The Big Over-Edited Day

Can you imagine getting your wedding photos back and having them look like this train wreck?!

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  1. It looks awful.

  2. Ashley Taylor

    what the hell is this nonsense?

  3. Lindsay

    LOL why bother composing a shot when you can just pixelate the crap outa it to hide shit in the background haha thats win and the halo is genius accentuates the closed eyes, in all honesty douche 101 closed eyes + bad edit = pr0

  4. anonomous

    What in the world is this? How does one even make that happen?

  5. Thomas Neubauer

    This is flat out awful. Let’s hope there was no money exchanged for this awful picture.

  6. Looks like they used the dissolve blending mode (first mistake) and brushed it off of her, badly!

  7. Rachel

    Sad. Just sad.

  8. Faith Simbeck

    Dammit…I always wanted to attend a White Noise Wedding! Looks like I frikkin missed it!!! Booooo.

  9. Lindsay

    Awww Faith never mind …. by the looks of this shot if the others are the same they will be revisiting the shoot so maybe get a second sitting 😛

  10. Crystal

    No, no, no, no, no. Just… NO!

  11. if you can’t shoot it right don’t shoot it at all.

  12. Taylor

    what is this i dont even

  13. Rhinda

    At the minimum just tick the box for monochromatic noise… please… oh screw it… its just plain horrific

  14. Some times I see crappy and distasteful wedding photos taken at a tacky and distasteful wedding, and I think yeah these people just don’t have style. But when I see pictures like this, the bride actually looks quite lovely – I think.. how could you choose such a pretty hair clip but such a crappy photographer!? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING

    • Pelham

      Sadly I think I can answer why…once upon a time, I shot a wedding as 2nd camera to what a now know is a true fauxtog.

      Anyway this couple, albeit both highly paid professionals, had a budget of only $500 for photography. We shot for 8 hrs. Mr Fauxtog claimed on his Facebook page that every single one of the 5000 frames we shot were ‘totally awesome’. That’s crazy. I broke off from this guy right after I got my whopping $50.

      Since then I’ve shot with my bf, who apprenticed to a genuine photog for 3 years and actually knows what the hell he’s doing. By age 20 he was shooting weddings on his own, in film.

      So last year we shot a friends’ wedding together (dslrs, lol), and had they been paying for the 8 hrs we shot, they would have paid close to $2500 for the two of us.

      We got about 700 shots apiece so just under 1500 total, and the couple got 250.

      And that’s how it should be. If you want quality, be ready to pay for it.

      • I have a naive question about the wedding work, and the 250 shots you took: were the photos good enough? You talk about money, quantity and so on, but what about quality, editing and the presentation? btw: last year I shot 34 weddings.

  15. I pulled this up, full screen, for my husband…
    And, he thought it was a dead bride stuck inside a Poltergeist type, static television screen. He grabbed the aluminum foil to wrap around the antennae to save the poor soul…
    Alas… it’s too late for her poor wedding photography… they were DOA…

  16. Anyone else noticed the eyebrows? something just doesnt look quite right with the one we can’t fully see :-/

  17. Well, the bride deserves what she paid. A professional photographer would never do such a horrible thing…

  18. Chchchelsea

    Why find a nice background or take advantage of you aperture when you can just post process it like this? Awesome job fauxtog, you’ve obviously have enough people fooled to hire you. Slow golfclaps your way.

  19. Seqausl3

    Anyone know where I can get this Photoshop Action!? I need to get some edits like this in my portfolio!

  20. Wsroadrunner


  21. Canaduck

    Now she can remember her wedding as the day that she floated around in a grey ether with her eyes shut. Beautiful.

  22. We should be seeing them on Judge Judy next week.

  23. Everyone who shops for their wedding photographer on Craigslist should be forced to look at the whole set of this wedding. Because you KNOW that’s where they hired from.

  24. Anonymous

    Sadly my wedding pictures DID look like this… the photographer took almost a year to get us our “wedding pictures” and then edited them like this or worse (some of them looked like tin foil) and all of them were at 72dpi. This photographer had lied about their qualifications, all of the images on their website had been stolen from other photographers etc. Seriously one of the worst things that has ever happened to me.

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