Nightmare Fauxtography

You’d have the same facial expression if you were being photographed by Freddy Krueger too!

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  1. Wait… there was really a watermark on that? Someone thought of this as good??? That has to be a joke.

  2. Rachael

    I am NOT a photographer, and I still wouldn’t post that picture, even as a snapshot, for so, so many reasons. My word.

  3. And from the archives of Jerry Sandusky…

  4. oh dear jesus! baby is terrified!

  5. Gal with a Camera

    So… it’s finally come to this.

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what do say except *scream*!! Even for someone who isn’t a photographer… this is terrible!!

  6. NicCole

    I made the same face as the kid!!!

  7. Pelham

    Waitaminute, peeps, aren’t you all missing something pretty frickin important? Kid looks 3-4 years old. He’s STILL IN DIAPERS. Or training pants. WTF?!! Aren’t most kids potty trained by age 2?

    And I’m guessing he’s seriously wetting the bed, again, tonight. Maybe his mom’s images have been posted here since uhm forever, and now he pees himself reflexively because he knows what a crapadelic fauxtog she is, and that his image will live on forever here. Oh yeah and on Facebook too. Kid is doomed 🙁

    • justsayin

      Actually he was only nine months old

    • Billiam

      There is no way that kid is 3 or 4 unless it lives on a diet of Pepsi and lead paint chips.

    • No, it IS a baby, he’s just got quite a lot of hair.
      However if it was a pic of one of my kids I’d delete it. And I keep a lot of bad pics of my kids.

    • SOOO obvious that the baby is a baby – not 3-4 years old…….What a tosser comment really.

      • Pelham

        That’s a pic of a 9-mth-old baby? Ok…..if you say so….and if you think it a tosser coment, fine. Toss it. I don’t care.

  8. Billiam

    It’s obvious this is just a snap shot, judging by the album title. The “artist” probably thought he was capturing a guilty face next to what looks like a giant wet spot on the sheet.

    Also, pedophilia is not funny. If you think it is, you might be one.

    • Canaduck

      That’s actually not even remotely how it works, but point taken.

    • Agreed about the snap shot part.. it clearly says “My family”… this clearly doesn’t fit the “fauxtography” creed of going after people charging as pros..
      This should be removed.

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