Daddy’s Drinking Buddy

Totally what every new father thinks when their wife gives birth to a baby girl! Finally, a new drinking buddy!

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  1. Lalalalaaaaa

    Good way to have child protective services visit the home…

  2. youknowwho

    What the fuqe??

  3. TollToll

    where is her hand

    • Because having her hold the bottle…now that would of been wrong…lol

  4. That is some pretty sad photoshopping.

  5. what’s with all the babies and booze lately?

  6. Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!

  7. nairbynairb

    This is just awful!

    Horrible shot, horrible photoshopping and horrible idea!

  8. Photog can’t even spell…

  9. Canaduck

    That is some tacky shit.

  10. OMG. I have no words.

  11. How is she gonna pick up that bottle without a thumb? It’s like evolution never happened.

  12. amnes1a

    Guaranteed way to ensure your kids grow up to be heathens !

  13. People should be required to pass a simple test before they are allowed to reproduce. They should be asked if the above photo or this shirt is a good idea. If they answer yes, then they should immediately be sterilized.

  14. wrong on SOOOO many levels…..

    I agree with HenryM;
    HennyM says:
    January 3, 2013 at 1:43 am

    what’s with all the babies and booze lately?

  15. What self-respecting father drinks Bacardi Silver? No wonder his only drinking buddy is a little girl. Pfffttt…

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