It’s A BMW

Lazy selective coloring is just so bad… If this wasn’t lazy and just a purposeful blob of color in the center of the picture, I think that’s even worse.

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  1. Superballs

    I’m betting the BMW stands for Boy Meets World.

    That makes the blue blob a symbol for boy and intentional.
    The mom to be’s hands look like she has gas pains

  2. Okay…so this isn’t a photo. It’s a statement about the womens’ healthcare crisis in America. Having a baby costs more than buying a BMW. Matter of fact, by this stage of the pregnancy, not only can the mother not afford a proper set of alphabet blocks, she cannot even afford to have her whole photograph in colour. Good heavens! By the time BMW-boy is old enough to drive ….drive what?….I dunno…drive his mother crazy like all teenagers do?…. *cough*..the landmark event will have to be rendered for posterity in white sidewalk chalk.

    • I’m almost inclined to agree. Just looking at daycare expenses for my daughter, who will be 3 in November, I could have bought a BMW and paid it off in 3 years. And that doesn’t count food, diapers, wipes, furniture, toys, accessories, etc. While I agree the photo could have been done better, the statement makes sense.

  3. This is a lesson in context. Remove the “Maternity Portraits” title and it could just be a really terrible ad campaign using a slightly husky model.

  4. I also would have upped my blacks to hide the wrinkles in the backdrop.

  5. Someone please let them know that a portrait actually has a face in it. As for the rest of it, well it’s not even a good snap shot. No way a pro did this.

  6. or maybe its his initials

  7. I don’t even think this Lady is pregnant. I mean, good for her if she is and only shows that much….

  8. BMW could stand for Big Massive Waist! LOL

  9. It looks like her belly is lit up from within. She’s carrying Dr Manhattan Jr, I guess.

  10. I hate, hate, HATE spot color SO MUCH! ALL OF MY HATE!!!

  11. BurninBiomass

    BMW = Broke My Water? Maybe its a new warning system.

  12. perhaps all the fauxtog had was 3 blocks that had B M W on them so they just used those cause they’re blocks and its such a cute idea lol

  13. Superballs

    Maybe the back of a BMW is where she got pregnant?

  14. GillyFace

    If you look at the tops of the last two blocks, it looks like an O and possibly a Y. Were they meaning to spell “Boy” but forgot to turn the blocks? 😛

    • AbsyntheGreene

      I thought those were the kid-to-be’s initials. Probably some ‘unique’ type name like Bentley Morrison or Baylee Macyn.

  15. Man, those Germans can engineer anything these days!!

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