The Strangest Easter

Yep, this one is weird. What is the child doing? That’s not how Easter eggs are made…

Now this one make sense…

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  1. Pedobear’s friend Pedorabbit?

  2. meggy

    1. Weird. Kid looks bored, bunny looks embarrassed.
    2. Why has that man got his hand in the bunnies crutch?

    Why are they caged? I didn’t realise the easter bunny was so dangerous.

    • Gal with a Camera

      I assume you mean ‘crotch’, not ‘crutch’, right? LOL.

      • Brian

        Meggy is obviously from ‘across the pond’, therefore ‘crutch’ is correct. Folks from the UK don’t use the word ‘crotch’ to refer to that region.

      • Not sure why I couldn’t reply directly to Brian’s comment, but Brian — you’re wrong.

      • meggy

        Hi, I am from the right side of the pond, and I did mean crutch!!!! 🙂

      • meggy

        And who is guest anyway??? 🙂

  3. I think the mask in #2 was shooped in. Or maybe they found their mask and wore it? But the color is off.

  4. robert

    Bad colour, bad composition, bad angle, bad light, bad processing, bad idea.
    Do I have anything positive to say about these shots? Nope.

  5. I like how they left the Easter basket in the plastic. Guess they plan on returning it to the store afterwards. And, what is Fastfr?

  6. everybody knows that these department store / mall / chain store photo booths are not real photographers…heck, even the workers there admit it – they are about selling product to parents, herding kids (big and little) and wiping up after Dick or Jane pees on the charactor.

    • Guest

      I actually submitted this photo. This is a fauxtographer in my area. I do believe she did these at the local flea market. Nothing but high class around here.

  7. nikki


  8. spike

    Why am I filled with the urge to kick Easterbunny’s butt shouting “This is for Brody!”

  9. omfg….jus OMFG

  10. Chels

    The little boy looks like he’s trying to lay an easter egg

  11. Pelham

    Very sad that the people responsible for this setup couldn’t even do something as basic as provide a quick guide to composition for the picture taker (let’s face it, it’d be unfair to call the mall worker caught doing this a ‘fauxtog’) so they could at least try to produce a decent pic. No reason either that the set designer couldn’t make the set a little less tacky. *sigh*…

    • Agree 100%, but the problem is that that would eat into their profit…and face it – the Santa, Easter Bunny are 100% about how many kids can we get through in an hour and how much product can we sell. Who gives a shit if it looks good or if the bunny doesn’t look like roadkill.

  12. justme

    Even the little boy in the first photo knows how messed up that photo is (he face says “seriously?!”)

    And as for the second photo… i think… the less said the better

  13. Wsroadrunner

    The kid is ready to poop on pedobunny’s foot. The guy in the second pic is about to say “That’s not a carrot!?!?!”

  14. The receptionist and the staffing agency is a little hard of hearing. When calling, please be sure to speak clearly when asking for Peter Rabbit so that she understand that you do not want Pedo Rabbit.. Thank you

  15. Snappy

    You’ve just been felt by PEDO-RABBIT!

  16. Snappy

    The second rabbit really digs mullet man’s strong right hand… happy endings always happen on Easter.

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