The Amazing Invisible Bunny Ears

Hard to believe this is a professionally taken Easter photo. Awesome that they were sure to make the bunny ears almost completely camouflaged against that stark white background.

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  1. Ha Reesary

    It looks like a mistaken click with the fill tool in white! o.O

  2. Looks like it was a very poorly-scanned photo, so the horrid exposure might be the fault of the person scanning.

  3. Well the parents obviously don’t put too much weight on photography. Temporary tattoos before a portrait session is always classy.

  4. Emma Holton

    I have to believe that the submitter edited the photo before sending it to YANAP. That or its a poorly scanned photo.

  5. Look at the funky dithering… looks like a GIF.

  6. Grandma

    Greetings. I am the submitter. And no, this was our Easter gift from the Grandkids. The parents actually paid big bucks for this disaster. It was several weeks after Easter before we even figured out the grandkids were wearing white bunny ears.

    No editing. Just a very disappointed Grandma. And, yes, aren’t those tats just adorable on the little guy?

    • Rebecca

      That’s such a shame! I don’t know how anyone could sell (or indeed show) such a poorly-lit photo. Had it been done properly, and with a contrasting background so you could see the ears, this would have been a great pic. Cute kids, nice smiles, relaxed pose, ruined by zero technical ability from the fauxtographer!

    • Pelham

      Grandma, I truly feel sorry that you got this photo. An image like this should never, ever have been seen as suitable to send a client. I don’t know if the fauxtog just overexposed like crazy, or just went whacko in post-processing, but they ruined what looks like an otherwise decent portrait. *sigh*

    • Jim Crack

      Grandma, two questions just out of interest, I was wondering if the parents looked at the photographer’s portfolio before hiring? (Is all the work this bad?) Also, I know any price would be too much for this mess, but how much did they pay? Let’s hope the Easter Bunny brings you something better next year!!

    • excuse me?....

      Seriously? You really submitted your own grandchildren’s picture to this site … the picture that they gave to you as a present? Sure the picture is horrible, but is that really how you want your grandkids portrayed on the internet? Most grandparents would just disregard the fauxtog “skills” and then go find a really good picture and submit it to a cute kid contest or something. Seems to me that you have some type of family issue with the parent(s) that you couldn’t resist displaying. Just sayin…..
      p.s. what if someone shows the kids this w/the comments? – just hoping that “Grandma” is a fake. If not, I’ve given you a good segue into an excuse you can use if confronted.

      • Canaduck

        Why would someone show this to the kids…? Get off Grandma’s back.

  7. Looks kind of like a creepy Rolling Stones tongue hanging over them!

    • NicCole

      YES! Thank you!! I was staring at it, trying to figure out where I’d seen it and what it was.

  8. TollTollPhotography

    Ughhhh whhhhhy the exposure

  9. SuperStar

    You all just don’t know skill. You ain’t never heard of hykee photography?

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