Baby Edward Cullen

To celebrate this fictional character’s birthday today, we decided to share with you a photo of what a baby Edward Cullen would look like! It’s just too bad the fauxtog didn’t edit in some skin sparkles!

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  1. It would have been a nice photo too without the horrible editing….

  2. Crystal Little

    I just don’t get the editing in this picture. I have a friend who does “photography” and over-edits this way.. and I don’t understand how people can look at these pictures and think it’s actually good.

  3. seriously, how do people think this looks good. I really don’t understand how they can think this is acceptable. Unless this child is an abused albino, the skin is totally white with purple circles and spots in the shadows that look like bruises because of the edit. Terrible.

  4. It also could be Ronald McDonald as a baby!!

  5. What I think is funny is that the person failed to remember that Edward Cullen wasn’t born a vampire, nor was he changed until his teen years. Duh.

  6. Is that one of the kids from the “Houses of the Holy” album cover?

  7. -zero-

    No, no, no, they are just trying to help us imagine what aliens from other planets may look like.

  8. I hear gingers don’t have souls…. as evident in this demon child

  9. It’s such a shame that water boarding has been getting so much bad press over the past few years. As it just might be one of the best ways to deal with folks that do this…

  10. boriscleto

    The Joker and Harley Quinn had a kid…

  11. I bet this little girl is a cutie without all this crap editing!

  12. I think he’s more like the bad guy of The Children of the Corn, Malachi.

  13. Umm What?

    “Why So Serious”
    /think Heath Leader’s Joker

  14. I was just wondering what a red-headed baby Robert Smith would look like…

  15. Caitlin

    The worst part about this is I just found out I share a birthday with Edward Cullen. 🙁

  16. FalconGTHO

    You know all these “coloring” effects are misused, OVERused, etc, but is it really THAT much different than “good” photographers who misuse, OVERuse, b/w and “sepia” because they think its “arty”? “Selective color”, too much color or NO color, seems to be all the same to me, just different executions.

    • Well, except this is technically not a great job. The kid looks like s/he is made of dough with the pasty white skin, eyes are solid black, and the hair and lips? There’s no point to this at all and it was not well executed.

  17. It’s actually the son of Carrot Top… just FYI.

  18. justme

    ERRAAAGGGGHHHH—It’s stealing my soul! Can’t… look… away… help… me…

  19. OK…if they wanted a picture of their kid as a zombie, I guess they succeeded. Was that the goal? Because you’d think she’d have the zombie outfit and be making a zombie face. As it stands, I find this confusing.

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