Cake Boobies

It’s her party and she’ll rub cake all over herself if she wants to!

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  1. Melissa Burke

    she looks happy!

  2. arose4yu

    what the?

  3. Omfg!!! I pray to god this was some creepy sex thing and NOT a paid professional and she went to a studio! Becausr creepy sex thing would be WAY less creepy!!

  4. Jeffssis


  5. Ew ew ew. Plus, the hello kitty pillow is a nice touch.

  6. This fauxtog, must not know how to remove flaws, so lets just smear frosting all over them instead.

  7. How dare they call this “pinup”!!

  8. Another person giving boudoir/pin up a bad name, thanks Fauxtog!

  9. Oh Dear Lord…..Seriously?

  10. I … I just don;t know what to say … how are these fauxtogs getting people to agree to these shoots?

    • ikr? like didn’t she look at his/her portfolio before hiring him/her? I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that was a female fauxtog…cause that is waaaay less creapy….

  11. Looks like a birthday party threw up on her.

  12. Wow…went all out on the background…
    Forgot the iron I guess..

  13. monolith

    After a certain “mature age,” one’s menstrual cycles become entirely unpredictable. Boy, is her face red!

  14. Its not her fault, a go’auld made her do it.

  15. I just threw up in my mouth a little. I would bet they started the party off with a bunch of Margarita’s.

  16. The wrinkled sheet is a nice touch too….

  17. This is how the selective coloring thing was ruined. By fauxtogs not understanding how to do things properly. Now they are going to ruin ‘pin ups’ and ‘boudoirs’ as well. Before long, there will be nothing for people to photographs without being chastised because “I saw someone do this so poorly one time, so I hate when I see it everywhere else.” When will the madness end?

    • I agree. While I’ve never been a huge fan of selective coloring, I must admit, I HAVE seen it done quite tastefully by someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m seeing A LOT of bad boudoir out there, and even more atrocious pin ups. It’s a shame. When it’s done right, it’s fabulous.

      • > I HAVE seen it done quite tastefully by someone who knows what they’re doing.

        Please share.

  18. Just wow. At this rate the ones I submitted will never be published. I mean, they are bad…but this is just horrific.

    • I know, I submitted a crappy wedding photo with very poorly done light painting 2 months ago and it still hasn’t made it!

      • I submitted a ton. But they were the usual bad, over processed, horrible poses…nothing like this!

  19. Cake Boobies? I like cake, I like boobies, this photo must be frickin’ awesome!

  20. I love the wrinkled background….not….that was the first thing that I learned in photography class.

  21. *facepalm* Birthday girl(?) with the amputated toes doesn’t look very happy. Guess everyone else went home after stripping off her clothes and smearing her makeup and cake. Poor thing.

  22. You've Got To Be Kidding Me

    Simply ridiculous. What woman would allow this to happen to her? Was she roofied?? Does someone need to contact the authorities to be sure that she is alright? This picture is a tragedy… not a portrait.

  23. I just LOVE the akward composition, harsh shadows and dodgy white balance. :-O

  24. creagray

    Who in their right mind thinks this is sexy? When are ballons ever a sign of sexiness? I don’t get this.

  25. Red frosting is always a good choice for cake-smashes–especially if you’re going for that homicide scene effect!

  26. Maryah13

    Am I the only one who noticed the icing heart on her chest?!

    • maybe. I was too busy wondering why the fauxtog ‘shopped her chest to look like one giant boob. Does he know there are supposed to be two?

  27. I find it disturbing that she feels the need to hold up her breasts … how far would they have fallen otherwise?

  28. Gal with a Camera

    Who- wha- wher- whe- why- how……. I HAVE NO WORDS.

  29. Hobbyist

    Dang it! They stole my idea! There goes my next shoot.

  30. Pin up? nope. Throw up? Yes.

  31. I can fart out a better photo

  32. This would be funny if it was goofing on baby photos. But as blatantly pointed out in the caption it’s not. And it’s so wrong.

  33. AbsyntheGreene

    Covering your model in plastic wrap and expired cake frosting is never a good idea.
    I can’t decide if she looks humiliated, depressed, frightened, or some combination thereof.

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