Hats Are For Your Head…

Hats are usually for on your head, but feel free to keep that one there…

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  1. As a military spouse, this is a disgrace. Respect the uniform. Please excuse me while I go vomit.

  2. even if she was dressed the coloring alone makes me vomit. Who would ever put a company name up there? Photography is the most over used term and underachieved profession.

  3. Ugh! Disgusting.

  4. You've Got To Be Kidding Me

    I completely concur with Amy above…. That is disrespectful, distasteful, and disgusting. Why would anyone want to do this especially someone who wears the uniform?!?!?!?!???

    • I will never understand wives who pose in nothing else but their husbands uniform. They always use the argument “I want to show him how proud I am of him.” Sorry hunny, taking naked photos of yourself wearing nothing but your husbands uniform is NOT how you show your husband how proud you are of him. If you want to do that, keep it classy by keeping your clothes on. ARG LOL

  5. Two words…. Salvation Army.

  6. goddamnit. stop that horrible shit right now.

  7. monolith

    I thought it was an old-timey Jiffy Pop perched atop there, at half steam. I love Jiffy Pop, but man!, that was enough to put me right the hell off it.

  8. Oh my! With the terrible rainbow effect, I didn’t even notice the military uniform at first. That’s AWFUL!

  9. Ashley Taylor

    thats a hat?

    • Yes, that’s an ACU patrol cap. It’s the cover (hat) that soldiers wear in uniform.

  10. This fautox FB site is FULL of bad lighting, out of focus, oversaturated, bad posing. Of course the name contains the warning signs “moments” and ” to memories”.Its just BAD

  11. In addition to all of the above comments, what’s up with the pose and angle? It looks like the subject was the victim of a transporter malfunction: head, limbs, and torso put back together all wrong.

    • Intuition

      I *think* it’s supposed to be that pin up-esque pose with the legs up in the air? Or maybe that’s to much credit -_-

      • That is giving them wayyy too much credit. If you google images for pinup girls from the 40s and 50s, yes, they were skimpily clad and had unrealistic bodies. But not once, ever, did Vargas or any other artist at that time EVER depict a pinup in such a tawdry pose. There is a very fine line between erotica and porn, beit soft or hard. This falls into the porn category.

  12. All I see is cellulite. And that “effect” in photoshop is not helping her issue.

  13. trooper dan

    someones putting on her own special USO show.

  14. Ok, the transporter accident just made me have a coughing fit!

  15. LMFAO Ashley — is that a hat? hahahah! I love love love this site! I can’t believe people are actually paying for this tripe!!

  16. This is disrespectful and I can’t imagine anyone would find this attractive. Shame on the photog…errr…eh hem, person who took this.


  18. This was shot by a GWC posing as a fauxtog.

  19. This photo was obviously the result of a camera falling off a table and being severely bumped on the way to the floor causing an accidental trip of the shutter button. It is also a shame that the impact knocked all the colors out of whack. This is the only explanation for something this horrid, it could not have been intentionally taken.

  20. This is in very poor taste, to say the least.

  21. In all fairness she could have had a lot of hair down there that also needed to be pretty for the shoot

    • SpotMeeter

      If that’s the case, then I appreciate the placement of a hat…or a table cloth, or a vase…when I first saw this pic I thought it was a Carmen Miranda tribute gone horribly wrong, I kept looking for the fruit basket.

  22. What’s with the red?? Are they trying to imply her loins are burning or she’s on her period and using the hat for that?? And…totally agree on the fact that this is a total disgrace to the uniform. Disrespectful!!!!

  23. Oh No She Didn't

    Terrible pose, terrible photo, so many things wrong with this. Why is this person putting this garbage online? Complete disgrace to the uniform… This is BAD on every single level.

  24. looks like a thermometer scale or ph scale with the transition from blue to red lol

  25. TollToll

    what the??

  26. Guess she put the hat there so nobody could *snatch* it off her head…and everything else aside like the ghastly pose and awful pp, it is a terrible insult to the uniform, which I didn’t recognize at first as y eyes were burning from the pp. Disgraceful all around.

  27. Honestly it took the “disgrace to the uniform” comment for me to realize it was – I thought it was some kind of shimmery 90s-type jacket like you’d imagine a pole dancer wearing before they took it off and that the umm.. hat there was supposed to match it… something like I saw the one time I got to go to Penn Station with my cousins in New York City.


    There is nothing redeeming about this picture. Absolutely nothing.

  28. Uh, where do you guys find these? I need to poke out my mind’s eye after that one. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a dude because the legs looked hairy….and then I realized it wasn’t. Wow…I didn’t think the photography bar could be lowered much further.

  29. Congratulations, it’s a ……………………………………… hat?

  30. Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a GWC?

    • GWC is Guy With Camera. Only in the field to try to shoot naked women. Very slimy, but intentions may not be immediately obvious.

      MWC is Mom With Camera, who thinks shooting her 5 toddlers running around makes her an expert.

  31. LongRange

    Somebody give her CPR! Oh wait…

  32. What in the ever-lovin’ hell?

    As for the cut of that headgear, it’s hard to tell in this hot mess of a photo, but it ought to be a garrison cap > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Side_cap < more widely known as the c**t-cap.

  33. creagray

    I think “wife in uniform” photos could be done to be sexy and a sweet gift for the husband. But they should be for the husband not for the internet and would certainly not look like this. (former military spouse, so my say totally counts more than your say.)

  34. I remember this filmstrip from basic training. Man, the worst were the photos of venereal warts…wait, this isn’t a VD information photo? Well, it sure fooled me!
    Beware the purple people eater! It will give you Tropicrotch!
    To the juicing room with her!

  35. My first thought: what happened to that poor guy’s head?

  36. As a military spouse, I don’t think wearing your husband’s uniform in a shoot is necessarily wrong. My husband asked for a shot in his ACU’s while he was deployed. BUT it does need to be done classy, and for his eyes. This is far from classy.

  37. I know who took this and i wish i could say this is the worst of it. She even charges for this.

  38. LMAO I know who took this photo too cuz she was a fake at a base we were at! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

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