The Eye Of The Fauxtog

Gather round folks! Here’s a rare look through the eye of a Fauxtog! Indeed you’ll notice they just don’t see the world like the rest of us! You may wonder, should we be more forgiving because of this? Well of course not!

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  1. I’m no photographer… but um… what in the heck is this? Photo is just plain weird!

  2. That’s just gross!

  3. Open Focus

    This is just….weird. I never thought a photo could give me the heebie-jeebies.

  4. was this REALLY on someone’s page or website? yikes… this seems to be a whole new level of crap.

  5. I will not sleep for days.. I feel different about everything now,,

  6. The Eye of Mordor.

  7. Carrie

    wtf seriously

  8. That is just so creepy! somehow gotta get that image out of my head!

  9. Ashley Taylor

    uuhhhhhh….no words.

  10. Oh dear God …

  11. This is why we need to preserve art instruction in school. WTF?

  12. WTF. I revoke your Photoshop rights, tog!

  13. Autumn

    I actually JUMPED when my browser loaded this…..crap?

  14. Lalalalaaaaa

    This can’t be real? This was offered for sale or as an example of someone’s work???

  15. Just Me

    I particularly like how they utilized the eraser edge around the outside of the eye, using a hard edge, faded edge and confetti??? edge. Oh so natural.

  16. It’s following me when I walk!!!!

  17. Well, I’m glad my eye doesn’t look like that!

  18. Definitely a mess going on here, but perhaps this is deliberate? Too me it looks like an example of what not to do….

  19. I just can’t really follow any sort of thought process. What was the intention of the fauxtog – sometimes you can understand what they were trying to tell us or say by the picture but this just says to me “I ate an entire pie by myself last night and washed it down with a litre of cola” and this was what I dreamt.

  20. They watched the Lord of the Rings one two many times lmao

  21. WTF – Wow

    That is some bad photoshopping

  22. Jesus fuck. Never felt the need to comment before. Jesus fuck.

  23. Canaduck


  24. JonnyRobes

    Wait this isn’t a real place in the world?!?!?

  25. Wow… A nice mix between YANAP and PhotosopDisasters 🙂

  26. David P

    What a pile of crap :o(

  27. simoncookerussell

    There might be an cream for that.

  28. It’s not a photoshop.

    It’s the Silver Surfer being born.

  29. Looks like an 8-year-old got ahold of Photoshop!

  30. Worst Case Scenario

    Looks like they may have actually used the dissolve layer mode around the eye. Which despite being second on the list, is the single most useless feature of photoshop. Says it all really.

  31. GallopinGourmet

    Am I the only one who thinks that the eye part vaguely resembles a private girl part??? Ew.

  32. This is going to give me nightmares. What. The. Heck.

  33. this is just bad

  34. justme

    Holy hell, what is this?! Whatever it is, it needs more white vignette

  35. Drop the eye opacity, smooth the edges and put the eye on the sun

  36. greeneggs&ham

    A baby sonogram cut and pasted to the middle of the eyeball region would finish this piece of perfectly.

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