Infant Eyeshadow

What’s classier than eyeshadow on an infant? Eyeshadow and lipstick photoshopped onto the image of a grey baby of course!

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    It looks like the baby knows how bad the fauxtog is and is trying to make herself puke.

  2. i dont get it, why would you do this to a baby and what was this photographer thinking while doing this to the baby?????!!!!!

  3. Ugh. Could they have at LEAST used a soft edge brush…

    • Michele


      • Deenie

        I think she is being facetious. Calm down. All those capital letters…you may stroke out.

      • Hailey

        Well they look to be a fauxtographer too.

      • I was being incredibly facetious. There was nothing in my previous statement that was serious. Calm down, and Hailey, there’s no need to get mad and take it out on my photography–I’m still a hobbyist. I’m not the one being accused of crappy Photoshop work here.

      • Karenda

        I really like the half naked guy in Emma’s portfolio… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😉

      • Billiam

        Hailey, why don’t you show some of your photographs?

    • What?????? Wrong! They could have at LEAST gotten the stupid idea out of their that it was a good idea.

      Jees the fact that you made this comment makes me wonder if you are a fauxtog too….

      • Kimmy B.

        all you have to do is click her name and you can find out for yourself. 😉

      • Wow, again — my initial statement was meant to be in jest. I was never serious about it. Kimmy B, I’m no professional, but I don’t see what’s so wrong about my photography. If you can give me some constructive feedback on how to improve it, I would be grateful.

      • Heather

        Emma your work is pretty good.. seems as though you are just starting out. Don’t let people get to you.. photography is a very cut throat business and a lot of photographers get a chip on their shoulder because they have made it somewhere. The only thing I would strongly suggest to you is to lay off the saturation.. your colors are weird and not natural on quite a few of your pictures. Use the levels instead of exposure and saturation.. you get a much more natural appearance. The other thing I would suggest is to be aware of your background.. the picture of the guy on the bed.. he looks stiff and like the bed is about to swallow him.. and there are spots on the wall in the background. You will see on here one huge no no is a crummy background.. and what ever you do if you use a backdrop.. iron it. 😉 Another thing some people forget is on Facebook they resize and resample your pictures so what’s on your computer screen isn’t exactly what everyone on there is seeing.

    • Sorry people are suddenly beating up on you… O_o Sheesh.. For the record, your comment CRACKED me up!! And also, keep pursuing your photography! Great job, don’t let meaners discourage you.. 🙂

    • Well to Emma’s defense about the saturation post. Is that she is a photographer and you have to have that in mind that she is an artist. And every photographer have their own unique and creative style! 🙂

  4. Omg, that is horrible! Ewwwww. I don’t get it.

  5. The baby has dribbled lipstick onto its hand. Wrong-diddly-wrongwrong…

  6. There have been some pretty bad picture on this site, but this is the first that made me gasp out loud on seeing it. Why…. just why?!?

  7. Hellsbells

    Zombie Baybeh say “No to Faux!”

  8. All I can do is set and stare…… Shake my head and wonder WTF were they thinking???!!!!???

  9. do their friends actually look at this and say, ‘omg, thats so amazing’
    wow. just… wow

  10. wtf.

  11. Unbelievable. Do people actually pay for this stuff? That is just a really, really scary photo.

  12. They gave the poor baby pink eye 🙁

  13. Jennifer

    No. Just no. I never comment because I’m simply an amateur hobbyist and my stuff is far from great. But, this, this is just wrong. It actually offends me a little.

    • Vanessa

      I am right there with you Jennifer. I am an amateur hobbyist as well, and I don’t usually comment. I try to learn what not to do… but this crossed a line. I see a lot of bad stuff on here, but I can’t handle how bad this is. You took the words right outta my mouth. I always hope my work will never show up on here… but I would never do something like this.

  14. Awh, look! A baby clown!

  15. Obviously, this is what clown babies look like at birth. GOD, you guys are SO dumb.

  16. My guess is they started with the lips and were so pleased at how thoroughly awesome they turned out, they decided to turn their mad brush skillz to the eyes too.

  17. BurninBiomass

    Its the Rocky Horror Baby Shower!

  18. That’s no baby, that’s a clown!

  19. So, the photographer actually looked at this after editing and said, “There! Perfect!” ??? … I mean, really?

  20. Now this would be genius if they’d pushed it further and turned it into Warhol-Baby. But the way it is … epic fail. And how hard is it to convert to an actual black & white photo and not 50 shades of grey. It sucks. Oh, and they blew out the background. Turn in your Canon Rebel Mr/s Fauxtographer and go to photography jail.

  21. What amazes me about this website is that I am not a photographer at all, and I can tell how bad these photos are. So what in God’s name are these fauxtogs thinking?!

  22. They forgot the rosy cheeks! blasphemy!

  23. Ever see the movie “Cocoon”? This baby looks the alien when they first crack open the cocoon. Yikes.

  24. If this is the fauxtographers best work, I’d hate to see the ones that didn’t make the cut.

  25. robert

    I don’t know what’s worse: the idea or the execution.
    Looks like someone hacked the photographer’s website and defaced it.

  26. not to mention the yellowed carpet they included… make-up on the grey baby and pissy carpet.

    even if the fauxtog hadn’t mucked it up with poorly done selective coloring – the pose of the baby is just wrong…bad angle to photograph cute chubby faces + fist in face, this should have been deleted from the start. hope the parents didn’t pay for this mess!

  27. Pepper

    They also forgot the red nose and funny wig.

  28. Pelham

    Well, if someone actually cut a cheque for this crap, then obviously the next time we see this kid it’s going to be on Toddlers and Tiaras.

  29. Aren’t babies cute and pink enough as they are? WTH!

  30. Kimmy B.

    there have only been a few photos posted since the beginning of this site that have made me gasp out loud and inadvertently back away from the computer.

    this is one of them.

    you go, fauxtog.

  31. justme

    I especially love how the pink runs onto the baby’s eye and hand.

  32. Gal with a Camera

    Pink eyeshadow in thee eyebrows??! Oh, Michelle Phan would not be proud!! 😉

  33. I didn’t realize that Lady GaGa had a baby! Guess she is called GooGoo?

  34. Gelatin

    see… this should be illegal…

  35. That. Is. Gross.
    All other words fail me.

  36. Looks like a baby Bjork!

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