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Yep, the very fake pearls draped over the end of the skateboard really ties it all together. Poor kid, that can’t be comfortable!

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  1. At least the griptape is keeping her in place, won’t need to worry about messing with your shutter speed.

    Poor kid 🙁

  2. This is just so wrong! What ever happened to just showing the beauty of a new baby? Why does there have to be so much crap crammed into the picture? Because if you choose a simple light background and no additions to the baby you actually have to work on the white balance and think about composition? And I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but the baby’s poor little leg hanging off the board makes me, a total stranger, so uncomfortable just to look at it! What the heck were the parents thinking?

  3. Maybe the parent(s) are big into skateboards and I can see they might want to use it as a prop. What bothers me more than anything is the baby’s expression. She looks angry (or gassy) and it’s not a very attractive pose. I think they could have come up with a better pose and then it might have worked better. I agree with the comment above about just showing the beauty of the baby, but it seems to be a fad now to use all these props. So be it – but make the baby look happy or cute.

  4. wait, wut

    attack of the floating skateboards!!!!

    wish fauxtographers would learn to match subjects to the backdrops.

  5. I can appreciate how hard it is to make a newborn look “engaged” with any props at all, even things that are meant for babies such as toys or stuffed animals….but a skateboard? Now there’s a challenge! And I’m damned if I can come up with any tasteful or even amusing way to pull it off with a newborn. If these were my clients (not that I even HAVE clients. I’m just a hobbyist), but if… and had they asked for “something sk8er-ish”, I probably would have asked them if they had or could get any newborn apparel that fit the skater culture if such clothes even exist. If that couldn’t be done, I would have just asked them to wait until she was a little older before trying for the sk8er-girl shots.

  6. janamidala

    If you want a skater theme, what’s with the tutu and the Way Too Big ballet shoes? I do love the outfit, but it looks very out of place…not to mention the painful look on her face, she obviously agrees that this was not a good idea!

    • AbsyntheGreene

      My theory is that one parent wants a girly girl, the other a skateboarding tomboy, and this is a compromise.

  7. I do hope her face isn’t directly on the grip tape. I also hope someone was holding onto the board to keep it from rolling.

    • I guess you can’t see the purple fabric on the skate deck?

      While the image sucks at least someone took about 5 seconds to think about the grip tape.

      • Yes. You helped me spot that! So they managed to add some really bad photoshop work to bad compo, bad props, bad idea, bad light, bad background and the lot. LOL

  8. How do pearls, tutu and ballet slippers go with a skateboard in the first place? I agree the baby looks uncomfortable (and if I had sandpaper against my delicate newborn face, I would be uncomfortable, too). Seriously?

    This makes no sense in any way. I gotta keep hanging out here – I’ll end up doing portraits myself just because I know I can’t do any worse!

  9. Look at all our cool stuff! Oh, and we had a kid. Thought you should know.

    This shot makes me sad.

  10. Superballs

    That grip tape can’t be too good for the baby’s face

  11. Gal with a Camera

    Remind me again… how does a baby, pearls, and a skateboard go together? At all?! :/

  12. Looks like someone just plopped the kid down onto a skateboard and left it there, then the fauxtog wandered by, happened to look down and took a snap. The angle does nothing to engage and the lighting is flat. It’s so ho hum. With better planning for props, lighting and a lower angle on level with the baby, this could have been far more interesting visually. Maybe.

  13. We need a “next” button —- instead of having to go thru the archives and click on each one individually — jus’sayin 😀

  14. LOL those shoes are huge

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