Sharp Sandy Feet

It’s always nice when you edit an image so much the sand doesn’t even look like sand anymore!

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  1. Mr. eFool

    Tiny Toe has his what in the sand?

  2. It even needs the words in the picture to describe what we’re seeing, as it looks like some kind of deformed hands at first glance.

  3. Especially when you can’t manage basic grammar.

  4. Obviously not a detail-oriented fauxtog — thank you for not blacking out the uniquely-spelled “photopraphy” portion of the neon watermark.

  5. Make the image even more awesome by spelling “Photopraphy”, umm, just like that!

  6. That kid needs some sunscreen.

  7. Rufus T. Firefly

    Fauxtoprapher — A new breed!

  8. I’ve been following your site for quite a while. While all of the fauxtos are bad, this one was finally the one that prompted my first comment. This is a shot that every normal person would select for “trash” from their point and shoot. The fact these fauxtogs are proud enough to put a watermark on their crap is embarrassing! AAAACCKKKK!

    • Oh, forgot to mention the nice touch of adding “motion blur” to a still subject. Kudos!

    • armus360

      Yeah, this shot was meant for the trash from the get go. You can’t even tell what the frak this is at first glance!

  9. Looks like the photographer is rolling the kid in sugar and flour to cook.

  10. Hanimex Omelette

    Roll them in flour and deep fry them! Tiny Toes are TASTY!

  11. that’s not how you spell fauxtography…

  12. It should be titled “Tiny Blurry Unfocused Sunburned Toes in the Sand” It gives me a headache just looking at it. Unfortunately, this is not the the worst I’ve seen posted here!

  13. Moldy, mutilated hands?

  14. At first glace I thought it said Jiny Joe’s in the sand. Then had a wee lol at *** Photopraphy. Nice work fauxtog!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it said “Jiny Joe’s” at first, lol.

  15. Meanwhile in Australia …

    (it has to be an Australian fauxtoprapher … the education system here doesn’t place much importance on trivialities such as the correct use of possessive apostrophes).

  16. Jessanderson

    The grammar is killing me more than the image!

  17. Grammar seems worst among younger people. There seems to be a new type of education going on since they did the whole “no child left behind” thing – all children do well, and if they don’t do well the first test, they get to do well on the second. Or third. Or fourth. And I swear finally a teacher will just give them the answers to quit testing them. SMH

    I knew a girl (okay, she was more known by my ex than me, but anyhow) who was home-schooled. Her parents actually didn’t bother with education and would take her standardized tests for her so they wouldn’t have to admit they weren’t teaching her anything. 🙁

    • You’re right, but only SOME younger people (I might fall into the category of young at 23). I’ve ALWAYS taken pride in using correct grammar and spelling, and now with the way phones are, I typically never abbreviate words in texting either (they used to limit you to 60 characters, and I used to have a limit on text messages, you get the picture). Sure it came hard to some people, and sure maybe some teachers just plain skipped the entire unit on grammar (unlikely), but you’d think people would question themselves when they see sentences written correctly and realize that they don’t write like that…

  18. I thought this was someone with missing fingers at first… An impressive fail.

  19. The feet are so red!

  20. There is nothing wrong with the punctuation. The tiny kid’s name is obviously Toe and Toe is in the sand. “Tiny Toe’s in the Sand”. LOL.
    I can’t come up with an excuse for mis-spelling ‘photography’, though.

  21. heather ours

    is photography spelled wrong also? or is that just awful font lol

  22. Pointless image, not to mention bad font choice and colour. Perhaps a faux graphic designer as well?

  23. looks like MOLD… disgusting!!!

  24. Suzanne

    Makes sense the type of picture they are going to take when their watermark is “Photopraphy”….

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