Horsey Acrobatics

Well this looks real! Real RIDICULOUS! Seriously she’s bigger than the poor horse she’s supposed to be standing on.

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  1. Jeff O'Neal

    Maybe it was supposed to be a joke?

    • Trust me, it’s supposed to be real, this is a Costarrican “photographer”. He’s famous for his disgusting work.

      • Believe me ! this photographer is´s no famous on Costa Rica, And the photography community “tica” it’s very happy that he show up in this site like “ridiculous

  2. Aside from being out of proportion, she’s out of focus, and I’ve never seen a horse lean forward like that. And the whole concept is just, well….stupid.

    • He either has bad conformation or was standing on a hill in the original pic.

  3. Someone’s been burning in between the trees to get rid of the overexposed sky too.

    The horse is sinking into the ground, front legs first… I presume someone will save it…?

  4. you’re not considering the fact that this woman could actually be seven feet tall.

  5. Looks like it’s been through the cheesy HDR filter in Camera+ on the iPhone.

  6. monolith

    I thought this was a really poignant family portrait. Those two sisters will always mark the day the apocalypse crashed down around them while they were goofing about. The resemblance is just uncanny.

  7. Hanimex Omelette

    The transplanted Hawaiians in the Old West never were able to adapt their love of Surfing to the Range.

  8. I will never understand why people pay for this shit.

  9. And, they can’t spell “cell”

  10. I remember when someone linked this fauxtog’s page in the forums, he’s actually in Spain (which would account for the different spelling). Either way, they photoshopped her in a little out of proportion and thought it would be a good idea to burn the sky back. Halos around everything, and it makes me feel like tipping over. This fauxtog’s work was all horrible.

  11. Canaduck

    I’d really, really like to have been privy to the conversation that led up to this photo.

  12. i’d hit it………
    the girl, not the horse

    • Canaduck

      Thanks for your valuable input, people are totally fascinated by who you would and wouldn’t have sex with

  13. This is some horrible cut-and-paste. I keep waiting for the big Monty Python foot to descend upon both girl and horse.

  14. I feel confused about if it’s me that’s the most confused or if the fautox beats me at it… All because of this one picture.

  15. I love this place. Whenever I feel uncertain about my work, or feel I have lost my “mojo”, I come here and realise I could never produce anything as bad as this. Keep it up! lol

  16. This is the stuff! This is what we want! It’s the exposure of REAL fauxtogs that is the essence of this site. I thought YANAP had lost its way and its own mojo a while ago but photos like this are what keep me coming back – more please!

  17. What makes it all the more amusing is that only the top half was visable for me and my first thought was “ok the sky is blown and the model is shopped in but its not that bad” only to stroll downwards and see how wrong I was….

  18. Someone should send the fauxtog–not the horse–to the glue factory!

  19. I’ll be sure to tell my eye doctor that it isn’t really my fault that my eyes hurt…….stupid fauxtogs……

  20. BurninBiomass

    Image title… Whorse.

  21. Saw this on a Facebook page awhile back, I think most of the images on there are intended as a joke.

  22. Yani Dueri

    the only conclusion i arrive to after seeing things like this is, that people don’t really look at their screens and get some distance to actually “observe” what they’ve just created in photoshop, do they? i mean it HAS to be screaming loud enough, as to not notice anything?

  23. I’m glad this fauxtog got finally exposed – he gives the actual photographers from where I live a really bad reputation: not only his work is atrocious, but he’s been involved in some sexual harassment issues with models, breached some already-signed contracts, uses other photographers works to advertise his “business” and dares to charge as a professional when in reality, my blind parrot can take better pictures than this not-even-amateur.
    And no, browneyedgirl89, it’s not Spain.

  24. I wonder what “cel” means.

  25. Maybe it’s a poney :p

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