From My Eyes Only

We’re assuming he meant, “for his eyes only” though we are confused then as to why this photo would then be included in a “photography” album. Oh well, now it’s from all our eyes only!

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  1. Uhkkkk…. why do these people call themselves photographers they don’t even understand basic composition skills or lighting???

  2. Bet he/she is a budoir professional

  3. this is a f&^%$ joke! she needs to put her point&shoot down!

  4. woman there are plastic surgeants which ain’t that expensive anymore!

  5. Melissa

    If it’s for their eyes only…don’t freaking put it on Facebook, duh! Secondly, this photo has horrendous lighting issues, she looks like 14, and the fade out crap shouts fauxtographer.

  6. I can barely see her eyes.

  7. Derek

    The dreaded white vignette returns.

    • Gal with a Camera

      I’ve never seen white vignette on a picture that I thought looked good… ick. XD

      • It can serve its purpose. But if you can tell it’s there, it probably hasn’t. Same with obvious black.

  8. Hey, at least the 2nd commenter on the photo gets it! “It ain’t good at all” HA!!!!!

  9. Yuck, that pic aint good at all.

  10. Pelham

    I like the 3rd comment best 🙂

  11. I feel like a pedo looking at that picture.

  12. Just curious, are you going to put up any of the recent U.S. Olympic team photos to be torn apart?

  13. Eric Lefebvre

    Let’s see …
    poor lighting, poor pose, poor composition, fake white vignetting, image about as crisp as a an old 5 dollar bill after it;s been in the wash a couple of times … and yet, some of these “faux”tographers still manage to sell their services … boggles the mind.

  14. Gelatin

    LOL @ the second comment on the picture…. “yuck that pic ain’t good at all”… <<< that is an understatement.

  15. boriscleto

    How many 14 year olds have tattoos on their legs?

  16. This is beyond a silly image. I’m guessing this photographer gives away much more than they sell.

  17. Gal with a Camera

    I’m guessing that that dude is her boyfriend? Haha 😉

  18. Heather

    I like the “f-off” on a “professional” page. It adds a really nice touch!

  19. Snappy

    I really like the blown-out lighting on her feet and the deep, obscuring shadow on her face. Her feet must be her best feature.

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