Burning Umbrella

flaming umbrella

Now that it’s flaming more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, flame, flame, flame…

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  1. wow. i don’t even know what to say…

  2. A little bit too much strobe power…? 😉

    • I think that’s what they were going for with this image. It’s likely the fauxtographer found the coincidence of shooting this woman and the mishap of too much power causing a fire somehow flattering to her subject.
      “You’re so on fire that you’ve set the strobe umbrella alight! Let me grab a shot quick before you breath in the toxic fumes. Hold it!”

  3. Greasy hair…. aaaackkk

  4. Oh the humanity, oh the humanity.

  5. cameraclicker

    Is that an ear-bud falling out of her ear?
    Is this a news photo from the California wild fire area, or the Australian fires?

    • It’s actually an ear adornment though I’m sure you knew that and you were just being funny/sarcastic. Other than that I have no comment on this capture other than, “what the hell”? I wish some of these pics would come with some sort of caption by the author so we could get an idea of what they were trying to accomplish (other than a train wreck sans the train).

    • funny_photog

      yes, wild fires are funny!!!!

      • Personally, I was speaking in reference to the ear adornment looking like and ear-bud.

  6. Forget the Name

    So deep, so angry! For the love that is all good in this world do NOT mess with this girls DVR! She will burn your umbrella!

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