The Garden of Saturation

Better wear your sunglasses if you’re planning on spending a day here. Also it appears to be radioactive, so a protective suit of some kind might not be a bad idea.

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  1. Lovely. Combine this with a little HDR, and you have an “artistic” portrait worthy of the Louve. Or maybe just the “loo”.

    • no one special

      My guess: They think this is HDR, and it is done correctly.

  2. You might need sunglasses before looking at this photo. There should be a warning lol. Burned my eyessss….

  3. Ken Rockwell just had an orgasm.

  4. Melissa

    MY RETINAS!!!!

  5. Wait….the watermark says “photographers” Plural. It takes two? Guess you don’t have to have great minds to think alike.

    • I was about to make the same comment… took two people to create this magnitude of awful..

  6. That is profoundly horrible.

  7. OMG I can’t stop laughing…

    • I could say the same looking at your website. jesus christ for the lulz.

      • Umm, hers is much better than yours, dude.

      • Rude. Very.

      • Travis

        I agree, Kim C not only has a much better website, but she appears to be a far better photographer then you too.

      • Dude, her photos beat yours by miles.

      • Hailey

        I like how they think you are rude for saying this when that is what this entire website is based on! lmao Hypocrites much?

      • Glass houses mate, glass houses.

        At least her photos:

        1) Are interesting
        2) Good
        3) Creative
        4) Well composed
        5) Well pp’d

        1) Boring
        2) Not well composed
        3) Poorly PP’d


        Her website is nicely laid out and flows



      • Ohhhh My gawd! All I said was I can’t stop laughing! How is that any worse than what else was said? BTW, that’s a rarely used site, as you can see I don’t even post that much too it. Thank you to the people who stood up for me. I can’t remember the last time I charged money for a photo, I do it mostly for fun, to learn and really haven’t had to time to invest in revising the new website lately. Thanks again for those of you who emailed me kind words, I had no idea this was even posted. 🙂

  8. Faith Simbeck

    yup…a hippie puked all over the garden!

  9. Someone’s been playing with ALL the sliders, haven’t they….?

    Bad someone.

  10. Ouch! That photo should come with a warning. How long till I stop seeing dots in front of my eyes??

  11. Pelham

    *groan* I’d write more but I can’t see…

  12. Lsuoma

    The saturation knob goes to eleven!

  13. BurninBiomass

    Acid … its not just for breakfast anymore!

  14. Alice in wonderland scene-scape… This is exactly the way the Red Queen imagined her garden..

  15. Meowcate

    I am president of Cameras Against Drugs Association and I approve this picture.

  16. This is wrong on so many levels…

  17. dickie

    Maybe they were trying to recreate Hüsker Dü’s Warehouse: Songs and Stories album cover.
    But probably not.

  18. I’ve never actually ingested magic mushrooms or dropped acid, but this is what I imagine a bad trip must look like.

  19. what is it with over saturation! bad bad bad!

  20. Not green with envy on this one…..

  21. Ricardo

    Someone must have used Velvia 50, then scanned it and blew out the already over-saturated colours……..


  22. For some reason an image of the “All the things” guy shouting “USE *ALL* THE COLOURS!” just popped into my head…

  23. Iamsherlocked

    My eyes/brain achieved this effect a few times in college without the aid of a computer…

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