Speak Up, My Phone’s Blurry

Wow, what a classy portrait! Excellent job editing around that planter!

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  1. GROAN!!! *SIGH*

  2. jentheartist

    I don’t understand….why???? Agree with Dan’s Groan!!!*Sigh*

  3. My God! Don’t you people recognise HIGH ART??!! The lines, the shapes, the fusion of what’s real with the imagined! The …. oh… wait a minute… the drugs are wearing off.

    Wow! What a load of crap!

  4. Whats the deal with the pot of flowers? & geez the masking lines…

  5. Canaduck

    I take all of my phone calls while wearing a swimsuit and floating in a void next to a gigantic flowerpot.

  6. Today on Photoshop In 5 Seconds we show you how to make a crap idea look even crappier!

  7. BurninBiomass

    Judging by the glow from behind, I’m guessing this was taken in front of Chernobyl.

  8. Adequate use of Refine Edges? Fail. And why is the ginormous planter of flowers so important that it has to be there in the shot too?

  9. Wtf? How do people even sell this shit?? I have a hard time getting business in this economy as it is. How does this sell??!?

    • I don;t know … I see some adds on craigslist and kijiji “Photographer in business for 20 years … will do your wedding for 500$” and the images are crap. I don’t know how they stay in business.

      • LOL you just described the fauxtog I once shot a wedding with!! Yeah, he insisted that every one of the 5000 images (yes that’s five THOUSAND) images we took was ‘excellent’ and kept them all. Needless to say by then I realized he was a faux and got the hell away from him.

        Since then I’ve shot a couple of weddings with my bf. You’re paying us $3k for 8 hours, but hey, he shot his first wedding at the age of 16…on film. And could probably still do so today. I can’t claim that!

  10. Maybe they thought if the logo looked professional enough they could get away wityh any old crap.

  11. what a touching shot of The Littlest Cancer Patient…. no wait, I meant to say “This is complete crap.”

  12. AbsyntheGreene

    My grandmother had that bathing cap in 1956.
    Other than whatever they did to the background, the subject matter here is weird. The kid looks dressed for synchronized swimming, the toy phone has nothing to do with that, and the plant has nothing to do with anything. What was the goal of this image?

  13. I just want whatever this Photographer (yeah right) was smoking before this shot.Come on a Flower pot,a little kid wearing a bathing suit and a toy phone…someone was hitting the Bong too much.

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