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Bathroom Fauxtog

At least the subject seems to be enjoy himself?

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  1. Omg! When is it EVER okay (selfies excluded and even then that’s seriously pushin it) to photograph some one in the BATHROOM! Let alone sitting on a crapper… Let alone in a PUBLIC bathroom STALL?!? I mean… Wow.

    • Okay… I take back the part about selfies… Even THEN it’s not cool. EVER.

      • bathroom generally is okay, if it’s a shot in the tub 😉 , preparing in front of the mirror etc, just the toilet should definitely be excluded!

  2. I’m sure there is a very subtle meaning here that I am missing. I’m almost positive this was taken to be funny. I just can’t be anything but certain that there is no one on earth who would stage a shoot on a toilet.

    • Danniele

      I would say it may be a “funny”. I’d like to point out the Deadpool logo on his shirt, for any of you who don’t read comics, Deadpool is a character who takes the piss out of everyone and everything. And there is a scene in the recent game where he is sitting on the toilet. So hopefully he is just making a joke out of it.

  3. Dumbfounded

    Why would anyone post this to their fb business page?!?!?

    • We’d never know without context, but I’m severely doubting this was posted as a portfolio picture and may have been posted for another reason.

      but what kind of quality control can we expect from someone who fails at stringing together a basic sentence?

  4. At least he had his pants up. Like most other people in the world, I can’t fathom what would possess someone to want to be a)the photographer, b)the model. If the stall has some significance for the customer, he might want to take some advice and that is to keep that tidbit to himself. If it is the photographer, he/she might want to take some advice and keep that tidbit to him/herself. And just who the heck are the two people who “liked” this? Just when you thought you saw something amazingly stupid, something comes along and tops it. What next?

  5. Let’s cut the crap and admit that this photo stinks.

  6. Highly possible that this is a case of “**** Photography has house party – friends get blotto – someone forgets to logout from FB account – friend with eff’d up sense of humour uploads toilet selfie to **** Photography’s account”

    Might be worth a check to see if **** Photography also has status update saying “This is the man I’m leaving my wife for LOLOL”

  7. Wsroadrunner

    Well, that’s crap

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