It’s a bad picture within a bad picture within a bad picture! If you’re going to suck, why not suck 3 layers deep?!

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  1. The three people in the middle frame are thinking how fortunate that they are that the watermark and subsequent watermark-censoring hide their identities.

    The “portraits” of the adults all seriously remind me of the general style of the family photos in my dad’s church directory.

  2. your webpage started SCREAMING at me about some fucking swiffer wet jet product! That’s a load of horse shit! Make it stop!

    • Think about that the next time you want to load up this site. The incompetence around here just seems systemic. from their inability to stay on theme, address the community, or even so much as run a site for anything other than pure greed.

      • Sure, because they are supposed to keep this site going with zero income. You probably don’t want to do the “donate through paypal” thing so what do you expect…they need to run ads. Or maybe you would rather donate. Let them know and lose the ads. Or you could use noscript or some such and skip the screaming.

      • Re: Jackd(ass): wouldn’t bother listening to anything jackd says, he/she/it’s a troll. Willing to bet he’s been featured on this site and judging from the anger and drama on almost every picture on here, probably more than once. Constant drama from a moron with no life. And ironically Jackd… your posts are always off topic, you consistently fail to address the community and your posts are purely in the greed of attention to your idiocy. Go get a job, a life and try to be a grown-up, I’m sure your mommy would be happy if you finally moved out.

        Re: Pissed; Been a fan of this site for years and never had an ad issue that popped up, maybe check your computer/os:c/programfiles(x86) for adware that sneaks onto your computer which does cause annoying ads to show up. I have to remove programs on there at least twice a month otherwise the annoying ads block the content of many websites.

        Bob… great comment. At least someone understands how websites run! Sad world of ‘everything for free’ brats.

        Note: Yes my post is off topic but getting really sick of the whiny drama jerks here that constantly have to let their bleeding hearts defend or distract from the crap posted here. Every industry/profession in the world is subject to wannabes, but for some reason only wannabe photographers are coddled while ripping off the public. Bet you wouldn’t be okay with your dentist, or god forbid internet service provider being an amateur and charging pro prices. 😉 Have a great day all!

  3. and why is the baby in a frame within a frame? thinking this fauxtographer has a little bit of frame craziness!

    • My mind has just been blown!!!

    • That’s the question I had. There’s no reason for that last frame.

    • cameraclicker

      Perhaps, it is the parents holding a frame with the children who are holding a frame with the grandchild?

      • wow you guys want a pat on the back for catching the obvious… shot would have been better if the parents had a wider background with visuals behind, maybe outside with some trees (modern family theme comes to mind).. same with their children. If your are any good at post production, this can be fixed

  4. It’s the fauxtographer Twilight Zone! Or maybe Rod Serling’s Night Gallery!
    Yikes! Some idea’s are best left inside your head.

  5. Nice frame. Ditch the rest.

  6. Why is that baby laying on Breaking Bad meth?

  7. Well, the photo quality is bad, no doubt. But I applaud them for at least finding a different twist on what’s become a serious cliche in family photography these days.

  8. I’ve been wondering how it’s done. I would think that using a frame filled with a sheet of chroma key paper would make po-pro a lot easier. I know it’s cheesy, but as I tell my husband sometimes, “It’s fun for the kids.”

  9. Pimp My Photography

    Yo dawg, we heard you like bad photography. So we put a bad baby picture in a horribly lit picture in another horribly lit bad picture!

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