Floating Heads

floating heads

Combining a horrible pose with selective coloring and the cut-out floating heads of the subjects sure was a bold choice… At least that one person liked it!

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  1. Floating, non-torso apparitions! Set the trap, Ray.

    This image is in no way cool nor was the idea great! C’mon!

  2. meinereiner

    reminds me of that earthrise photo…

  3. i’m not sure if the fauxtog should STOP doing drugs or START doing drugs… Double ewe Tee Eff.

  4. If this is one of his/hers favorite, I wonder what the rest look like!

  5. Awful and a bit creepy. They could have at least used different pics for the floating heads instead of the same one three times. As it is, it is totally pointless. The original was a snap.

  6. Thank you faux whoever you are, for my laugh of the day. Please don’t be offended if I don’t copy this amazing idea and use it on my own clients. I am more than happy to ensure that you remain the sole source of this pose and processing idea. And to the person who “liked” it, well, I’ve stopped being shocked that anyone likes any old pile of dog doo out there. Kudo for either sucking up to the faux or the subject who is probably a friend or relative or demonstrating you have no taste or expectations in a photo. What a world.

  7. Naw, this isn’t a photo, it’s one of those new slot games at the casino.

  8. It appears the desaturated image is of the three in a field of fallen leaves. It would seem like the sort of thing one would want to keep in colour.

    And yeah..why the duplicate floating heads? If they were trying for symmetry, why not space them evenly and reverse the ones on the left at least. That way at least my OCD would be spared the suffering.

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