Red Head

I wonder if the wig and wardrobe were provided by the fauxtog, or if they were a personal choice…

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  1. Glamour Shots by WalMart

  2. I actually saw a local photog post wedding photos she took with almost that very same wig. Looks like “Wendys” wig.

  3. Wendy’s called. If you return the wig no charges will be pressed.

  4. hey can i have that wig plz ? i need it for my costume for our haunted house this yr . i wanna dress has raggy anne gone evil

  5. I wonder if that’s Pergo or real hardwood?

  6. Another few millimeters to the right and we’re gonna see if the carpet matches the curtains.

  7. It looks like the 80’s threw up on my monitor. No, wait, it was just me.

  8. OMG I accedently clicked on the X ….and it got BIGGER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  9. Liking the turquoise necklace and….uhm…..yeahhhh…that’s it.

  10. Am I the only one who noticed the side vag?? The eyes cannot unsee…

    • Oh, yeah, I do believe she’s sporting a camel toe. YIKES!

    • Wondering why in the name of everything holy were you looking?

      It’s not like it’s a dead on; smack you in the face crotch shot… that is something you had to seek out.

      Bad photographer and wardrobe consultant – meet the perverted critic who is giving advice on your work….

      Nut job!

      • Any healthy, straight man’s eyes would wander to the crotch of such a picture eventually. Quit being such a whiney prude.

  11. BurninBiomass

    My uncle would lift his leg up like that when he farted.

    • If I didn’t want to admit to being “Mr. Smelly Ass” I would blame my Uncle also.

      your secrete is safe with me!

      • I think you meant “secret” but “secrete” may actually be more fitting in this case…

  12. Can we make her thigh look any bigger? Women just love that!

  13. I wonder if the super-model actually gave permission to post the lovely photo???

  14. NO carpet could match THOSE drapes!

  15. It’s such an unnatural pose. I keep looking for the stool that her right foot should be on. Other than that its not too bad. Oh just a second, i meant to say it’s actually quite horrendous. Why does every mom with a camera think they are now photographers?

    • Because all their friends and family on Facebook tell them so. Therefore it must be true. *sigh*

  16. That leg looks like a huge Qualtney Ham…what are they thinking. Sad part they think these look great!

    • Her legs are fine, jesus. Stick to complaining about the shitty pose, wig, outfit, and photography…leave the woman alone.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    Wendy is a low rent hooker?

  18. AbsyntheGreene

    I think context is desperately needed here.

  19. Stephanie

    First of all, I would like to start out by saying everyone has to start off somewhere – meaning the photographer. Not every one is born a professional, including those of you who are now experienced photographers. It took you photoshoots after photoshoots and practice after practice to get where you are comfortable with your work as a photographer. Secondly, the lady in the picture could have very well have not wanted her picture to be broadcasted on this particular photographer’s Facebook page. That is something she herself will have to take up with the photographer. Guaranteed the lady used as a ginnie pig in this picture is very well aware that isn’t a flattering picture of her. She is more than likely very comfortable in her own skin and secure with the way she looks in an every day life setting that she is able to laugh at everyone’s nasty remarks. Your words and ugly sayings don’t mean anything to her. If anything, it is those of you that make fun of a innocent woman, like the one pictured and the one behind the camera, that have self esteem issues or hide behind the camera and play the role of the photographer. My biggest pet peeve with immature individuals, such as yourselves, is being so low in your own life that the only way to bring yourselves up is to poke fun or try to bring others down with your ugly words. The lady pictured here is better than you. She can giggle, laugh, smile, wave and turn her cheek as she continues to walk forward in life with her head held high as you are still behind her trying to get attention for yourself. So, with all of that said, you now have the option of learning to become that adult who is mature and lives your life worrying about yourself. Being happy for others, or keeping your dirty thoughts to yourself. How would your mothers’ feel if they heard or saw you talking like this? How would you feel as a parent if your child was talking like this? “If you have nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all.” That’s how I was raised and that is how I raise my two children. Or, you can continue to be that fourteen year old little boy or girl inside of a thirty year old or so body. You are all better than the words you’re typing. Grow up. Act your age.

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