Big Bug

Someone help, that giant lady bug is squishing the baby!

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  1. Your website is so dang addictive! The photo posts are like a big ole train wreck. I just have to look even though I know it will be disturbing. Arrghhh!!

  2. momofmany

    Or it’s eating the poor baby…nom nom nom!

  3. Bernard Rentajag

    Hang on……. there’s no watermark. Surely badly taken snapshots aren’t what this site is about?

    • HennyM

      the watermark was probably in the black part of the photo.


    They black out the watermarks.. With so much black in that photo, it’s probably gone forever.

    • jackd

      no evidence of a blacked out watermark there. it would stand out really well against that grainy blurry photo.

  5. Steve

    wow .. Jaundice much?

  6. mannin

    Seriously?! Who are these photogs?!!

  7. ISOwarrior

    White balance be damned!

  8. dead baby…?

    • momofmany

      I think to get the dead baby/kid look that seems to be so popular with fauxtographers these days, one has to leave color in everything EXCEPT the human.

      • wow!!!

        Dead baby really people, how cruel!!! You all are very heartless on here.

  9. photocriticgirl

    Maybe it’s Lady Gaga’s child?

  10. Saphron

    For the life of me I will never understand how anyone can look at a blurry photograph…and then post it for all to see!

  11. meggy

    Is it a snap or is it really by someone who thinks they are a photographer?
    Whichever it is, if it was mine I’d delete it at once, and I keep dozens of pics of my own kids that are pretty dreadful and probably should be deleted. It has absolutely no redeeming all.

  12. lynda

    haha looks like kj photography

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