Happy Halloween…

The scariest part are those horribly Photoshopped eyes!

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  1. poor bunny

  2. Gal with a Camera

    Well, isn’t that attractive…

  3. BurninBiomass

    That is not how you prepare Hasenpfeffer.

  4. Obviously not meant to be serious. And it does a decent job of creepy.

  5. No need for a Halloween special. These images are terrifying all year round…

  6. Made me smile…I can see myself doing a shot like this for fun. I’d never slap a watermark on it, do the pinkeye thing, overexpose Bunny’s fur or do such an extreme crop. The pinkeye in the girl is way overdone though, but hey at least they didn’t do the dreaded selective desaturate, tilt the horizon or involve a helpless infant!

    The real sin is that watermark.

  7. Nothing says Halloweeen and horror like the color fuschia!

  8. But why???? Whyyyyyyyyyy????

  9. meeshybee

    Please, dear god, tell me she has on some kind of tube top that’s just out of the shot!

  10. I’m waiting for PETA to arrest this person. Lol

    There’s a brush in lightroom and photoshop called whiten teeth… guess fauxtogs don’t know what that is… Ikes

  11. Call me Maisie

    It just cracks me up that the fauxtog figured out how to do that to the eyes, but couldn’t find the teeth whitening tool… her teeth look so yellow against that fluffy white bunny! (no offense.) LoL!

  12. Oh wow…that looks so real….(Sarcasm Sign)

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