Blurry Baby Hat Bum

Obviously if your subject is not in focus, you should show it in your online portfolio anyways!

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  1. You should. After all there are no rules for art, so who made the rule that a photo has to be in focus any more than it has to follow any rule of composition, or be color corrected, or correctly exposed. All these rule just stifle the entire artistic endeavor. Ansel Adams said, there are no rules there are just good photographs. This isn’t one of them; however.

    • There are no rules, just guidelines.
      Only when understanding the purpose / meaning of these guidelines (whether that is on a conscious or a sub-conscious level), their effect on the image, the message it sends to the viewer, one can make a *decision* to apply the guideline(s) or not.
      That is creation of art: to steer the intention and purpose of your work.
      Ignorance of guidelines, the lack of intent and/or vision, the lazy snapshooting can still produce a lucky winner, but that doesn’t make it art.

  2. Good grief, little doggy! Wrangle your little butt out of the firing range of this here Fauxtog!! I see a shoot out in the not so OK Corral, and this Fauxtog is gonna git it.. Yee effing haw…

  3. It’s motion blur. That’s artistic, right? To show that the baby is alive, so it’s moving, so…no??

  4. Artistic expression? No rules for photography? Lets see if that makes you a buck. It may be pleasing to your eye but if it is not pleasing to the customer then you are screwed. This is what basic rules are for. Artistic expression is great if you plan on sticking up your photos somewhere on the internet and you are the only who sees it.

  5. Hanimex Omelette

    Tex is going to have a surprise next time he puts his hat on.

  6. Busy background, poor lighting, out of focus, poorly thought out concept. Is the hat some form of bizare sensorship because it sure doesn’t add anything to the image.

  7. dude. Hats go on heads…get it right!

  8. I think the photo is symbolic — the blurriness represents the photographer’s artistic vision, and the busy background shows us the attention to detail, and if you add the ass and hat together… well, you get the idea.

  9. …and edit the surroundings! no need to have a folded newspaper(?) and all that crap halfway in the background – it doesn’t add to the image and is just a distraction after being bored visually with the blurry baby.

    • I think the “folded newspaper” is the top of a white cowboy boot. Helps support the Western theme, doncha know?

  10. If a friend of mine actually used facebook I would wonder if she decided to put out a shingle for photography – I swear I recognize that fireplace! LOL

    (just coincidence, I’m sure, but wow… Nah, has to be coincidence)

  11. I’d like to think that the baby in the photo took a dump in that hat shortly after this photo was taken.

  12. You fool !
    The hat is the subject !!!!


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