Pregnant Glow

preg glow

You may have thought a “pregnant glow” was just figure of speech, but look! It turns out some pregnant women actually emit light!

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  1. she doesn’t even look pregnant!

  2. What the heck is resting on her stomach? Dried fish carcass?
    Awful, undignified photo. Poor woman. I hope she didn’t have to pay for this garbage.

  3. Brandi McCarty

    Perhaps it was to disguise the slime green water that is glowing behind her??

  4. Definitely not the worst photo i’ve seen on here. It probably would have been a “nice” photo without the crummy editing. I think YANAP should contact photographers whose images show potential, maybe give them pointers on how they could have made it better. Just my two cents i suppose.

    • Because anyone actually deserves “advice” from the ass-clowns that run this place? Why don’t you just mail them ricin if you hate them so much.

      • EyeDocPhotog

        perhaps you should read comments without responding. Coherent, civil language does not appear to be your forte.

        The self-deprecating thing isn’t working.

      • Who said anything about hating yanap? I clearly said that some of the stuff that they post could be fixed with some simple instructions. No one knows everything you ass clown.

  5. i’m kind of questioning why she’s naked on a pond beach, not even a real beach, and with a very specific and kind of badly placed bath towel…. no one piece fits with another…

    • PhotoDon

      My guess would be privacy. Not too many places on real beaches where you can do a shot like this.

  6. It looks like the background was darkened to make is less distracting. However, the result is that the subject looks like she’s being smothered by an ominous black cloud of doom.

  7. Alanna St. Laurent

    The glow – a favorite tool of fauxtogs everywhere.

  8. “ok guys, who’s next?”

    If she wasn’t pregnant already, she probably will be by the end of the day, nice scrubland effect to the set, for that ultimate ‘dogging’ effect.

  9. She looks like she just got raped.

  10. And what’s with that pose? If I just HAD to come up with a pose for a near-naked woman to assume, I would steer well clear of the “getting my Pap examination” one.

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