Poor Pumpkin Baby

And they didn’t even bother to remove all the seeds… That poor baby!

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  1. Jor-el’s first attempt?

  2. HAHAHAHA That baby looks well happy

  3. I hope they don’t carve the baby too!

    • I cringe whenever I see that you’ve posted. You’re terrible at this.

      • Her comments or her photography? Both are pretty atrocious…

  4. Oh for heaven’s sake! Seeds still in pumpkin, which means to me that there is absolutely nothing in between that baby’s skin & the pumpkin. A fall colored blanket would have been perfect. And, what is in the background? That is a half@ssed attempt at creativity! Boo!

  5. This is HORRIBLE! Poor kid! pumpkin guts are cold, sticky and all around YUKK! and how uncomfortable it must be to be leaning on that hard edge against the back of her neck! I cant believe anyone would post this crap much less even do this to a baby! Worries me that this fauxtog could also be hanging babies from tree limbs in netting and balancing them on stools they dont belong on! And as a mom…..WTF would you let anyone do this to your child! This kind of stuff pisses me off!

  6. that must be very cold and damp on the poor kids skin….

  7. Who carves a pumpkin with a single baby-sized square? That’ll be real fun with a candle in it on the porch.


  8. sharon g

    Looks like the kid is taking a dump…

  9. Just sad to see a pumpkin had to die in vain for such lousy results. WWGPD???

  10. monolith

    In their defense, the parents only had so much time before their Walmart checkout line was through. Only just enough to grab some naked young’un holiday snaps atop Hefty wrap, pick up a pack a’smokes, and exchange food stamps for pepperoni sticks.

  11. Lalalalaaaaa

    Poor bairn… you’ve gotta love the Heft Bag trash sack under the pumpkin, which sure looks like it’s ready to roll off. I hope this child makes it to adulthood and does the same thing to his parents when they’re in a nursing home.

  12. Jeez, lil darlin’, why’ve you got your cute lil right hand rolled into a fist, hmmm? Could it be because you want to punch out the a-hole with the Rebel and pop-up flash that’s blinding you? Or whoever didn’t bother to scoop out all the yucky cold slimy pumpkin guts and seeds, which sure as shit feel gross to the touch….and that’s with your hand…can you imagine that must feel on a baby’s behind?

    Yeah, if Mommy paid the fauxtog more than $10 for this, she got ripped off. Or more likely she IS the fauxtog, meaning that the poor kid’s doomed. *sigh*

  13. Well, monolith just proved that he is an arrogant, ignorant, uninformed toad. Not cool, cute, or funny to poke fun at people forced to resort to food stamps, a$$hat. But back to the pic – horrible by any account. Poor naked baby stuck in slimy, cold, pumpkin, obviously unhappy. I’d be crying too. Horrible lighting, horrible flash, horrible “set”.

  14. creagray

    I like the plastic garbage bag.

  15. Is that a good old-fashioned cassette tape organizer behind the pumpkin that is holding up the “lovely” silk maple leaves?

  16. Can people PLEASE stop torturing these poor kids for “cute” shots.

  17. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s DANGEROUS to put a baby who can’t sit up in anything that wasn’t made specifically for babies who can’t sit up.

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