So Bad It’s Sad

I think grandma there on the right even got a better shot than this one…

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  1. There are so many things wrong here it’s exactly that: sad. I hope the happy couple didn’t pay this individual.

  2. Cheryl Pierce

    This is NOT a professional’s picture, right? RIGHT???

  3. Broken Focus

    Heh. Looks like one of the shots I was paid to ‘fix.’


  5. BurninBiomass

    That church has quite the list.

  6. WTF? My $80 Samsung point and shoot takes better photos than that. Don’t worry, I only use it to take pictures of crappy construction.

    • It’s not just about the camera, I almost bet she’s got at least a canon rebel…

      • RealWedTog

        With a pop-up flash and the kit 18-55mm lens. Very professional indeed.

  7. I would die of shame if I posted that on my website as my work. This has to be one of the worst on here!

  8. Another combo “amazing logo / poor quality job”

  9. Uhm yeah, the built-in flash on the Rebel ain’t that strong. Though it did a magnificent job of lighting the back of Grandma’s head. Nice vertigo-inducing tilt of the camera though, and matchless job of showing all the areas the carpet sweeper missed 🙂

  10. ETA: Hey peeps, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a duff pic like this, we’ve all done it. And to be fair, during a job you really shouldn’t be chimping too much, as the client is paying for your time and mad photo skillz.

    But once you download the images and start going through them, let the deleting begin. This shot should have never seen the light of day, let alone appeared on a *professional* portfolio.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      I agree, every photographer flubs a few shots. But you don’t show them to anyone, especially anyone who is paying you to take pictures.

  11. I think this is more of a case of some one trying to rationalize a picture into being good, instead of throwing it out. Currently, I have several pictures of this quality in my recycle bin, and I know everyone in this room has tried to insist to themselves a bad image was good because we wanted it to be. This really could be a more subtle version of the Facebook affect.

  12. Doesn’t use photoshop, because she doesn’t want to take away from the natural beauty…. Is the overexposed back of Grandma’s head beautiful? I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder.

  13. Pop-up flash much? Flip the camera vertical the other direction and wait until the bride is inside the flash’s range. Even cheap photography doesn’t have to be absolute crap.

  14. Somebody commented earlier about the spots the carpet sweeper missed. I’m not entirely sure a few of those spots aren’t crud on the lens. As for people with EOS cameras, IMO if you can afford the initial purchase, you can surely scrape up enough for the 50mm prime lens and improve your chances of getting a decent snapshot with just the ambient lighting. Amateur photography on the cheap doesn’t have to be this bad, and pro photography has no excuse in the world to be this bad.

    • Hmm, I still think it’s a dirty carpet. Sensor dust and/or crud on the lens is still a possibility, but the specks still seem to be following the angle of the carpet, imho.

      And a big +1 on everything else you mention. A 50mm f1.8 lens costs around $120, new. That’s pennies when you’re talking lenses. And equipment, or lack thereof, should never be an excuse – if you don’t own a *real* flash, you can rent one.

      Any photog with a tiny bit of talent can pick up a cheap p&s and get fantastic shots with it. Put a full-frame and good lens in their hands, and watch magic happen. Do the same with a fauxtog like this who clearly doesn’t know the basics of photography and lacks skill and experience, and it doesn’t matter if the camera is a $300 Powershot or a $3500 5D MkIII. The results will be poor.

  15. I’m debating what’s worse – the fact that someone posted this on facebook as an example of their work to try and get more clients or the fact that someone (anyone) LIKED this image….

    I agree that when the bride is walking down the aisle is not the time to be chimping, but chimp at some point and use the trashcan button. Worst case – delete this image as you’re doing your first cut. I wouldn’t even open this one in PS – it would get culled as I’m batch opening.

    I’m also confused why the “photographer” didn’t step out further into the aisle. Was he/she told not to by the family or minister? Didn’t they know that they could take 2 steps (or one big one) and be in the center of the asile then back in again?


  16. I don’t think this was even a canon rebel, as the image ratio does not appear to be 3:2. This is a point and shoot camera “professional”.

  17. TollToll

    Hopefully this is a guest that took a pic and happens to call themselves a photographer

  18. I love the dirty carpet. And the terrible flash

  19. yup, we have all taken these shots.
    But they are instantly deleted when we see it.
    This may be the worst photo that i have seen posted as an advert to their buisiness.
    SO much wrong that i am not even going to go into it.
    I am at a total loss as to why they posted this. I just hope the bride and groom never saw it and if this was the ‘best’ from this shoot, i hope they didn’t pay.

  20. LongRange

    Maybe the videographer up in the balcony saved the day.

  21. OMG!! this is my sister’s picture!! The dad of the groom didnt want her to sit in the middle to get any good pictures.. and no, no one paid for these…

  22. This actually makes me angry.

  23. eyeguy

    YEAH I call pop up flash

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