Boobie Grabbing Bunny

How majestic?

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  1. who would let this happen?

  2. O.M.G.! How stupid.But i do like that fact shes grabbing her boob.

  3. Yikes.
    You know, I would almost be willing to let this pass (…almost), but why in the hell is she wearing those stupid bunny ears? Take a look at the Playboy Bunnies, they wear ears that match their lingerie, those look like she got them from the Dollar Store at Easter!

  4. novophotography

    Ok…this would be a perfectly acceptable shot if I was doing the shoot. The only thing is that it would be taken with my camera phone, posted on facebook with a quirky behind the scenes comment.

    • Exactly. I was going to say something like this but you beat me to it.

      • John, nice photos but your website is really spoiling them. The whole website is pixelated- it’s like there is a matrix of micro dots overlaid over the images. Also it doesn’t work on Firefox.

      • cameraclicker

        Except the opening page, John’s page looked good and seemed to work fine with FireFox 17.0.1. The opening image has an over sharpened look, more than pixelated.

      • You guys are funny. If you look closely it’s an overlay that gives a canvas look to the pictures on the page.. not pixelation.

  5. like how the tree is in focus.

  6. FOTOgraphy. Nice.

  7. sharon g

    Nice knee high pantyhose…

  8. Michael

    Is the lower part of her leg missing or is her boot on crooked?

    Poor girl, half nekid in cold weather, trying to warm up a boob, tripping on a log or something, and no green leaves any where. Well except maybe what the camera holding person is smoking. I think the covered up letters are W T…..

  9. SoniKalien

    Maybe they sampled the mushrooms before the photo session…

  10. can’t spell photography either!

  11. It’s craptastic!

  12. Is she having a poo?

  13. looks like she was getting to a pose and this was taken… trees in focus – her not so much…wtf?

    Then you add the bunny ears and tacky lingerie not to mention boots and knee highs… ugh. Poor girl – didn’t have a chance with this “Fotographer”

  14. TollToll

    Breast cancer awareness and Easter, let’s throw in some boudoir for Valentine’s day, I see what they did there!

  15. Very good BTS picture !

  16. The knee-highs made me giggle.

  17. Wow, Ashley Tisdale has really let herself go.

  18. Ha HA

  19. Naff ‘fotography’ aside, I’d still hit it.

  20. Yani Dueri

    the only thing worse than the bad posing and bad costume, is the BAD GRAMMAR!!!!!!!

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