Playing In Puke

Forget Play-doh! Just get your kids to puke and play with it!

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  1. Vitaliy

    I usually don’t comment here, but this is just…wow….facepalm. I don’t even know why they even thought of adding a “______ photography” watermark.

  2. GallopinGourmet

    My inner goddess said “don’t click.” But then I did.

  3. At least the hand-in-barf portion is in focus.

  4. Tell me this is cake. Pink and yellow cake. Please?

    • BurninBiomass

      What ever you do, don’t think of the yellow parts as corn.

  5. This looks like a first birthday ‘cake smash’…too bad the cake isnt in the photo to explain that lol

  6. No JoJo while it probably IS cake smash it LOOKS like puke.

  7. This is beyond terrible. Someone paid for this??

  8. Mental note: make sure inside of cake doesn’t look like inside of baby.

  9. Technically there is a lot wrong with this image – poor focus and composition to begin with. Why anyone would take a snap shot like this and parade it as a sample of work is hard to understand. This is one of those images you keep to yourself.

  10. Lebeat

    This can’t be for real

  11. Chelsea

    Its cake..hello.

    • We know it’s cake. It’s a terrible shot. The end

    • Marcos Dantas

      I know this is cake! What I don’t know is if this pre-digested or pos-digested cake!

  12. gross…….

  13. This is sooo terrible. Someone actually paid for this???

  14. daffodil95

    Well there is hope for us amateurs, if a professional got paid for doing this!!!shameful..

  15. This is so great … I want to know what someone paid for this hideous picture. And what the “photographer” though when she put her logo on it

  16. HAHAHAHA. Title is sooo great. Playing in puke

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