Groom Getting Ready

Just one last time as a single guy!

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  1. Ha. Yeah, I think there was a better frame there that could’ve been chosen. The caption makes it funny.

  2. You mean it’s a bad thing to “rub one off” before the nuptials?

    • Amy B

      It’s a bad thing to publicize it in your portfolio. How many potential clients want to see that a picture of them tucking in their shirt could be taken so inappropriately?

      • Tucking it in so “inappropriately”? I never knew there was an “appropriate” way. There’s only one way, tuck!

      • Does anyone seriously think he’s jacking off? He’s tucking his shirt in. Any moron that’s ever worn clothes can tell that.

      • BurninBiomass

        He looks like he is jackin it to me.

      • Amy B

        Well, if you think you aren’t capable of taking an appropriate picture of a groom tucking in his shirt, the don’t take one, or don’t publish it. How hard it that? The photographer who took this photo should have tried that approach.

  3. I knew it. I saw the title, and I knew he was going to be either zipping up or have his hand down his pants. Brilliant.

  4. “Just warming the ring up a bit…”

  5. momofmany

    I think he saw “There’s Something About Mary”…

  6. To be fair, I think the timing was the biggest fault in this photo. Two seconds earlier or five minutes later, and this shot could have worked.

  7. Pelham

    Despite the crapadelic bg and timing, this is almost a good shot. Exposure on shirt decent, ok all things considered (yicky hotel-room decor, lots of contrast, no lighting on the left) A reflector may have come in handy.

    But port-worthy? Hmmm…probably not.

  8. spike

    Awkward pose aside, there are too many annoying edges in this image. There’s the edge of a wall sconce upper right..just enough to annoy. Also just the tip of his right elbow vanishes off the left side..and then there’s that weird edge where his left arm coincides with the edge of the curtain. Has the ‘tog taken a step or two to the left for better composure and waited for the groom to finish putting his shirt in, this would be a decent shot. Perhaps not portfolio worthy, but certainly not to embarrass the groom so much.

    • Pelham

      There’s always a fine line you’re walking with a shot that could be embarrassing to the client.

      A couple years ago I was shooting a horse show. I knew the pattern that the horse and rider had to make, was ready to capture them. But ever since they entered the ring I could see the rider was nervous and the horse was just getting more and more ready to blow. And he did blow, he reared and she fell off (she was unhurt) and I got the shots, in case she had managed to stay on and carry on with the test. When I got home I saw I had a terrific capture, but didn’t want to cause any hurt, so didn’t post it.

      But I had got many good shots of them prior to the blowup, so I posted those. The rider saw them online and ordered some prints. When she stopped by to pick them up I mentioned that I had caught the rear, too, but hadn’t posted it because I hadn’t wanted to embarrass her and offered to show them to her.

      Well, she not only LOVED the best of the rearing shots, she ordered an 8×10 and gave me permission to enter it in competition, where it finished in the top 88 percentile.

      So the moral here…if in doubt, exercise caution. Don’t post it publicly.

      • Jenna

        LOL! See, I wouldn’t mind someone posting pictures of my horse rearing/bucking/etc, as long as I looked like a badass in the series of shots, and not like I deserved to fall off.

        I really just don’t get the WHY’s of this picture. I mean…why watermark and post it??

      • Pelham

        LOL @ Jenna…kinda tough to look like a badass when you’re being bucked off or dumped from the height of a rear from an exploding 17hh warmblood, especially when your riding discipline is all about composure and precision! The rider didn’t just topple off like a sack of potatoes. The horse actually reared twice, she got unbalanced but managed to stay on for the first one, but then he reared and twisted his body the 2nd time and she lost her balance. I caught her landing on her butt. I shoot rodeo too and have more than one shot of a cowboy crawling away from a bronc continuing to ripsnort on hands and knees!

  9. Too funny!

  10. I think he needs to be introduced to the “double handy” lady from the Sideways Tracks photo…

  11. I actually spit all over my keyboard when I saw this. I certainly hope this one didn’t end up in the wedding album…

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