      “the thing that makes them what they are”

      I personally am not defined by my nipple.

    • monolith

      You’re right, man. That cuticle bed is a ragged warzone. Gross.

    • the hairy nipple…gag….that’s the point….it’s hard to see much else.

    • The pic isn’t that terrible…….. Look at the baby’s face ! Out of a whole session doing baby portraits, you’d really choose the one where the baby is looking as bored as can be ? As for the focus, wouldn’t you want to focus on the baby’s face, you know, what’s supposed to be the center of attention ? Really.

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