Senior Killer


So…. is 14 the number of people she’s killed?

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  1. Judging by the (wrong-facing) apostrophe, I’m guessing this means “Class of 2014” – which means the current batch of seniors must think the new version of “Carrie” is about them. I’m also guessing the client wanted this pose, because who would do this to someone without it being requested?

    • It would be nice to say that nobody would. I think you might be right, it is likely requested and the fauxtog just did what they were asked.
      After the shot was done, however, the spot colouring, was not and is never necessary.

    • If it is as you say, then this is an exceptional illustration of why you shouldn’t always give the client what they ask for. Think of it like this: you are the pro. You take exceptional exposures all day every day. How does someone who never or rarely takes serious photography have the right to demand you do something awful?

      I actually see a lot of similarities in photography to gourmet cuisine. Nobody is going to walk into a well respected chef’s restaurant and demand that they stand over the chef telling him how much of each ingredient to put into their dish. And if they did make such a ridiculous request, the chef would never honor it. Sure, you always have some control over whether you get the steak or the chicken, but the actual preparation, the recipe and the ingredients, are all up to him.

      If you can’t trust your photographer to provide the right ingredients, then the problem is one of two things. Either you have the wrong photographer, or he has the wrong client. Either way, it’s probably time to part ways. It’s okay to offer suggestions on what sort of looks you like, but when it’s time to start shooting and editing, pose like the photographer tells you to pose, and then get out of the way while he whips up a masterpiece.

      So in that sense, even if this is a client request, I still think the photographer is ultimately to blame. They should be confident enough in their craft that they can gently say no, and direct the client to something that won’t make people wonder if the kid next door is the next Sandy Hook shooter.

      Just my $0.02.

      • Jesus fuckhead, are you serious? Sandy Hook? You have some valid points. But invalidate everything bringing Sandy Hook into it. Douchebag.

      • To be fair, I was going to reference Hitler and/or the Nazi party, but come on, everyone does that.

        (Joking aside, sorry if you were offended. Hey as a bonus I even “liked” your comment.)


      • I find SMH’s language just as offensive as the comment he rails about.

  2. So….Rosie Palmer does indeed have a face?

  3. Wsroadrunner

    Wow… that’s craptastic.

  4. fourteen, she’s simply became a woman and she can prove it!

  5. Celebrate your first period!

  6. Am I the only one...

    … who looked at that and thought, Oh, her school’s colors are red and black??

  7. Im guessing this is more about her becoming a woman. Look mom – period blood. I bath in it.

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