Baby Bump Kisses

That just looks wrong.

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  1. Everytime i come to this site,i just can`t believe the crap shots that people are paying for.And this turd(baby bumps)god help this woman if she paid for this P.O.S.

  2. breast feeding is a beautiful thing!! oh wait…

  3. Melissa Burke

    are you sure its a baby bump…

  4. And someone “liked” this? Did you block out Stevie Wonder’s name again?

    • Have you seen Stevie Wonders new piano? ….neither has he 😉

      • blanche

        Hey, Stevie Wonder could do MUCH better than this, with one arm tied behind his back! Don’t be dissin’ the Wonder~

  5. I think she’s just cleaning out mom’s belly-button…..

  6. crystal

    I think the baby inside the bump is trying to eat the baby outside the bump….

  7. TollToll

    This is so disturbing

  8. What a precious moment. Too bad there wasn’t a PHOTOgrapher there to capture it!

  9. am i the only one who noticed the HUGE dustbunny in the corner???

    • Looks more like a pile of crap sitting on a wooden deck to me.

      Yes fauxtogs have no idea how to work a broom, leaf blower, or camera gear.

  10. You know I’m beginning to think that most fauxtographers can’t bend their knees. Why do they insist on hovering over their victims? This shot would have been great had the fauxtog actually dropped to the kids level, moved about a foot to the left, and told the kid to kiss her mommy not play zombie and try to eat her.

  11. I agree – the angle is terrible. So is the background, lighting and post-processing. This could be a really cute, touching image. Instead it’s a badly composed snapshot. 😐

  12. LongRange


  13. Is she bobbing for apples?

  14. Hobbyist

    Im glad Im not the only one that thought the kid was being breast fed. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for the picture captioning I’d Still think that. Although, I wouldn’t put it past anyone that is featured on this site.

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