One To Be Printed!

Yes, definitely one to be printed so that perhaps someone else can use scissors and glue to better accomplish what this fauxtog attempted with Photoshop!

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  1. Seriously!?

    the one old lady is in there twice and the lady with the blue dress is cut out from the waist up completely – wtf were they trying to accomplish with this photo?

  2. Hold on… let me uncross my eyes… oh wait…

  3. Amber

    So terrible! Who could say that this is anything but absolutely awful!!!

  4. Faith Simbeck

    bat shit crazy!

  5. Lens Man

    This would be partially redeemed if the subjects were at least looking at the camera, but most of them are looking at something happening on their right.

  6. Well you know this person’s an idiot. Read the motto beside the pic. Never ever ever anything at all ever? Wtf is that supposed to mean? Combined with that awful “collage,” it gives you insight into the twisted I-think-I’m clever-and-cute-and-funny-but-I’m-a-moron mentality of the fauxtog behind this mess.

  7. I’m not convinced this is from someone who thinks they are a photographer. The profile name doesn’t have “Photography”, the profile photo probably wouldn’t be used for a photography page, and there’s no awful watermark. While it still could be a fauxtog, I’ll just look at it as someone who takes photos for fun and not someone who thinks they are a professional and that’s alright by me.

    • Henny

      but people are missing their lower extremities and halves of their heads :O

  8. Coley

    Someone was using their panoramic setting on their camera then used the auto tool.

  9. Some name

    I can assure you this person does think that they are a pro. Charging £25 for a portrait shoot lasting an entire afternoon!

  10. Roxanne

    I have my doubts about this being a part of someone’s ‘professional portfolio’ as well. My dad does this kind of stuff every holiday trying to ‘improve’ the photos he got over the course of the evening.
    That said, he does not consider himself a photographer and would never pursue it. He’s just some guy with a PowerShot and Picasa.

  11. Crystal

    What….the….helll….. is THAT?!!!?

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how low some people’s standards are…..

  13. Talk about a broken home

  14. justme

    Why are everyone’s legs trying to float away from their bodies?

  15. Gal with a Camera

    What the…!
    Is this a collage of a bunch of different pictures, or did they just take apart one picture and then put it back together?! WOW is all I can say!

    And am I the only one who doesn’t get the photog’s motto?: “Never ever ever, anything at all ever!!!” Uhmm… what in the blue moon does that even MEAN?!?!?!?

  16. Carrie

    My first thought was that this person didn’t have a wide angle lens and was clearly drunk when they tried piecing this shit together. I quickly gave up on that thought process and decided that this person is an idiot who takes shitty pictures and does shitting editing…and has friends who are equally as idiotic and think this shit is good.

    • “I quickly gave up on that thought process and decided that this person is an idiot who takes shitty pictures and does shitting editing…and has friends who are equally as idiotic and think this shit is good. ”

      Thing is, ALL the fauxtogs are like this!!!

      • Carrie

        Andy, you’re so very right! Photography is not an easy business to be in and along come these moronic clowns who have been told that their point and shoot pictures are really good and they should be a photographer.
        Walking into a Best Buy to pick up whatever DSLR is on sale, slapping the word “Photography” behind your name, setting up a Facebook fan page and downloading free photo editing software does not a photographer make.
        I truly feel bad for the pros out there who have poured their heart and soul into learning everything about photography and their equipment just to lose business because of the fauxtogs.

  17. spike

    This may shed light on that motto (from The Comic Strip)

    Nicholas Parsons: What exactly was your winning slogan?
    Dreamytime Escort: Never, ever, bloody anything ever!
    Nicholas Parsons: And that was your winning slogan?
    Dreamytime Escort: That’s the one, Nicky. I’ve lived my life by that rule.
    Nicholas Parsons: “I would like to spend an evening with Nicholas Parsons because…never, ever, ever, bloody anything ever”?
    Dreamytime Escort: You’re pissed, aren’t you, Nicholas?

    They botched the quote..but I bet that was what they were after.

  18. Autostich do a better job out of the box 🙁

  19. tahrey

    Wow… I have in fact done better panoramic collages than this whilst still at school, with a 110 cartridge-film camera, a steady hand, and some sticky tape (on the back of the prints, before mounting to some card). How can you get it this wrong when doing it digitally?!

    It’s not even as if you can’t get cameras that help you lining the shots up; never mind the modern crop of sweep-panorama ones, I had a lower-mid-market Olympus wayback in about 2003 which showed you an onscreen preview of how to line it up for the easiest stitch, and came with software that could then do it automatically when you downloaded the pics…

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