Sideways Tracks

Not only is this just a very lame photo, it was posted sideways too! You know you’re a fauxtog when you can’t even figure out how to rotate an image!

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  1. Kristian

    Black spandex pants on a white chair in the middle of the railroad tracks is the new black.

    • southernmomma

      its called blue jeans sweetheart…bet you feel stupid because you sure as hell sound stupid just like all the other people on here.

    • Alicia

      First off that’s blue jeans second the girl is only 15 who took the pic which I think she does a very good job for her age… And that is me in the picture and I’m wanting to know who the hell put this on here..

      • General Lee

        A very good job? ….. Well then I need to throw out those Henri Cartier-Bresson , Brian Duffy , Jay Maisel and Annie Liebovitz master prints and replace them with that unskilled, untrained 15yr old’s photography can get the wall space for her “good job” photography.

      • momofmany

        General Lee, I HIGHLY doubt those people have ANY idea who any of those people are. They MIGHT know the name of the person that created their “Dogs playing poker” print hanging in their living room…

      • Look momofmany whatever, I have been reading all these horrible post from everyone and it seems you are the one who likes to keep all the drama going. I’m 62 years old and you are supposed to be a grown lady and apparently a mom of many so what kind of example are you being to children? You are constantly telling everyone call the police hun there is nothing they will do but laugh at how immature you all are being on here. No before anyone starts I do not know nor am I kin to the lady in the picture or the young lady who took it. And furthermore the lady in the picture is beautiful and all you negative people who say she isn’t should be ashamed of yourselves and the young lady who took it will have a bright future in photography because she is trying and willing to learn. None of you who first started out wasn’t the best neither. Give them a break and stop this nonsense Thank you a aggravated mom..

      • momofmany

        I don’t think the police will laugh at what they did to that woman that they accused. If you read her posts, she did NOTHING to anyone on here. She didn’t insult the photographer, she didn’t insult the picture, she didn’t insult the person in the picture. She simply tried to hire the photographer and found herself in a shit storm of accusations followed by a threat BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER along with the posting of her name and where she lives. Then, they apparently admitted to her privately that they were wrong about accusing her, etc. What I find ironic is they only admitted this to her privately. NO ONE has come on here to admit they were wrong, to try to fix the situation or to apologize to this innocent woman. If they were really sorry, they would apologize. They don’t care about this woman. They only care that someone didn’t like a picture. RIDICULOUS!
        Yeah, I don’t think the police would laugh about that.

      • Why are you concerned with it anyway it has nothing to do with you? If it’s been taking care of that is between them not you. Why can’t you leave it be? I also do not blame the lady in the picture wanting it taken down either I would get upset myself if someone put my picture on a website.

      • momofmany

        Last we heard from her, it was NOT taken care of! I’m concerned because she was viciously attacked and instead of coming on here to try to make it right and apologizing and trying to delete it, etc., they instead come on here and ignore what they had done and just attack everyone else on here. That’s messed up! If they were truly sorry, they would apologize and then I’d be happy to shut up!

      • If those are blue jeans, why have they been so heavily edited that they look black?

      • meggy

        Sorry Alicia, it aint special even for a 15 year old. It isn’t awful, it is just OK. It’s not worth publishing, and it is sad that the photographer did publish it and put herself (and you) in this position. (Published pics are fair game these days I’m afraid.) She has a lot to learn about photography, and I’m sure if she is willing to learn she will do a lot better in the future, there is potential there.
        The light on the legs is such that it isn’t surprising that someone thought you were wearing black. Sadly the pic doesn’t flatter you either.
        I skimmed through some of the earlier comments and some of them are pretty unpleasant, so I’ll stay out of all that, and I’m just trying to deal with this pic as it stands. IMHO the photgrapher needs to keep trying and learn a few basic skills – like rotating images – or she will not be taken seriously. And not publish any more pics until shes practiced some more!

    • TollToll

      WELL! This escalated quickly

  2. #1 pet peeve on Facebook. People who don’t rotate their photos.. hell you can even do it in Facebook too!

  3. Is she waiting for train!?!?!

    • …to hit her photographer. lmao.

      • southernmomma

        I swear some people in this world are just complete asses!

      • NachoChesus

        Or to get on the train and find a real photographer.

    • Alicia

      U know it I’m waiting for the train really people get a life

  4. But they added a nice vignette to the photo. That must mean they’re a good photographer.

  5. BurninBiomass

    Ah, that hand positioning. I dub that hand position the “Double Handy”.

  6. southernmomma

    1st of all the crazy woman that put this on here needs to take it off Danielle Virgilio! I think for her only be 15 she dose a damn good job so you need to quit harrising her and get a f*cking life! if you didn’t even wont her to do pictures then why was you still contuine to send her message’s she’s 15 your a grown woman! and as far as her charging she wasn’t at 1st until people started telling her that they will pay to help her out for gas money and props she can get to come do the pictures. she hadn’t done nothing to you for you to go and do something like this! So you can kiss my a$$ and find someone else to mess with and leave her alone! btw you a B**ch for posting her picture on here in the 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Haha.. I couldn’t make it through half of that.. Wow, did you graduate any form of formal education? This is a good learning experience; learn, get better–or quit.
      Oh, LOOK! A camera, I’m a full blown facebook pro! With parents, that have grammar comparable to an uneducated chimpanzee.

      Seriously, if you don’t like it–help your daughter learn.. Get her classes or something.

      • I’m pretty sure you’re wasting your time, d.c…just as I am typing this out. But…I’m quite entertained.

      • southernmomma

        wow, you are immature. I am her niece not her daughter, I find it hilarious how all of you low life people have nothing better to do then mess with me. Oh well I did not ask for Y’ALLs opinions, they do not matter. At least I know I have a life unlike all of you people that sit on a website and make fun of other people.

      • NachoChesus

        It’s the south they don’t need no stinkin’ education.

      • redneck

        nachochesus you a dumb sum bitch. at least down here in the south are parents to do teach us one thing it’s called RESPECT! bet yall up north don’t know what that word means!

      • redneck

        ok back to getting rimjobs for beer money

      • Twiggy

        Redneck actually wrote SUM BITCH! This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day.

    • Actually, up here in “da nort” we’re taught respect as well. Seeing as though it’s all that girl’s family members and friends who are going apeshit on here calling us derogatory names yet the “northerners” (Wait, did we start Civil War II?) are keeping our composure.

      • redneck

        1st of all cunt I aint no kin to anyone on here! you done pissed off some of us “hillbilly-rednecks” by your fucking comments!

      • Brandy D. Cantor

        This redneck poster sure is a real southern gentleman sweet talker isn’t he. It must be all that “respect” he claims they teach in the south.

      • You do realize that “cunt” is one of the most derogatory terms there is, right?

        Oh wait, you don’t know the definition of derogatory.

        I didn’t say you were kin/related to her. I said FRIENDS or family.

      • Civil War II has been going on since those whacky people in government forced the south to accept people of color as equals in regards to what schools and restaurants they can go to.

  7. southernmomma

    This is Shelby I am the one who took this picture. For a fifteen year old, I am pretty proud of myself…you can say all of the mean things you want and criticize (yes, I probably did spell that wrong but at least I admit I am wrong sometimes) me, but I will promise all of you people this. I do not care what other people think because if I did then I wouldn’t probably even have a life. I love my pictures and there are many other people that like them as well. You are just people who do not matter to me. I am not mad but I am upset that people stoop so low sometimes. I bet every one of you are much older than me! I am sorry that my photos aren’t perfect (hello, I am still learning here), but it does not give any one of you the right to start stuff with me. I honestly do not care who posted this but I am tired of it!
    P.S. Do not think for one minute that I am going to give up something that I love just because of some people that have nothing better to do with their lives besides criticizing people.(:

    • What is it with teenage girls who think everyone wants to make them the center of their world?

      • redneck

        browneyed bitch it sounds like you aint nothing but a damn shit starter who like’s to talk crap about other people to make your self feel good about yourself. get a fucking life!

      • No I’m just ready to throw in some popcorn! This shit is hilarious!

    • HennyM

      Shelby, you have to learn a lot. and criticism is one form to teach someone. take the criticism in and your family out. this is getting ridiculous. oh and get your own screen name, it’s just confusing for everyone when you, your mom some niece and uncle are using the same name…

    • meggy

      Shelby, keep trying, keep taking pics. But don’t publish any more pics yet? Wait. Practice some more. Learn some more. I have been taking pics for years and haven’t published any yet. I’ll get there. So will you.
      You can’t publish like an adult then expect special treatment because you are only 15.
      And frankly, not rotating your pic is such a basic mistake that it isn’t surprising that people were negative.
      Good luck.

  8. OnePissedOffMother

    I sent you a message about removing my name from that libelous statement you made about me. Contact the webmaster of this page if you need to, but take it down!

  9. southernmomma

    I will not let my aunt take your name down. The way I look at it if you can stoop low enough to take my personal pictures off MY PAGE, then we can do the same and let everyone know who you are and the piece of crap you are. I have a problem with you taking my pictures off my page and posting them on this website and having people trash talk me, I hope karma bites you on the rear.

    • You’re an idiot. This photo was a publicly-posted photo and no one stole it in an attempt to claim it as their own work or to use in any form of advertising.

      • very angry

        This Fu**ing pic is of me and I have a damn problem with it being posted else where oher than where it was originally and the lady who posted it has 24 hrs to get it off of here or she will be charged with slander

      • shutterMania

        Before you call anyone an idiot, you should get your facts straight so that you yourself do not sound like an IDIOT. Just because a photo is on a public forum, that does not give you the right to use it on a website. That is an agreement made between the user and the public forum that the photo was posted on, usually during the sign up stage, not a third party such as this site. So technically, a site meant to shame fauxtographers is stealing photographs that belong to others, obviously without permission. Oh, the irony.

        I can’t help but to wonder how people find this site other than the ones posted here for public shaming. Did you find it because you yourself at some point have doubted your skills and searched for what you actually feared you were? Maybe your just a bully or a jerk who gets off hurting others.

        If said photographers have found their niche and clients are happy then they are the business savvy ones. Stop crying, stop being a loser and go take better pictures. Maybe take a marketing class so that you can better promote yourselves and sell your magnificent work. Oh wait, you’d have to actually get off your ass and throw away your better than thou attitude.

      • very angry

        Well said shuttermainia

      • Wanna know how I found this site? Nope, not because I doubted my skills and thought my work would end up here. Because of links on Facebook. It provides a good laugh because sometimes it’s like “Wow, people actually pay for that shit?/think it’s good work?/ etc.”

        The person who posted the photo won’t be charged with slander. Get your facts straight.

        I’m not a loser. I take plenty better photographs than anything featured on this site. I produce quality work. I have taken marketing and advertising classes in college (along with photography and art classes).

        I was off my ass for over 8 hours today at work, thanks very much! And now that the weather is warm, I have a few bookings for the next few months.

        You’re just mad because you have nothing to back up what you say.

        Anything else?

      • very angry

        Browneyed years ma’am u better check ur facts darling my best friend is a lawyer sweetie I’ve done got my facts straight Ty

      • shutterMania

        Ok so hurting people without any regard of the damage it may cause is fun for you, entertaining even. I get it now. (rolls eyes)

        Get my facts straight? Is that directed to me? When did I ever say they would be charged for slander? If you are replying to me, please stay on target.

        So you have a few bookings, good for you. I am sure all “fauxtographers” will be crushed, close up shop and be of no threat to you at all. Seriously, why does it bother you so much? These people are not even at the same level as a professional. Your work speaks volume about who your clients are. I am just guessing, but I am pretty sure that the people who pay for the photos that end up here are not your target audience.

        Please make me understand. What exactly is it that I have to back up, or even prove to anyone?

        I’m just saying, it so easy to criticize with our merit. This site is just hurtful not fun. What is the worst that can happen to the “fauxtographer” if let be? They realize that they would like to improve their work and stay competitive, or they stay with the same audience you have no desire for, stagnate and retire.

        Reply however you like, I retire, you win.

    • Lol- your friend may be a lawyer, but you aren’t. The definition of slander is making false statements. No one made a false statement by posting a photograph.

      I went to school. Did you?

      • very angry

        Really grow the he’ll up browneyed sh** starter… U are attacking a kid and her family really now… U really think u know it all don’t u? Well hunny chances are your pictures are no better than the one u are making fun of how old are u 12 lmao

      • very angry

        BTW it was hell not he’ll it’s called auto correction sweetie

      • Very Angry… when was I attacking a kid or her family? Please cite your sources. And yes, you’re welcome to look at my photographs anytime.
        If I were 12 I would not be a photographer and would not have been to college.

      • bwahahahahahaha I just have to ROFL at “it’s called auto correction sweetie” – even before someone had a chance to call her on the “he’ll”! Oh just dying here. So, what, does adding “sweetie” make it an insult? ‘Cause that’s hilarious.

      • Sometimes little high school girls add “sweetie” and “honey” to an insulting statement to appear more condescending.

  10. OnePissedOffMother

    I have NOTHING to do with this page! I didn’t take anything off of your page. I don’t run this site. It is your aunt’s choice not to take it down, but I made it very clear how I will proceed if this isn’t corrected. I want to give her a chance to make this right. She needs to let me know she won’t take it down and then I can proceed with the next steps. Also, I will be happy to post on here EXACTLY what was said and how I did NOT harass you if she doesn’t want to take it down. The ball is in her court.


    Hahaha, this is awesome.. The comment of, “We have no lives”.. Photography is our lives, thus our vested interest in insuring that people like you get called out for dragging photography as a profession through the mud. People like you tarnish photography as a profession. It’s very irritating. As far as everyone saying you’re a, “good photographer” and acting like your some child-prodigy, you should really distance yourself from those people.. They’re doing nothing to help you..

    • shutterMania

      Uhm photography is your life, vested interest. LOL Successful photographers are not worried about amateurs dragging photography through the mud. They are letting their images speak for themselves and making money. Not deconstructively bashing amateur photos. They are well past that.

      • NachoChesus

        You haven’t met many REAL pros have you they are some of the biggest arrogant, egotistical, shallow, “my shit dont stink”, and shit talking assholes out there.

      • shutterMania

        I I am a project manager for the marketing department of a highly successful company; therefore, I have worked closely with “real” photographers as it is part of my job to seek out photos to be used for advertisements. Let me assure you, the most successful that I have come across are not arrogant, egotistical, or shallow, but they are confident and competitive.

        I highly doubt that they would sit here and critique amateurs. Maybe it is so when they actually feel threatened and insecure about a competitor with a similar skill set and equipment, but to do that here, what’s the point other than to be bully.

        Again, let your photos speak for you; there is a market for everyone and everything. These “fauxtographers” have found their target audience. Find yours.

      • proseattoes

        pros are and can be some big Justin bieber type douchebags your just haven’t meet them because i doubt shuttermania would be working near people like terry richards that guy is the epitome of douche asshole and he does rant about amatuers


        Is that what you think? People and professions are easily stereotyped by the actions of a few..

        As far as success goes, I probably make in a day to what you make in a month with your 9-5 job. I do indeed believe, that’s pretty successful. So yes, photography is quite a few peoples lives.. Just like a farmer that’s done it his whole life, he’s not going to be too happy when Yankee Bob comes down from the city and starts his farm right next door.. Never farmed a day in his life, but suddenly he’s undercutting the old man and producing shit giving everyone else a bad name.

        Somehow people think just because she’s 15 that there isn’t a ripple effect.. Just like guns for example; the fate of the many are teetering on the edge of a precipice because of the actions of a few.

        So yes, it really does bother us who spend time, money, and energy doing things correctly when others suddenly out of nowhere are instantly professionals..

      • really??? makes a lot on welfare LOL stop trying to act like your important its the internet we know your lying.


        I don’t really care what you believe.. 🙂 I have no reason to lie.. There’s nothing to gain from it.. As far as your daughter/cousin/aunt that’s married to your Uncle Jim Bob, who’s also your brother.. Yeah, now there’s something to talk about!! Haha. Welfare, that’s humorous.. Seemingly the only ones who ever bring that up, are in fact the recipients.. It’s ok though, I know it’s hard to debunk the facts, but that’s something rednecks try so hard to do..

    • Yeah Shuttermania, we’re not bashing amateurs. We’re bashing people trying to portray themselves as professionals who have no idea what they are doing, yet charging people and advertising that they are professionals. It’s annoying, but in the end the fauxtographer down the street from me isn’t going to be more successful in the long run by charging $50 per session because their work still sucks.

      None of us on here are proclaiming that we are the worlds’ best photographers. However, we know what makes a good photograph and we all strive to do that and put what we know into action. Not slop it together.

      • shutterMania

        I don’t get it. So what if they charge. As long as they are honest about their portfolio and not claiming other works as their own, then who cares if someone wants to pay their time invested? I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Your photos speak for themselves. Professional photos = high paying clients who understand the value and know the difference.

        If you know what a good photo is and would like to critique, why not do it constructively? Oh that’s right; this site is not for that, it’s for bullying.

        So if you feel the need to constructively critique, why not join or some other positive and critique away. Just remember, the ish that goes on here, won’t be acceptable anywhere where people strive to make themselves or their work better.

      • redneck

        well browneyed bitch what gives you the right to judge others let’s put your shit on here and I garuntee you there will be a few people that will critize your shit too!

      • Most of the frequent posters here have our work out and have asked for critiques and advice for certain things. Actually that’s why I became a member of this site; if you look past the horrible photography on here there are a lot of threads for great advice from people who do it as a hobby to seasoned pros. I’m also a member of some other photography groups as well. They are all quite helpful. I enjoy learning new things all the time. If you click on my name I believe it links to my Flickr stream. I’ve certainly been criticized before, but anything like “your photo sucks” just doesn’t hold water. If you want to give an educated critique, or advice on something I could do better on a photo, go ahead!

      • And yes that is why I pretty much stopped advertising myself on the local buy/sell FB page. People are always asking for a “good and cheap photographer.” Lots of suggestions come pouring in. I could go on and on. I typically click on all the links and 75% of them are just horrid. But, they charge $25-$50, and they get clients who can’t really afford much. That’s fine, but I’ve gotten a few clients who said they went to so-and-so and none of the photos turned out good so they realized they needed to make a slightly higher investment for quality. It’s frustrating, yes, but I’ve built up a client base more slowly and am getting repeat clients. I don’t charge as much as some of the more established studios in town, but I know what I am worth. Fauxtography kind of cheapens the industry and makes people think $50 or whatever is “normal.” When they find a photographer who charges let’s say, $150, they are apprehensive, unless it’s a more educated consumer.

      • I’d love to see the IP addresses for all these commenters. I’ll bet all the Shelby supporters are the same person and whoever owns is sitting back laughing his/her butt off right now.

  12. momofmany

    By the way, OnePissedOffMother, I have a screenshot of when you went on the page and asked them what she charged. I noticed they took it down since asking how much she charges is “harassment”. Let me know if you need it.

  13. momofmany

    I’m curious about something, SouthernMomma. On Monday DV contacted you on Selby’s public Facebook profile asking how much Shelby charges for a photo session. Why do you think all of the sudden, 48 hours later, this woman has decided to attack you? Also, a man (her dad, maybe) posted on there that someone was harassing her because they didn’t want to pay $20 for photos. How do you know it wasn’t THAT woman? DV was trying to hire Shelby. This $20 woman was complaining about Shelby. It doesn’t make sense.

  14. momofmany

    By the way, DV, SouthernMomma posted where you live on here. You need to contact the authorities NOW!

  15. OnePissedOffMother

    She said she didn’t post where I live. Where do you see that?

  16. momofmany

    Go to forums, Am I a fauxtog and it’s page 54 of the first post.

  17. OnePissedOffMother

    Everyone, I need some help!
    SouthernMomma realizes that I am not the one harassing her niece and she says she only made the post with my full name and that her niece did all the other posts (including the one that says where I live).
    She says she doesn’t know how to delete these and she won’t come on here to ask how to do it. I gave her the e-mail for the people that run this page and she said she asked them for help.
    Can anyone tell me (so I can tell her) how she can take all of these posts down (or at least the one with my name and where I live?
    PLEASE HELP! I’m literally in tears over this.

    • momofmany

      WTH? This 15 year old is wanting to be a business person and be treated with respect and then she goes off and posts where she lives wrongly thinking you are responsible for all of us critiquing her pictures???
      Call the police. She can take pictures of the inside of juvie. I wonder if she realizes that if someone harms you or your family because of the info they got here then she is responsible???

      • OnePissedOffMother

        I contacted the local authorities (we live in the same area) earlier today (after they posted my name) and they referred me to another office at the federal level. They told me to document everything and suggested I consider giving them a chance to fix this. I gave them a deadline. If nothing is done by then, then I’ll call.

      • momofmany

        You are too nice, onepissedoffmother. Seriously, they don’t deserve a deadline after all of this.

  18. OnePissedOffMother

    She claims that you can take the picture down and then all of the posts will come down.

    • momofmany

      I have no power to take this picture down. I don’t run this site. You need to call the Police NOW. These people have endangered you and your family. Ten minutes ago they were saying it was you. Now it’s me? Who will they accuse next? Seriously, call the police.

  19. She has people on her page saying anyone who criticizes her “work” is just jealous, and they also said “You can’t fix stupid!” WELL NO SHIT. They are the stupid ones, and you can’t fix stupid.

    And honey, no one’s jealous of you. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal. We know how to do photography.

    • OnePissedOffMother

      Do you know how she can delete her posts that have my name and where I live?

    • redneck

      well no shit cant fix stupid you still on here shiteyedgirl!

    • iamnotaphotographer

      I think between her and all of her “family” they may have half a brain. I was going to be nice and say a full brain but Redneck has proven otherwise. Redneck why don’t you git yer daughter some of those there photography classes so she can git better? And then ya’ll should all go take some anger management classes.

  20. very angry

    Look people whoever has my picture on here better delete it I gave permission for it to be in Shelby’s fb not on here Thank u.

    • OnePissedOffMother

      Look on the bright side, no one posted an innocent person’s name and where they live.

      • very angry

        Yea I don’t like the fact of my picture floating around.. I asked my little cousin to go take all my pictures off her fb because I’m to old to deal with this…

    • NachoChesus

      Better here then on peopleofwalmart where I believe you are a weekly posting.

      • very angry

        Really idiot just shut up…

      • really???

        she is too fugly even for that site

      • very angry

        Seriously dumbass fugly ha I bet ur no diamond yourself and stop using people’s name u damn retard I know who the real really??? is.. you don’t have a life do u lol grow up stupid damn..

      • very angry

        im an ugly redneck cunt

    • shutterMania

      if i looked like you i would want to hide the pictures too lmfao

  21. OnePissedOffMother

    oh wait, your photographer did!

  22. very angry

    Who do u contact to get my picture taken down from here???

    • You know, no one is criticizing how you look in the photo. They’re criticizing the fact that the photographer did a horrible job at taking the picture.

      • very angry

        The point is the picture is of me and I don’t like it floating around

      • redneck

        like I said shiteyedgirl put one of your pictures on here lets see what people would say!

      • As I already posted, my screen name links to my Flickr stream. Any constructive criticism is welcome. I would take it more seriously if you had an art or photography background.

    • momofmany

      Well, since it’s not illegal, no one. You could call the police, but after reading your fauxtographer make the libelous statement accusing the wrong person BY NAME and telling anyone who reads this site WHERE SHE LIVES, you’ll probably be stuck with your picture still here and your fauxtographer in a heap of trouble for threatening this innocent woman, using her name and location, etc.
      Also, a posting a pic is not slander. Slander involves someone saying something false ORALLY. If you feel your picture is a misrepresentation of the way you really look, then that is your fauxtographer’s fault.

      • very angry

        Momofmany slander means putting someone out there rather it be verbal or not ma’am I have done contacted who I needed to about this…

      • momofmany

        Uh no. Read #3 here:

        I’m glad you contacted someone. Hopefully they are in law enforcement. I think OnePissedOffMother should do it herself instead of giving these people a chance to fix it.

      • momofmany

        Google the word slander. Click the second link. Read #3.
        Tell your “contact” to go back to law school. Hope you didn’t pay for that bad advice.

      • really???

        Yes Google it because in this world Google always tells the truth lol

      • momofmany

        No, but a legal dictionary does!

      • omg people. Slander is telling lies about someone and to get anywhere with a suit you have to prove that it’s a lie and you have to prove that it hurt you in some way, usually if not always, financially. Posting a picture that IS bad is not slander. The closest claim you could get is a copyright claim and this site is probably considered fair use, posted for critiquing. It’s not like the high-res is here, either, so that helps the people that run the site. Have you noticed that this site has been going for a long time and no one’s shut it down? Yeah, that should tell you a lot right there. That’s because these people whining about being posted do not have a leg to stand on.

    • General Lee

      redneck pure southern stupidity.

  23. NachoChesus

    Watch out the rednecks know a lawyer a cop and some other stupidity they gonna sue this site and every one who views it because their snowflake got called out as a shitfauxgrapher.

    • very angry

      Homeboy u are really dumb grow up.. us Southerners apparently have more sense than u lol

      • NachoChesus

        Homeboy? is this the 90’s or is that how caught up the south is to modern times? I highly doubt you I will simply call “momma june” from now on has more sense then me.

    • redneck

      momofmany googled it so it must be right lmao

  24. Generally speaking, the photographer – and not you – is the only one with the legal rights to ask the admin to remove the photo since the photo is technically a digital distribution of her copyrighted material. I say “generally’ because this would infer that the photographer asked you to sign a model release form…I’m going to go ahead and assume there wasn’t one. Things are a little hazy here if that’s the case, but since she was the photographer and it’s her work, she still has slightly more ‘umph’ in that request.

    Regardless, should you care to get litigious (ill advised, by the way), I suggest going in a direction away from ‘slander’ – mostly because your case isn’t very strong if that’s what you’re basing the lawsuit on. I’m not sure who you “done contacted,” but – while you are right that slander is a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report – it absolutely involves the previous by oral utterance rather than by writing or pictures.

    • The first post where she wrote “done” in front of a past-tense verb I thought it was a typo, and then I saw this one as well… these aren’t rednecks, these are hillbillies.

      I vote we send grammar tutors to the south.

      • really???

        I vote you’re a damn idiot that needs to shut your big mouth. How is that forgrammar bitch!!!

      • No thanks. My mouth is pretty small actually. How bout you shut your potty mouth.

      • really???

        How about fuck off. You can trash talk a kid but can’t take it when someone is bashing you. Hmm think you have a little growing up to do…

      • seriously

        Yeee hawww get that there browneyed devil really wez gonna have us here hoe down yee donkey

      • Where am I “not taking it?”
        Where am I “trash-talking a little kid?”

        Yeah, nowhere…
        I think YOU’RE the one with lots of growing up to do. I’m just over here keeping my cool, you’re spewing hateful curse words at me. And you call yourself an adult… hmm.

      • really???

        Well you know that’s what happens when people trash talk my family. How would you feel if it was your daughter or niece or cousin that people was trash talking?? Honey I am an adult but I’m one of the biggest bitches you will ever meet!!!

    • My family members have more tact and class to be doing what your family is doing, so it would never be an issue. If people didn’t like their photography (if they were photographers or claimed to be) I’d probably give them some advice on how to improve and they’d never run into a huge problem such as this. Your sorry excuse for a family is only perpetuating Shelby’s lack of success. She should pursue photography if that’s what she loves, but maybe do something to improve her skills before she considers running a business.

  25. Wow from what I’ve read on here I think some of u need therapy I mean really grow up y’all are adults fighting a picture took by a 15 yr old girl that was posted on here by someone who is mad or perhaps jealous

    • General Lee

      Jealous of what bad photography, lack of talent, no knowledge of photography, the inability to rotate a picture, the over use and then over kill of instagram type filters? Please tell me what are we supposed to be jealous over?

      • I’m pretty jealous…I thought I finally rounded out my collection of filters. I guess I need to acquire the Instagram ones. Do they work with the Lee system?

    • redneck

      shiteyedgirl you think you classy nooooooooo you trashy you must not have a life to wanna stay on this here stupid webite and talk like you better than everyone on here all day.. you think people from the south need them some edumaction. I bet you couldn’t do half the things that I am capable of doing. btw when you rasied up in the south you are rasied up respect other’s and expeically not be a grown woman wanting to critize a childs work really get a fucking life

      • Yeah, quite a bit more classy than you… you’re proving it every 30 seconds. Call me trashy all you want, but I’ve done nothing to portray myself as trash. Words are just words.

      • And if you’re the dad, you must be a firefighter… no, I can’t do that. Maybe you can do other things I can’t do. I’m perfectly fine with that. But I don’t go around telling people I can do these things and charging money for them. I can tell just by these forums I have a far higher level of intelligence awareness of the world around me than you do. So, I bet you couldn’t do half the things I am capable of doing either.

  26. Who posted it??? Speak up or be a coward

    • Ha, you are so creative in your screen name creation.

      Jealous much?

    • General Lee

      I posted it so go suck my left and then my right nut. I now fart in your general direction.

      • redneck

        what’d you post

      • very angry

        your mommas daddy cousin auntie picture?

      • really???

        hey fat cow from the picture put down the welfare and food stamps i know thats a hard thing for people in the south to do but try and contribute to society something more then being obese.

      • very angry

        You are just so funny really??? 2 grow some balls and grow the fuck up cause baby doll I can always lose weight but your sorry excuse of an ass will always be fucking ugly lmao


        Very anrgy, who accused you of being pretty? I’m fairly confident no one has. Except maybe your brother.

      • very angry

        Don’ really my brother haha y’all up there are the incest one’s not us down here darling lol what is your mother your sister or whatever lol that’s how y’all roll not us… As far as pretty I said I’m pretty and as long as I have my confidence that’s all that matters to be u dumb ass… Apparently u are lacking it lol u must be damn funky


        Up where? I live in Georgia.

        Crazy.. The only thing I find insulting about your comment, is the lack of grammar.. I see people like you daily, “Haw ya’ll boyz doin’ ovah yondah?! Get me ah beehr charlah, I’m gonn’ show this ol’ dog how we did it down heeer in tuh SOUF.”.. I fucking find it oblivious to even IDENTIFY with the South due solely because of people like you. You can’t hardly read, you can’t spell, and you can’t speak. Grammar? HAHAHA. “What dat there grammar thang he talkin bout Ma’?????”

      • I read the news and I haven’t heard much about incest going on up in the Midwest… I mean, there are perverts everywhere, but when you live in small, isolated towns and have no means of getting an education or leaving said small town, incest is a bit more likely to occur.

        Also, we have the country here, we have rednecks, we have hicks, we have ghetto thugs, we have dirty hippies, we have drug addicts on food stamps and welfare; it’s really no different no matter what part of the country you go to. So, to make idiotic generalizations such as those is futile really.


        Yeah, but I think the geographic density goes up the further South you go.. 🙁

      • just dumb!!!

        Really??? and browneyedgirl89, see this is how immature you two are, the girl asked for her picture to be taken down and you two insist on bashing her and calling her names wow way to go genius my lord grow up. Who cares if anyone is on welfare or food stamp cause I’m pretty sure someone in your family receives them also, so leave the girl alone. She is very beautiful to me rather she has a few extra pounds or not. You two must be very unhappy with yourselves my goodness. From how decent she is dressed and looks it sure doesn’t appear to me she has welfare and food stamps please enlighten me how you can tell. Are you both photographers also? If so I’m quite sure your pictures were not perfect when you first started out. I’m from Tennessee and I also am proud to say I am from the south so does this mean I’m on welfare and food stamps also?? Grow up children. You do not know these people and neither do I so stop judging them.

      • momofmany

        Am I the only one that finds it a tad humorous that the person calling themselves “just dumb!!!” creates a post that is difficult to read because of the lack of punctuation?

      • @just dumb!!! –
        For one, “really???” is the one posting ridiculous stuff, not me. I’m not the one stooping down and being immature. I wasn’t actually bashing the girl in the photo at all, though some have been. I was “bashing” bad photography and the poor attitudes of Shelby and her friends/family/supporters. My photos certainly were not perfect when I started out (hell they aren’t perfect now I’m sure!) but when I started doing photography I didn’t advertise that I was in business because my skills weren’t there. Oh, and I have friends who have been or are on temporary assistance because they needed it for awhile. I could get in another whole discussion about that, but they’re certainly not low-life alcoholics choosing not to work and pop out babies to stay on assistance like unfortunately a large portion of those receiving assistance are doing.

    • Wow, this is just beyond entertaining.

  27. momofmany

    And then her family members threatened 2 different people on here and gave out an innocent person’s name and location. Guess which situation is illegal?

    • shutterMania

      yes nobody loves you!!!!

      • shutterMania

        Ok, I didn’t even post that comment “yes nobody loves you!!!!” So I just realized that I may be talking/trying to get my point across to a bunch of trollers.

        I’m out, this site is whack!

      • really???

        no one cares!

  28. really???

    Really people are y’all gonna pick on and make fun of a 15 yr old kids pics. I mean at least she does have lots of time to improve her work. Although I think she does a damn good job for her age. Let us see some of yalls work to prove you are the worthy photographer.

    • The reason people have picked on her photos (not her, mind you) is because she’s portraying herself as a professional photographer and advertising that she does it for hire. She does not have skill in photography at all. She should take this time to learn since she has lots of time to do so before entering the adult world.

      • really???

        Are you a photographer? If so let us see your so called awesome pictures.

      • Adult world??? Looks like u need some time too

      • really???

        Lmao yeah you’re one to talk about someone needing time before she enters the adult world browneyedgirl.i think you need to back track a few years and grow up a little more since you are an adult trashing a kid…

      • redneck

        sounds to me like your jelsous. why don’t you just stick a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up everyone has had enough lip from your ass tonight

      • Yeah, friends and family of Shelby apparently have had enough of me stating truths.
        So much foul language… is it all you have to stand on? And you’re supposedly so intelligent according to your parent who’s on here. Yep. Intelligence and edjamacashun.

    • Yeah I wasn’t trash-talking a kid… for the 18374th time. I said her photography wasn’t good, and she was being unprofessional. Both truths.

      • really???

        And that is still considered trashing a kid since the photographer is a kid. Oh by the way you Northern assholes… how is this southern bitch here doing on her grammar and all so far. Lmao

      • *thus far, not so far.

      • momofmany

        And that is still considered trashing a kid, since the photographer is a kid. Oh, by the way, you Northern assholes; how is this southern bitch here doing on her grammar and all so far? Lmao

        Fixed it! However, I’m from the South so it might not count…:)

  29. Fwi to all u ppl talking about this it’s considered libel look it up

    • momofmany

      Yes, which is exactly what the aunt did when she falsely accused an innocent person and then threatened her and posted her name and location.

      • Yea which would never would have happened if the idiot that posted the pic didn’t post it

      • momofmany

        And how is that this innocent person’s fault?

      • Because she was her mouth which she has no business to that’s my cousin and I’m gonna take up for her and that is y the innocent person u speak needs to threatened

      • momofmany

        I don’t even understand what you just said. Because she was her mouth? Which she has no business to that’s my cousin?

      • If you’re insinuating I was the one who posted it, I actually was not, but if I did I really wouldn’t mind saying so lol! In the end it’s the actual admin of this website who posts the photos to the main page. Others can submit links, but he/she decides what makes it on the page.

      • momofmany

        Browneyedgirl you are now getting accused? That’s at least 3 people today they have accused! If they threaten you or put your name or location, call the police. Don’t be nice and give them a chance to fix it like OnePissedOffMother is doing.

      • Just shuuut upppp that’s all ppl can do these days is criticize

      • really???

        Momofmany shut up stupid. Ain’t nobody accused anyone of shit. Guilty much since you seem to say we are accusing everyone else.

      • momofmany

        Not true! SouthernMomma gave a first name and last name of who she said was responsible. Then she shared where that person lived and threatened her.
        Then the person she accused came on here and said that SouthernMomma only wrote the post with the first and last name and that the 15 year old shared where this woman lived and threatened her and NOW they realize they were wrong, but had the person they accused ask us how the posts could be deleted because SouthernMomma didn’t want to talk to us anymore.

      • omg ppl

        OMG momofmany u sure do like the words “call the cops” my goodness you have said it like a million times chill out already.. if you will go look on forums page 54 you will also see where your friend browneyedgirl89 has in fact herself posted a full name of Mrs. Amanda so should we go ahead and call the cops on her too?? My my my you are all about telling people to call the cops aren’t u even when u are telling someone just as guilty as the next to call the cops

      • momofmany

        I didn’t see where Browneyedgirl shared where Amanda lived in a PUBLIC forum or where she threatened Amanda.

    • Yeah, I posted the full name of Amanda because her name appeared in full in comments on a public FB page…

    • Amanda actually threatened me in a message, said she was going to give me a real southern “ass-whopping.” (Still not sure what a whopping is, I mean here it’s an ass-whooping.)

      • Hmm whooping ??? That sounds like hollering I thought it was whipping or am I thinking of whipped cream which looks like shaving gel which reminds me of razors which are sharp and sharp reminds me of weapon which reminds me of fighting which reminds me of whipping nvm ill just stop

    • Some one call the internet police y’all have done goff’d now get back traced and police will arrest y’all!!

  30. spike

    For what it’s worth, it seems pretty futile to break out the caps-lock and shout at the site’s admin here or even on the forums. From what I’ve seen, this is pretty much an unmoderated asylum.

    • Shhh…don’t let out the secret! I juuuust finished making the popcorn…

      • dstone81

        Can I have some popcorn Jliu? I just ran out and forgot to pick some up at the grocery store today. Really this is funny. And for what it is worth, I have seen browneyedgirl’s work and she has some amazing photos. Also not once did I ever see her trash anyone on here, let alone a 15year old kid. All she said was that she had no business charging for photos because she just wasn’t up to par yet and that if she truely wanted to pursue it then she should go about it the right way. Hell, I am twice Shelby’s age and have been taking photos since I was in high school and never once have I ever taken money for my photos. I am a hobbiest at best and don’t plan on charging anyone till I can produce high quality photos consistantly and can go about starting a business in a legit manner.

      • spike

        Pthh this theatre is beyond Orville Reddenbocker. It’s time to call in the know…Jack..Jim…maybe Jose? For sure being sober does not make some of these comments any less difficult to translate.

  31. seriously

    Lmao those there northerners Thank they is the shyt y’all we’d gonna has to shows those folks how’s to be not civy lized yous knows what’s I means

    • NachoChesus

      Wow the lack of spelling, grammar well damn everything you typed proves those jokes about southern education aren’t just jokes.

      • It’s probably just pockets of uneducated people. I know a lot of smart people from the south. I’ve been to the south a few times, and let me tell you it is beautiful and there are lots of friendly and talented people. But certain types of people tend to stay together. We don’t really have a good representation on this particular thread because they are all family and friends of Shelby. There are plenty of utterly stupid people in my own town as well. Most of them work at Walmart or go get drunk every day of the week.

    • redneck

      hells yea seriously! theys a bunch of dumbass that needs to gets them a life

      • shutterMania

        get off welfare and food stamps you hick!

  32. Yeeeee hawwww u go mr sorisly wez contry folcs wez knuw wez tukin bout

  33. southerner

    I want some pop corn too lol this is a cat fight and it’s hilarious Yes I agree if the lady in the picture wants it taken off it should be.. the picture is also good so don’t let all this negativity bring you down Ms. Shelby.. these crazy people didn’t become a so called professional overnight so don’t let their nasty little attitudes pull you down… Mrs. Really you keep that girl in check. And browneyedgirl89sucks you sound more intelligent Than the browneyedgirl89 I know you must be young because I seen your mother defending you. Good job young man show those that think we Southerners are idiots how we Southerners really are

    • shutterMania

      if i looked like her i would want to hide pictures of myself too lmfao

      • very angry

        Nice try shuttermania #2 webknow u are copying thermal shuttermanias name dumbass because the real one has respect and wouldn’t say shit like this… Honey I don’t give a damn what u think of my picture…. And the one who took the picture did a damn good job also… Sweetie u not going to bring me down what u look like? Probably a damn gorilla so get over it u ain’t hurting my feelings none lol

      • shutterMania

        your right, I did not say that comment, I didn’t realize people can use your names, trying to get your point across on this site is pointless. You are just arguing with a bunch of trollers and fire starters. This site really sucks because of that. No real accountability.

      • shutterMania

        damn bitch is ugly

      • Grackle

        That`s a nasty and unnecessary thing to say, shutterMania. What, you can`t stick to insulting her for being a dumb hick moron?

    • really???

      Yeah and the funny thing is… browneyedgirl89sucks is only 12 and yes very intelligent. That is my child lol

      • General Lee

        Real southern pride in their own ignorance.

      • iamnotaphotographer

        I’m sorry you all are related.

      • iamnotaphotographer

        To clarify last message was for really??? All you family members are just hindering Shelby’s learning.

    • None of us became professionals overnight. Which means, we didn’t start charging once we bought a $150 point-and-shoot camera.
      College or formal education may have been involved, job experience may have been involved, free shoots for practice may have been involved, lots of reading and research may have been involved… ya know.

    • Marcos Dantas

      English is not even my native language and I am appalled by what I did read at this point. It is not just the spelling and the (degrading) choosing of word, the arguments itself doesn’t hold any weight.
      I understand that these people are angry, but calling names obviously won’t help the photographer.
      Really???, Seriously, Redneck, you are giving an awful image of yourselves and all US Southerners to the scorn of the whole world.
      I admit that this site has a mean streak, but the photographer’s guardians should not have allowed her to present herself as a professional. They put her in the position of a adult, a very precarious position when, and I am really sorry to point this, her work still ar sub-par. The internet can be a brutal place and they should have know how to protect her better.

      • You speak much better English than most of the native-English-speaking people I see posting anything on the internet!

  34. shutterMania

    fauxtography made me gay.

  35. momofmany

    Anyone hear dueling banjos???

    • redneck

      hell yeah we havin us good ole shin dig down here yeehaww mother fucker!

      • really???

        stupid redneck lives on welfare and food stamps typical of a southern person.

  36. So, when did this become North vs. South anyway?
    Is this the Civil War? Is this thread separated by the Mason-Dixon line or what?

    • momofmany

      I hope not because I don’t want to be on their side! I’m from the South and I SWEAR we aren’t all like that!!!


        I’m from the South too.. People are confused.. There’s Southerners, then there’s Southern Redneck Inbred Hillbilly… You know, Trailer Parks, house with 15 cars torn apart on cinder blocks in the front yard.. I could go across town and take photos.. I should, as a matter of fact.. I could in fact, make a day of it.

      • spike

        AMEN to that! I’ve lived here my entire life. I’m from Alabama actually, and as I like to tell people, I still have the scar from where they removed the banjo from my knee….but don’t you cry for me. (It’s a joke you younger kids probably won’t get.)

        There’s all types here, and I won’t lie I am blessed to live near a large metro area where people from all over the world have had their influences on the old tired status-quo, but there is still much reconstructing to be done out in the piney woods and up in the hills. Unfortunately for progress, being a loud boisterous ignorant hilljack is far more likely to garner you your own reality TV show.

      • andyhal

        Double amen to that. Like Spike, I’m from Alabama. The metro area I live in is a Georgia metro though (the two closest Alabama towns to mine are barely worth putting on the map.). The South does have it’s share of people that you would rather forget about, but the majority of us are educated, hard working and know at least basic grammar. If the South was that bad, would we have things like Redstone, Ft. Benning, the 1996 Olympics and all that stuff in Huntsville? I’m definitely a proud Southerner.

        Receiving critiques is a good thing. I keep seeking critiques and try to take them to heart. Do they sometimes sting? Yes. I have improved because I’ve tried to listen and apply them to my photography. There’s always room to grow and improve. I’m better than what I was 5 years ago, but not at the level I want to be this time next year.
        That’s the point people were trying to make with Shelby. One of the local pros (who, by the way was liked enough to be the official photographer for Ft. Benning for 3 years. 🙂 ) told me and others that a good way to grow was to right down the camera settings for each picture and then go back and look at the pics and settings used to see what worked. It takes a while at first, but over time you realize what works and can hit the right settings, composition, etc quicker.

    • Hem!! excuse me, genius u don’t have to capitalize civil war because I’m not black ur not black and this isn’t 1861 anymore so hem yea just needed to get that out thank u browneyedcow89

      • Brandy D. Cantor

        And yet you can’t even take the few seconds to type out “you” & “your” and seeing the “Civil war” was a historical event it should be capitalized. Sad to think all these people posting here are her family not one single person who PAID HER

      • redneck

        My farts are really smelly right now.

      • Uh, the Civil War is a proper noun, as it is a historical event. What the hell does that have to do with if someone is black or not? Wait? Wtf? I’m laughing! So World War II doesn’t need to be capitalized either (only if we are Jewish or decendents of Nazis, right?)

        Yeah, like I said before, I went to school… I’m doubting some of you made it past the 8th grade.

      • Oh and the “cow” reference doesn’t really work, I weight 106 lbs. Usually “cow” is associated with someone who is very overweight.

      • Yea u weight 106 lbs yea I guess that makes u an anerexic bitch

    • Hm, no, I have never had an eating disorder. Nice try though!

  37. momofmany

    AW! I guess the kerosene ran out of their lamp. I guess we’ll have to wait until daylight for them to come back and play. 🙂

  38. very angry

    im gonna go eat some deep fried butter then drank some bud light and maybe pluck my chin hairs

  39. very angry


  40. Looks like the Yankees got there cords unplugged

    • redneck

      The south sticks together because down here we’re all family you know my father is my brother, my sister is my mother kinda thing.

  41. very angry

    Really dumbass I don’t drink first off deep fried butter really what are u on crack really Knapp posting as me u are so damn stupid grow the hell up my lord ur and asshole

  42. really???

    I’m gonna go smoke on be a big ole cigarette and stuff my face with this tator chips so I can teach my 12 year old how big people act cause I’m going to fuck you some shit ya hear come on son go get us some tator choose and some cigarette and let’s talk

  43. It dosent matter

    The south will rise again while I’m eating my tator chips with my mommy

  44. really???

    Really??? You’re an idiot!!! You can stop posting in my name dumb ass. That’s what this whole thing is about. Some pussy posted the pic and don’t have the balls to admit it and now you want to post in my name like an idiot. I mean really people???

  45. seriously


  46. seriously

    They are idiots I wouldn’t even humor their sorry butts anymore

  47. seriously

    Good night crazy people some of us have a life so we need sleep

  48. ladybug

    Grow up people

  49. We butchered the browneyedcow who wants the meat.P.S the meat is packed full of what I’m certain is crap but I will pay u to take it

    • I’m certain I’m still alive and not butchered.
      Lovin’ the “udderly” (yes, there was a pun intended) creative plays off of my screen name. I guess people don’t have anything intelligent to say but act like kindergarteners.


        B.E.G, they have no real education to make intelligent arguments.. Backwood redneck hillbillies don’t really have a very large vocabulary. It’s not their fault. That’s the years of inbreeding that over time, causes mental and physical retardation.. Don’t blame them.. It’s the alienation of their species as underlings to the human race..

      • iamnotaphotographer

        I just love all the respect they have. Not!

  50. Quetzal1

    Somebody should’a had a V-8!

  51. I’m just a retard.

  52. NachoChesus

    It’s a shame it seems the only so called “clients” that “15 year old girl” get’s seems to be family and friends not any real clients and her photos just SUCK because she has ZERO knowledge of photography and is not learning the craft because her friends and family are just giving her empty compliments and a money for her iphone style photo app filtered pics instead of telling her “sweetie you suck maybe try working at the tastee freeze” or any thing along the line of criticism that would help her grow in the art form. But hey not every one is meant for a life of photography and she too will be weeded out and left by the side of the road like all the fauxtographers. I’m not worried about her taking away work from any one including me in fact me and my D3S with it’s PC-E lens are going to work now and I’m not concerned over so no talent hack teenager taking work away from any REAL photographer.


      My sentiments exactly.. I don’t necessarily believe in ‘talent’.. I believe anyone can learn anything..However, you’ll never learn if people aren’t honest with you. I know if I was learning a new craft and I got torn down by a site like this, I’d be after a change.. Her family should help her go to workshops.. Help her acquire decent equipment.. If they truly believe in her as much as their like to argue, she’d be well on her way in a few years.. But, you can’t fix stupid.. Unfortunate too, because instead of being a commodity to a community of photographers, she’s going to end up being a symbol of decadence..

    • momofmany

      What is even sadder is the one person that wasn’t related to her that contacted her asking for prices ended up having the family go ape shit crazy on her. They ended up posting her name and location on a public forum and threatened her while accusing her of being responsible for this site.

      • llamassassin

        Yeah, that’s the worst thing about all this– we get that she’s just starting out and needs to practice to improve. But she and her family have totally destroyed her future in the business with their unprofessional attitudes. Nobody wants to hire someone if they think they will just get attacked by her crazy family. I also find it terribly ironic that they are on here calling other people childish, meanwhile they are name-calling and flinging insults like children. I would never give my business to people who behave this way.

  53. very angry

    Ok all you crazy people out there who have nothing better to do with their life first she Never claimed to be a professional so you people making this up don’t have their facts second you all can call me names I really do not care I’m happily married and happy with my life so your words don’t hurt me lol it really funny though… This is my last post on Herr humoring you dumbasses so y’all keep on going with your childish ways why the one’s that have a life get on with it…


      Yep.. No sense in keeping this going..I don’t for see that work (or “photographer”), propagating far and wide beyond the trailer park..


      Yep.. No sense in keeping this going..I don’t foresee that work (or “photographer”), propagating far and wide beyond the trailer park..

    • momofmany

      She charged for her services. This is what a professional does. If it was a hobby or if she was just learning, she should not charge. Then no one would have said a single word about her pictures. This site only calls out those who charge for their shoddy work.
      Also, if you don’t believe my definition of professional, talk to the IRS. Hope she has paid taxes on what she has charged. Even if you want to explain it away how the money she made was used for gas, etc. she STILL has to file a Schedule C and show how much she spent on gas, equipment, etc and how much money was given to her. It is possible to not owe anything to the IRS, but you still have to file a Schedule C.
      Good luck with your upcoming audit!


        Actually, since she’s not 18, all of her responsibility is transferred to the parents to handle the tax situation. They’d be the one liable for her tax burden. So, I’d hope they’ve kept proper records and accounting. 😀



  54. I love the “get a life” or reasonable facsimile comments…they’re great. The irony is fantastic.


      You may confuse them using words that aren’t readily available in the hills..


    Shelby’s photo made it to Google images.


    She’s on her way to fame now!

    • General Lee

      Sad thing is in this day and age it might really lead to some sort of ironic fame think “rebecca black” no talent, skill what so ever BUT she was hated on and criticized so bad people made her in a celeb. Who knows maybe next month she will be set up with a million dollar contract with some agency and she will still be turning out crap photos but now people will think it’s “art” or worthy of being paid for because she has an agency and some well known photoog will sing her praise or some stupid artistic vision she has.


        Well, you know.. That’s all fine and dandy.. I’m just not thinkin’ too many pro’s are going to want to endorse this one.. 😛
        Career suicide?

      • That’s an interesting point. I noticed a lot of people like the works of Terry Richardson…but to me they look low-fi and poor. But he’s a sought after “fashion” photographer. I feel bad for the 15 year old fauxtog here. This is a ruthless angry business.

  57. ladybug75

    wow this is just hilarious people. why does this girls picture bother you people so much? i think she did a pretty good job for her age.

    • I have seen blind kids take better pictures.

    • My boyfriend’s 6-year-old son has taken better photos.
      As to your question, her photos were made fun of because she was advertising her services for such terrible work, and us photographers think “Wow! People pay for that? How crazy!” but what started the shit storm was that Shelby, her aunt, her father, and some other friends and family made crazy false accusations, used petty name-calling tactics, and just made total asses out of themselves on a public internet forum. THAT is actually worse than the 15-year-old taking crappy photos. I took crappy photos when I was 15! (Ok, they weren’t actually as bad as this, but whatever) but I never once claimed to be a photographer or advertised myself for hire.

      • concerned

        well lets see some of this 6 year old photographers work then roxanne…

      • There are a couple shots on my Flickr actually. Some are still on my camera, so maybe I’ll download them tonight. He’s got a pretty good eye for pretty things.

  58. redneck

    Whole lotta stupid in these posts.


      Redneck, you take stupid to a whole new level. In fact, I venture to say you’re the definition and epitome of stupid, personified. That’s deep bro, you’ve made it to the major leagues of dumb ass. Now, back to your barn, chicken fucker.

  59. momofmany

    OnePissedOffMother, has anyone in this family apologized to you (on here or even privately) for what they have done to you and your family?

  60. I do find it amusing that once I alerted the crazies to where to find my portfolio, it shut up their accusations of “Let’s see your photography, I bet your photos are worse than these!”
    I guess I’ll take that as a compliment….


      Hahaha.. I’m surprised they figured out how to get there 😛

  61. concerned

    it saddens me to see people making fun of shelbys work. she does a good job i think. if you people only knew this childs life history maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to judge her work.

    • momofmany

      I think if she or her aunt would come on here and apologize for what they did to OnePissedOffMother, she would maybe get some sympathy. When I first saw the picture, I didn’t know she was a child. I started to feel sorry for her and then they slammed OnePissedOffMother and that sympathy went out the window. Even now, after realizing they were wrong, no apology.
      No one here feels sorry for her now.

      • concerned

        well that’s them but let me tell you a little bit about shelby and her family. imagine being woke up on fire because your house just blew up. some how the pilot light on the gas heater gone blown out one night. their mom went outside to smoke while her 3 young children was in bed sleeping. when she lit the cigarette the entire house blew up because it was filled with gas. these kids woke up on fire people. their mom went back in that house 3 times to get her children. then it was all the hospital stuff they had to deal with for years and the therapy these kids went with. but yet you people want to talk trash about her photos???? and who cares if she is charging. if people are willing to pay then they must like her work. if they don’t like it then shelby can figure something out. but don’t do tis without knowing who you’re doing it to. this family has been through enough in their life. why do you want to ake it even worse for them?

      • momofmany

        Imagine looking for a photographer and asking one what they charge. Then imagine being accused of harassment. Next, these people come to a public site and identify you by your full name. Later, they identify your location and threaten you. Now imagine feeling worried about your and your children’s safety. Anyone can find you.
        Then imagine the accusers realize they were wrong to do those things and they can’t even say “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”
        Suffering through a horrific trauma as a child is not an excuse to do what they did to that woman and not even apologize!

      • concerned

        but what you don’t know momofmany is that this woman liked shelbys pics enough to want to book a session with her. then all of a sudden canceled and started bashing shelbys pics for no reason at all. i mean come on lady. i know if this was my kid or niece i would want to defend her as well… i don’t think they owe anyone an apology because this woman started all this first and then someone decides to mark out shelbys name on her pic and post it on thiis website for all these people to criticize it. so the guilty party is not not the family for taking up for their family member. wouldn’t you do the same if it was your child these people was doing this to???

      • momofmany

        I saw what was written. She was ready to book until she got uncomfortable because Shelby said she was being harassed. That woman NEVER criticized any of Shelby’s pictures! Show me one place that she did. Even the aunt acknowledge that they knew it wasn’t her. That woman didn’t start anything! Even the aunt acknowledge that and offered to delete the posts but only if the woman found out how to delete them.

      • concerned

        no the woman did criticize her work privately to her. then shelby defended herself and all of a sudden we have this here.

      • momofmany

        What picture and what exactly did she say. I don’t believe that for a second; especially when she hasn’t said one negative thing about that girl on here.


      Ok? Annnnnnd, what? Just because of this she deserves a right-of-way aside from what everyone else has to endure? I think not. If she wants to use photography as a psychological release, fine. She wants to operate in a professional capacity without experience or education? It is what it is.

      • concerned

        you have no heart do you. i pity your children for have such a heartless parent. maybe you will be lucky enough to have the same done to your family. then maybe you will have the heart to not treat others the way you are treating this child.


        I don’t lead my children into believing they’re great, unless they put effort into it. I don’t lie to my kids and make them believe they are something they’re not. I believe my kids can be anything they want to be.. But, I’m not going to sit there and blow smoke up their asses either.. If my daughter picked up a camera and wanted to learn how to use it, by all means.. But if she picked up a camera and started thinking she was some kind of full blown, fully experienced professional; trust me, I wouldn’t lie to her about how I feel about it. I’ve actually got a family member that thinks she’s a photographer.. I’ve torn into her on several occasions.. What’s sad is, there’s always resources and people choose to neglect their actual possibilities in favor of expedience. When you refuse to polish yourself into who you COULD be, you’re doing nothing but ruining what chances you have.

      • It feels like the bigger picture is someone thought her image so horrific as to submit to a forum that mocks poor photography. I personally would give her a pass b/c she did not post this herself and ask for our opinion. And, maybe in all intents and purposes, we were never suppose to see it. That’s not to say, I don’t have a chuckle at both the image and the caption though. Makes me a hypocrite =).

      • momofmany

        She had this picture on her public Facebook page advertising her business. If she didn’t want it to be seen, then she shouldn’t post it on her business page. The ironic thing is that this picture, her Facebook page, her name, etc wouldn’t even be remembered a week from now except her and her family’s actions have caused it to be one of the most remembered photos in this site. I would be surprised if this photo didn’t have the most comments. The family made it memorable!

    • General Lee

      Her history doesnt matter to her skills or lack there of with photography and its her friends/family keeping her ignorant to learning how to do it right and no her photos are horrid.

    • momofmany

      Yeah, that’s what I thought!

  62. concerned

    browneyedgirl i have went and looked at your pictures. they are not any better than what shelby does.


      Lol, you’re funny :).. Man, that’s hilarious..
      You’re trying to compare an apple, to a crab apple. LOL.

      • concerned

        not really i just don’t see that much of a difference in their pics. except the fact that a lot of roxannes pics is grass and buildings and stuff like that. i don’t see how that is so great really. i mean i’m not downing her work because i’m not that kind of person but i just don’t see the ‘big’ difference in the 2 of them.


        Um, I can spot 1 major difference right off the bat.. Clairty. BEG’s photos are, “clear”, or “focused”. Well defined, properly white balanced, framed properly, exposed properly, well executed.. Really? You don’t see a difference? You may want to consider heading on over to WalMart’s vision center. Not to mention, her photos didn’t end up on this sites front page.. It takes a lot from what I understand to actually, “make it” to the cover on YANAP… Lol


        concerned: I think you’ve missed the boat on this.. We’re not “downing” her work as a person.. We are simply “downing” her work as a professional, working photographer.. There’s quite a difference..

      • concerned

        either way it shouldn’t matter what reason you are downing her for. it shouldn’t happen at all. this girl has had a rough life and you all are only making it worse.


        Haha, no.. When you say you’re something that you’re not, you’re pretty much doing it to yourself. I promise you, enter her work into a gallery and see where that goes..


        To be honest, I think people are being rather nice to her about it.. I’ve seen some grown ass photographers run off crying because of the critiques harshly handed to them by their peers.. Grown ass “PROFESSIONAL” Photographers. Couple of bad pixels do to shanty editing, that’s enough to set some people off. A lot of pros have to endure some asshole with a loupe when turning over printed work.. It’s a tough business to be in when you’re actually in the midst of peers..

    • llamassassin

      Seriously? There is a HUGE difference between their photos. browneyedgirl’s photos are actually quite lovely. They look like she knows how to use her camera and can handle post-processing. Shelby’s are very amateur. I’m sure Shelby will get better with time, but she needs to get her professionalism down first.

    • General Lee

      Why does every single B.E.G picture seem to have a sepia tone color overlay on them just in different opacity’s? Side not B.E.G. is beautiful.

      • Lee, can you message me via Flickr? I am just wondering if you have cc on this. I’m not really sure where you are noticing a sepia tone, unless it’s on some of my edits that I used a specific color toning on. Let me know, thanks!

    • HAHAHHAA. Yeah, I second the comment that you should head over to an optometrist. I knew it, I just knew some uneducated person was going to call my work bad with absolutely nothing to back it up.

      Thanks, DC. The huge differences are exactly what he said- they are in focus, the white balance is correct (at least on most, I possibly have a few that could use some adjustments), they are composed well, framed well, exposed well, properly edited. Shelby’s photos lack everything listed there. And that’s fine. She’s 15. The only reason we have criticized her photos is because she tried to portray herself as a professional photographer, yet doesn’t have any proper equipment, and clearly has not had any formal training or done self-study. Then, while that is annoying in itself, she and her family members were extremely disrespectful and downright disgusting toward others.

      I saw the photos of the burned siblings. I have sympathy for that. No one should have to go through that. But that is completely beside what is going on here.

      • And also @concerned, did you notice I have several albums of just portraits as well as albums with plants, buildings, still life, etc?
        I am not doing photography to make a quick buck. I’m doing it because I love all aspects about it.

  63. concerned

    not yet it hasn’t but i’m sure it won’t be long before one of them does.

  64. concerned

    not implying anything… just saying

    • momofmany

      I said REplying. I’m trying to understand what you mean by “it” when you say “not yet IT hasn’t” and before one of them does what?


        She’s replying to: says:
        May 2, 2013 at 2:19 pm

        Um, I can spot 1 major difference right off the bat.. Clairty. BEG’s photos are, “clear”, or “focused”. Well defined, properly white balanced, framed properly, exposed properly, well executed.. Really? You don’t see a difference? You may want to consider heading on over to WalMart’s vision center. Not to mention, her photos didn’t end up on this sites front page.. It takes a lot from what I understand to actually, “make it” to the cover on YANAP… Lol


        I’m sure she’s replying to:

        Not to mention, her photos didn’t end up on this sites front page.. It takes a lot from what I understand to actually, “make it” to the cover on YANAP… Lol

    • Yeah, nice try, so you’re saying it won’t be long before one of my images makes it to the front page of YANAP. Sorry to burst your bubble but that won’t happen.

  65. concerned

    ok just had shelby fill out a dmca thing on this. maybe we can get this took down from this website


      Good luck with that. 🙂

    • momofmany

      Under the fair use doctrine, it is not an infringement to use the copyrighted works of another in some circumstances, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, or educational use.


      You do realize that one does not simply, “fill out a DMCA form”? It’s a law, not a form.. You first, have to have a lawyer write up a C&D letter.. If the letter is compliant and has force of law then it has to be obeyed.. If it’s not obeyed your lawyer will then file an injunction with the court and then order the offender to remove the offending content.. Obviously, if after that, and compliance is still not met, the offenders will then be in contempt of court.. Yada yada yada.. Copyright law says, if you’ve created it.. It’s yours. .However, unless it’s copyrighted with the USCO, it’s got a fat chance in hell of actually making it to court.

    • Finally! Someone who is actually taking action.

      While I commend the efforts you are taking here, there is nothing preventing the admin from simply displaying a clickable link to the work where it is legally posted…

    • ladybug75

      You can fill it out go Google it and see for yourself.


        The (D)igital (M)illennium (C)opyright (A)ct, is not a form. It’s a law. The form you’re seeing is a CEASE and DESIST letter.

      • momofmany

        I’m sure it won’t be the first cease and desist letter the owners of this site have received. Yet somehow this site is still running…hmmmm. 😉

  66. llamassassin

    concerned, maybe they would get more sympathy if they hadn’t come on here and behaved so poorly? Having a rough life doesn’t give anyone a license to behave badly. She’s been through some hard stuff? Guess what? Lots of people have. I have photographer friends who have been through some awful, terrible things, but they don’t act like this. It’s sad that she went through a traumatic experience, but she and her family could use that to become stronger, as I have seen so many do. It’s hard to feel sorry for people who don’t seem to have much respect for others.

  67. Having now known the photographer’s age, should the original submitter just delete this from the forum. I mean…adults should be able to handle the harsh critics, but a child?

    • Southern Laughter

      Nope, no leniency because of age if your 10 or 100 if you suck at what you do you should be told.

    • Side note, I know of a very talented photographer from Minnesota- look up D.Albrecht Photography. She might be out of high school by a year now, but when I began following her page she was I think 16 or 17. Just stunning work, and she is nationally-known now. Age doesn’t matter in some aspects.

      • One of the amazing things (as an older guy now) that I noticed, is that…digital cameras can make a person with aesthetic tastes pull from a pool of thousands of photos taken within a session, color correct with presets and shoot it out into the world and be considered “talented” versus someone who takes the same amount of photos and can’t choose the “right” shot that conveys “talent.” Even though you have the same amount shot. One is considered better aesthetically than the other. Meanwhile, both don’t have a clue as to how they got that image. Only that it’s more pleasing to them then the others. I give D. Albrecht a LOT of credit for catching on faster than others. Even moreso, you can tell she loves capturing images.

  68. photocriticgirl

    It’s “kids” like this that make photographers a joke. Every smuck with a camera thinks they’re a photographer because they can take a picture of a friend or a cat. I don’t care what her age is. And sure, I’ll even it give you that it’s not a completely TERRIBLE picture for a 15 year old. But, DON’T CALL YOURSELF A PHOTOGRAPHER. You are a hobbiest, enthusiast, anything BUT a photographer. Take some photograpy classes, stop using online editors like pixlr and picnik and MAYBE you’ll have a future in this career.

  69. OnePissedOffMother

    I just wanted to make a few things clear as this is my last post on here:
    1) Shelby’s aunt has told me within the last 30 minutes or so that no one in their family has posted on here since yesterday afternoon. She says that these are just people claiming to be family.
    2) No one from the family has privately or publicly apologized for what they have done to me and my family as a result of this false accusation.
    3) Right now I feel safe. Fortunately, I was already out of town when this went down yesterday and I plan to stay away, possibly indefinitely. The great thing about having a spouse serve in the military is you can guarantee a quick move from where you currently live if your soldier volunteers to go to Afghanistan. Don’t know for sure if we’ll do that, but it’s an option on the table that my husband is considering if it means our family can be safe. I’ve also changed phone numbers, deleted online handles with message boards I frequent, etc. This may seem extreme to some, but you have to understand how small this town is where we live. There is ONE grocery store, ONE walmart, NO chain restaurants that aren’t fast food, an hour’s drive to a mall (crappy one at that!), an Office depot, Michael’s, etc. It’s truly like stepping back in time 20 years. My friend’s child’s teacher doesn’t even know how to use e-mail and she’s under 50! The locals all know each other and with my uncommon name I worry that if I were to use a debit card or check with my name on it, then I might be targeted.
    4) I spent the morning discussing all of my options with an attorney. He noted some that I didn’t even know I had, but I will not discuss details. I have screen shots of everything and I have allowed the family a set amount of time to rectify this situation. At no time did I ever insult anyone in that family and that can be easily proven with the screen shots and printouts. Again, no apology has been given.
    5) Personally, I don’t care for this website and I liked some of Shelby’s pictures. My biggest regret is trying to hire her. I know the message exchange I had with Shelby is on the forum so anyone can see how it started with asking how many pictures would be on the CD and escalated quickly into somehow I was harassing her. I think it is quite clear from the messages I posted on here, as well as the messages copied into the forum, that I never insulted this child.
    I sincerely hope the posts are removed before I have to make a decision on how I need to proceed to ensure my family is safe.


      Good luck to you! Let this be a lesson.. Just because someone has a camera, and says they are a photographer, doesn’t necessarily make it so. People like you are scammed all the time by these folks, and that’s really what this site is aimed at.. And to be honest, that’s all these folks are.. Scam Artist looking to make a quick buck.. They have no integrity, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.
      Anyways, hope you resolve your issues :D, good luck to you!!

    • momofmany

      So these people coming on here claiming to be family are what? Obsessed fans?

    • Yes, there are some true psychopaths out there and in this situation it could be possible that one of these people would want to harm you after this. Probably not Shelby or her parents, but that aunt looked kind of scary. She’s the one who threatened me. Honestly though the threat towards me isn’t at all credible, and I’m not in the slightest bit worried about myself. I live several states away and there’s nothing any of them could do to me. DV on the other hand may have more to worry about.

  70. just dumb!!!

    Why do you fear for your life onepissedoffmother? Have they threatened you in any way or something

    • momofmany

      I’ve seen Deliverance. Based on her description of the town and the behavior if the family on here, I’d want out too! 🙂
      Also, she WAS threatened (as well as Browneyedgirl). This has been discussed over and over! If the family freaked out when she asked for more specifics about the pictures (while, ironically accusing some other person that was quoted $20 on Shelby’s “business” site) which led to accusing her of posting the picture, I think she is wise to be cautious. After accusing her, two more people on here were accused of posting the pic. Sounds quite unstable if you ask me!


        They are probably the type of people who throw you in a pit and tell you to put the lotion on the skin..

    • ISOwarrior

      They gonna make her squeal and tell her she has got a real pretty mouth. Lesson learned stay out of the south.

  71. mannin

    Thank you, bad photogs, for helping me teach my young (real photog) son what is bad and horrible in photography.

  72. southerner

    yes please stay out of the south. we don’t need nor do we want ur kind here!!!!

    • General Lee

      What kind is that…. Educated, Respectful, Washed, Not married to a family member, Not meth addicts. Please tell us what kind you don’t want in the south.

  73. cosmicsymbol

    oh my…got to admit I felt like getting my popcorn out for these comments. Seriously what’s with these people?? For some reason I have a gut feeling that potentially all those screen-names are in fact from the same IP address and potentially by the same person. Either way whomever these harasser’s are seem to lack maturity and have been slandering the innocent of posting the image up- likelihood is that no one who has posted is in fact the “culprit”. If the photographer and her family wished to know this they should have contacted the site admin- asking whom submitted this entry and secondly for it to be taken down. In any way shape or form they should not have been harassing the people whom frequent these forums- especially not giving out addresses and names of a innocent bystander. That is breaking the law. As for the terms in copyright regardless of if you plaster a watermark on your image if you post it to facebook and only facebook that means you don’t actually own the copyright as when you upload the terms and conditions are that facebook own your photo’s. Which is why I almost never post any of my photos- even family snapshots without uploading them up somewhere else. If this is the case then honestly the photog hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    Personally if someone posted my ID in a slanderous manner I would be 100% suing them- it’s not right to go around posting people’s identity on the web where anyone can get a hold of it…

    -And before I get backlash, I’m no pro just an amateur who used to study journalism-specialising in copyright and now studies photography, like the photog in question I’m still a teen though only just- and even though my photo’s aren’t terrible (I tend to get good grades) I don’t feel like I could ever charge for my services yet, purely because I lack experience- that and I prefer film- which is at times hit/miss if I muck up lol.

    • That’s awesome you shoot film!

    • Fraction Atraction

      facebook owns your pictures lmfao where do you get your information?

      • spike

        According to the Facebook TOS–

        “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition:

        For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

        It’s probably not in a professional’s best interest to share content on FB that s/he doesn’t want to be used by FB third-party partners, but for most of us, it really doesn’t matter.

      • Yeah basically, Facebook can and will use photos uploaded by users in their own sort of advertising. For instance, you’ve probably seen a big banner somewhere saying “Connect to Facebook with this new tablet!” (or something of the like) and a bunch of random people’s profile photos show up on the banner. By uploading photos, we’ve all essentially granted them fair-use license, thus they aren’t required to give us compensation for using them for that reason. Facebook isn’t going to post a photo and say one of their employees shot it; that is copyright infringement. I doubt they’d use watermarked professional photography in any sort of advertising though- maybe another reason to watermark photography? That’s just my speculation. They wouldn’t go through the trouble of cloning out watermarks if it was just for simple advertising and promotion of their social media site.

      • Blue Nuggets

        lmfao I’ll make sure to tell all the pros out there that do use fb as a platform you guys say they are not pros because they use it as a way to get to a lot of people. And I highly doubt FB using profile pictures in an advert is anything for people to worry about.

  74. CaliGirl156

    I actually wasted my time reading half of these comments on here, and let me tell you this; NONE and I mean NONE of you people have respect for anybody! If the girl that really took this picture is only fifteen then I think it would be the mature thing to do if all of you left her alone and stayed out of her business. Hell people I am pretty sure she knows she isn’t anything “perfect” or “amazing”. Damn it is ridiculous how so much trash has came out of everyone’s mouth on this page. Of course the girl isn’t going to be “professional,” HELLO she is only fifteen years old. I went and looked at her page she is pretty good, I messaged her and told her that too and I gave her a few tips and asked her if she wants to be professional after graduating High School. She replied back to me and thanked me! She even explained to me how she has always loved taking pictures and how she knows she isn’t the greatest thing out there, but one day she will be able to make her photos 100x better. I believe if you would admit she is pretty good for her age with what she does have to work with and actually didn’t talk smack about her work right off the bat she would not have a problem, but from what I seen on all of this, nobody did that what so ever! How old are you people? I am 27 years old and I will be glad to put some of my photos (starting out) on this page, they were good but they were not the best and Shelby (I think I spelled her name right) even admitted that. She explained to me how people offer to pay her most of the time and that she is saving up the money to get her newer equipment. She is a really good kid and you people talk to her like she is trash. I am not taking up for anybody by the way, I am just putting my opinion in which is probably the best one on this ridiculous page, and the only reason I am on this, is because of the fact that I seen a link on Facebook and began to wonder what it is..Yes, Shelby and her family did not have no right what so ever to get on here and trash talk of you guys either but they did! The person who put this on here, I have no clue of, but it is also their fault for taking a photo (legal or not) off of a fifteen year old girl’s page which probably caused a lot of hurt to the girl when she seen a bunch of immature older people talking smack about her work that she tried hard on, and who cares if she uploaded it sideways? Who cares what the girl in the picture looks like? Who cares what she used to edit it? Have you ever stopped and thought about her not being a PROFESSIONAL, or that the girl in that photo has feelings TOO, or what if maybe she couldn’t afford to go and buy professional editing software?! Maybe that is on her to do list. This page needs to be shut down period, this page is obviously on here for all of the people that do not have a life/anything better to do then to make fun of other people’s efforts. I know every single one of you started off somewhere small and I know for a damn fact that it wasn’t as a “PROFESSIONAL!” How about everyone just shut up and focus on your own life. It will make life so much easier if you weren’t in everyone else’s business and making fun of people’s work/art for fun! You “Yankees” can leave the “Rednecks” alone and the “Rednecks” can leave the “Yankees” alone. For God’s sake and everybody else’s just act your damn age.

    • I guess you didn’t get to the end of the page of comments where I suggested they just remove the post. Here’s what I gathered from other commenters…Go ahead and post what you want publicly. But steel yourself from harsh criticism. Or don’t post at all. It is hard enough for people who’ve learned and spent a great deal of expense and time only to have it diluted by a kid who has already listed herself as a photographer. However, I think Browneyegirl had a good point about how it’s not about age, it’s about tastes and aesthetics. Doesn’t matter what age you can develop a knack for it. But, for the most part, I think people find it disrespectful to people who’ve struggled and sacrificed years to get where they are, only to have a clear amateur slap a label on herself as a photographer. I work in the movies, and at the age of 26 I shot a feature film (when, at the time the average age was 50 to be a cinematographer). I would NEVER in a million years put myself in the same category as the masters who were working at the same time. I’m 38 now and STILL I can’t bring myself to calling myself a director of photography. Because there are men and women who’ve shot greater movies that I strive do.

      I encourage her to learn more and get better.

      Photography is all about subjective tastes and maybe it’s not the best thing to post hurtful angry comments. I am guilty myself of laughing a little too hard at some of the comments. But I do see a few who had given her good suggestions.

    • momofmany

      caligirl…does that mean you are from California?
      I lived in CA a few years ago. However, I was in the part where they didn’t sound like they were from Louisiana. Also, they didn’t have Louisiana IP addresses…

  75. DaddysGirl97

    Hi everyone, I am Shelby. This is my photo that I took of my cousin. I think she is very beautiful my personal opinion!(: I may have edited this photo wrong, but who cares I am learning! I made my Facebook page, “Shelby Lynn’s Photography” to show my work off and everything not to make money, but then people started offering to pay me so it didn’t bother me one bit because I am using the money to buy better quality things…then this is where all of you people get it wrong, IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO ASK ME HOW MUCH I CHARGE I give them a reasonable price for my work which I am pretty confident in right now because I am still learning. I save the money and I plan on buying things with it such as a better camera, I really want the Photo Shop Elements 11 -I think that is what it called- but it is $130.00 and I have to save that money! If people did not think my work was decent enough to pay for it then they wouldn’t be doing it. Your opinions were okay until you put all over my page like you are trying to embarrass me or make fun of my work. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME, go ahead you can do it now I will take your advice but remember I have to work for my money and the things I want so don’t tell me what I need to get because right now I work with what I can afford and what I have to use! Don’t make fun of my work, it is no where near hard to just say “hey Shelby your pictures aren’t perfect but here is some ideas and tips that you could consider using” I got a message yesterday morning when I woke up and the woman said my pictures suck and I just need to give up and go work at McDonalds -__-..uhm, no I am going to make something of myself. For everybody’s information I did not what so ever call myself professional! I let everyone know my age, that I am unlicensed, I will give you the amount of pictures you deserve for not being LICENSED & 15! I am not calling my page a business, if it says it anywhere on my page just please explain to me how to remove it or change it. When I turn 18 and graduate in two years I will go to school for it, trust me! I AM ABSOLUTELY SORRY to anyone that I offended or did something wrong too. I would also like to apologize for my family, they were just taking up for someone in their family. That’s what family does down here, especially when it is like 20 to 1. Just take my cousin’s picture off this page and I will be glad to go take a picture of a squirrel or something and let y’all put it on here. My family was being immature I will admit but so were most of you! I do not know how to work any of this and the ONLY reason I made an account thing for this was to apologize and be the bigger person since apparently everything seems to be my fault in all of this. I am tired of listening to the bull. If I spelled anything wrong, or my grammar is wrong, I am sorry! By the way just because we from a small town does not mean we are incest. No, we keep our distance and that is a promise. I am from Oklahoma but I have lived in Louisiana since I was 6 years old. Well I am tired so anybody that has any advice for me, I am going to be honest, I will greatly appreciate it and I will not mind one bit if you private messaged me on Facebook without being rude and dissing my images that I literally tried my best on, and giving me some tips. I will use them! (: THANKSS & Goodnight.

    • Hey Shelby,
      I’ve worked on movies where, literally, billions of people have watched. And paid money for and so forth, and I STILL hear shit from people on media sites. They should teach a class in college about dealing with harsh criticism, because the world is unkind and bored and downright mean. So the best thing I’ve ever heard is “you’re not as bad as people say you are, and you’re not as great as people say you are.” Cheers, Thom

    • spike

      As criticism goes, this is a pretty bad way to find out what people think of your work. I don’t doubt you love photography, but everybody has to begin somewhere, and most of us have made our share of not-very-good photos. The important thing is that you seem to want to learn. Although the internet can be awful when it comes to getting your photos instant exposure and a butt-ton of harsh criticism, there are also lots of web sites out there that can help you learn how to improve your shots and post-production as well as give you advice on equipment, promoting yourself and keeping you inspired. Look up Digital Photography School on Google. There’s also one called Learn My Shots. DPS has a members forum and weekly for-fun photo challenges as well as loads of articles about photography. LMS has a regular newsletter focusing on duplicating particular styles of photography. I think you will enjoy and benefit from both. Good luck.

    • cosmicsymbol

      Hi Shelby,

      No clue if this is any use for you or not, but if you’re after a copy of photoshop, CS2 is kinda free from adobe this days, it’s a bit better than elements for editing etc as it offers a wider variety than the cheaper vers- CS2 is basically full-blown photoshop whilst elements isn’t. However CS2 is a bit more user hostile >< but it's worth the learning especially if you want to continue with photography as a full time job in later life. It's always great to get critique of your work but sometimes people are harsh- and those harsh one's I'd take with a pinch of salt- as for taking this down I'd really advise you contact the e-mail address stated on this website to chat to the admin and explain why you feel it should be taken down ^^

      Good Luck

  76. Shelby, I’d be glad to give you advice. As what most of us have said, give yourself this time to learn and enjoy practicing, without advertising your services as a photographer for hire. Maybe you did not consider yourself a professional, but I did see that you advertised or quoted prices for shoots, and your cousin Amanda posted that you did “really good work” for a “good price.” That is why the criticism started. If your page stated that you were an aspiring photographer trying to build her portfolio, and asked for models to give their time in exchange for a couple fun photos of themselves, people wouldn’t be criticizing so much or at all. I myself took some pretty horrible portraits too, but I was practicing and in school as well. I’m not hiding the fact that I was there at one time. But I didn’t advertise my services or ask others to advertise for me. You do seem to want to learn and that is a good first step. While you are learning, and while you don’t yet have money for better equipment, just shoot for fun, and it looks like you have lots of friends and family who are willing to model for you. Get a Flickr account and follow some really good photographers on there and on Facebook, it will be good motivation for you.

    • Blue Nuggets

      Wait your telling her to be on FB to see real photographers? but in another reply you say FB isn’t used by real photographers because they “Steal” pictures!? if you believe the BS.

      • What are you talking about? Where did I say that? FB is used as a marketing tool for plenty of professional photographers. And yes, some sorry-excuses-for-photographers have stolen images off of the internet, not just Facebook but Flickr and blog sites as well… again, wtf? You’re probably referring to a comment left by @browneyedgirlsucks (That’s some 12-year-old kid, not me)

      • No cunt you said it guess you just have a fucked memory. Your work isn’t much to be proud of either lay off the filters you have a DSLR that you use for taking pictures and not a iphone right!? because your pictures seem to be influenced by instagram type lame filters sad to see people thinking they need to use that crap just because the sad iphone retards made it popular. Guess these days people would rather rely on filters, apps and other such things for crutches when they seem to lack the grips of basics of photography. Most people on this site would rather critic those who are out there doing instead of sharing what they claim to be “better” work of their own and those of you who do share your work is only slightly better then those who your making fun of.

    • Lol, thanks Jim C, for contributing to the idiocy of this “discussion.” Oh, and calling me a cunt. And no, I didn’t say “Facebook isn’t used by real photographers.” Please, tell me exactly where you saw that.
      My photos don’t look like instagram, unless I was going for a particular effect (which yes, I have images where I did just that- it’s popular right now and clients like it, but there’s always a clean edit behind those as well.) You do know right, that actions and filters were around before Instagram and the iPhone I hope.
      Only slightly better. LOL. You’re insinuating I lack the basic grips of photography here? Believe what you want, but that’s certainly not true. I’m damn proud of my work and you are just jealous.

      • Howdy,

        If you look down and read what I wrote a couple days ago, a troll decided to be cute and pose as me. (Any unregistered user can enter a name and post). I went ahead and registered and added a little picture, so hopefully that will help. I’m sure as old as this image is, you won’t be back to read this, but for the record, I’ve seen your work and love it. I’ve got nowhere near that level of talent, but maybe someday. 😉

      • Ah yes, I did see that after I posted this… so my above comment is directed towards Pseudo-Jim C.

  77. momofmany

    Ugh! I typed out a response and lost it!
    Anyway, Shelby, I admire the fact that you came on here to apologize and didn’t make a fake account saying we were wrong about what we thought about your photos or claiming you were someone else, etc.
    what kind of camera do you have? Can you shoot in RAW format? Adobe Lightroom might be an affordable option to consider as well. I also recommend digital photography school.
    I’m not sure anyone would want to private message you from their personal Facebook account after what happened to OnePissedOffMother, but if you are open to good critiquing (not something like “you should give up” but rather things like “use a lower f-stop”) then consider going to the forums on here. You (and your family) will need to be open to the help though.
    I know one person on here mentioned some focus and white balance problems with one of your pictures on Facebook (the one with the girls and the toilet paper). The response on Facebook was something like “shut up! She’s just a kid” and the critique was deleted. Then that person was told “Stay off my shit you low life nasty deformed infected hoe. Since you would like to be that way I can be a bitch as well!” as well as other things in private message. That behavior will cause upset all around.
    If you are truly open to critiques given to HELP you become a better photographer and you (and your family) can accept the critiques without the harsh reactions, then I truly think you can really grow and develop as a photographer. I agree that you shouldn’t charge for now. Think of it as like going to school and learning. You don’t get paid to learn. Also, if they pay you then you have to file taxes and if you don’t, then there is going to be grief from the IRS.
    One final thing is that I really do like some of your backgrounds. There were some recent pictures you took (with a little boy with the spiky looking faux-hawk) that were nice. Once you are able to improve your shooting and editing, I think there is some great potential there; especially as a natural light family photographer.
    I wish you the best and hope you are able to get some helpful guidance to improve.
    Good luck!

  78. I’ve got to admit, this has been one of the most interesting reads in the history of YANAP submissions.

    I come to this site for the schadenfreude factor. It’s amusing in a sort of dark way, to see people who take money for services and deliver a less than stellar product. Is it wrong? I don’t know. Isn’t this what 98% of TV does these days? Reality shows about pregnant teens, hoarders, repo guys, etc. all produce big paydays broadcasting the misfortune of others.

    Having said that, does it make us all bad for watching? Not really. I mean, if there’s a saving grace to this site, it’s that behind the big flashy blog, there’s a community that is actually doing a lot of good for photographers. There’s a VERY helpful forum on this site, and a lot of people there are positive and extremely constructive. Honestly, the very worst of this site’s criticism, even the folks who only like to bash others, is insanely mild. You want negative? go to /p/ on 4chan. Those guys would rip Ansel Adams apart given the chance.

    Photography is an area of passion for most people who take a crack at it, and when people have passions, it’s very easy to forget that passion doesn’t automatically equal talent. I passionately love drawing. I find it to be one of the most fun ways to spend time I can think of. All the same, as much as I love drawing, I understand my abilities. And to be blunt, I suck at it. Stick figures without faces drawn on are about as good as it gets for me drawing people. I’m bad at drawing. And that’s okay. It’s still a passion for me, and I’ll keep doing it, but you will never ever see me trying to sell my services as a sketch illustrator. And if I did, I would expect that my work be featured on a site like this.

    Photography is a thing that grows. It can’t really be taught. Sure, I can teach you about exposure, and how to be a technically perfect photographer, but without the eye for your composition, you will never prosper. The photographer who took this picture, we have learned, is just starting out. Good for her! Shelby, the best advice I can give is not to worry about Photoshop, or owning a DSLR, or even knowing how to operate any settings outside of automatic and maybe program modes for now. Don’t try to be a professional, or worry about charging for photo shoots or branding images or adding effects. Taking money turns a passion into a business, and it’s too soon for that. For now, objective one is discovering composition, and finding out whether you have an eye for photography or not.

    Go to the library, look for books on photography. I have never met a single professional photographer who hasn’t read piles of photography books. Read them. Take them with you to the field. Get your friends to pose for you. Hike in the woods looking for a shot. Crawl through the grass looking for chances to see something new. This isn’t a time to ask for a penny for your work, nor is it a time to worry about editing your photos outside the camera (though rotating them is acceptable :)). Spend the next few years (I know, YIKES!) looking through the lens, taking pictures, then looking at the exposure, asking “is this what I want? Does it look right?” and doing it over and over until it is. Then take that work to others, and trust the input of people who have been there. Photography is a form of art, and very few artists released a masterpiece the first time (or the 1,000th time) they took a crack at it.

    This is a laborious, slow process that I’ve outlined. My day to day job is working with teens, so I know the idea of practicing and growing your skill for a few years seems like an eternity. The urge to rush it and “become a pro” is going to be huge, especially if your skills develop to great levels. But if you can take the time to develop your skill, and you can master that patience, you might discover a photographer hiding underneath a person with a camera. Maybe you’ll discover after nonstop trial and error that composition isn’t your strong suit. That’s okay. Keep taking pictures, and enjoy doing it, just as I enjoy my drawing. On the flip side, if that true photographer comes out, you never know. We might all be flipping through your photo book at the library someday.

    In closing, the one thing above all that I would suggest is not to be emotionally shaken by the words of others, but still take to heart any valuable lesson you can learn. The irony of this photo finding its way here is that it has given you a chance to connect with people who might actually be able to help you develop your skills. It’s also highly likely that, if you take the message behind some of the suggestions to heart, that you can learn more from this one photo than every other exposure you’ve taken before and since. There’s a bright side to this.

    One last note, to those who seem to believe that posting numerous negative messages about this photo will make it go away or whatnot, Google “Streisand effect”. Perhaps the best way to make all of this vanish sooner is simply to shut your traps, and let it sink down towards the bottom of the site’s pile of photos.

    • Blue Nuggets


      • Blue Nuggets

        Addendum no one is going to be flipping through that rednecks photography book at a local library EVER unless is a photography book on how not to take pictures lol

      • /p/ is calling. Something about their troll escaping…

        Everybody started somewhere. Poking a little fun is fine, but keep in mind that everyone who ever picked up a camera sucked at it initially. Some folks make the mistake of trying to charge for these early attempts, but they’ll eventually get better or find themselves getting sued into oblivion by an angry client. One or the other is bound to happen.

    • I love discovering new visions and techniques by entertaining my “hobby” side of photography, aside from paid shoots I do. Sometimes doing a lot of paid shoots gets on the side of mundane (though I do enjoy it!) but it’s therapeutic to shoot just for myself as well. Hence, why my photo stream has samples from paid shoots as well as random nature, still life, animal life, and portraits I’ve done for fun.
      One of the differences in “true” photographers and shoot-and-burn (or fauxtogs) is that the fauxtogs are seemingly in it just for the money. They might have a few blurry pictures of the shrubs in their front yard mixed in with some pretty bad portraits they were paid to do. They’ll do several sessions a week for cheap and give away the disks. Real photographers with a passion will spend more time with each shoot they do to make it perfect. They also enjoy other types of photography besides just hired portraiture.

  79. Why don’t you stupid cunts just let that sloppy redneck cunt do her shitty pictures that get paid for by welfare and food stamps. Just let it all die or get better life’s instead of checking this topic to see if you have a new message to reply too and fill your sad life’s of heckling what you call “faux” at least those photographers are at least are out getting paid gigs unlike most of the people on this site whom seem to do just as equally bad work.

  80. Wow, JimC… In one reply you start off with: “No cunt…” (referring to a person whose posts have been totally civil, and polite) , then in the next post you write a fucking research paper (which happens to come off extremely cocky, and condescending), trying to act like some god damned wise philosopher. I guarantee you, nobody will read everything you wrote there, because nobody gives two shits about your opinion, or who you are outside of the internet, and on the internet, you’re a douche.


      Haha, your post made me chuckle.. 😀 love it..

    • cosmicsymbol

      Ben- have to totally agree with you here- Jim seems a little- well :\ split personality disorder, end of the day judging from what he wrote seems he frequents it as much as the rest lol, like pot calling the kettle black.
      Maybe he too escaped from the troll hole so he could practice his keyboard warrior skills before walking into the true arena lol.

      All said and done I don’t think swearing is ever an answer, and as for the whole comment about filters- blah blah blah- isn’t that the personal choice of the photog? Personally Browneyedgirl89 has some intriguing shots, lots of nice depth of field etc- definitely someone who knows her gear ^^

  81. Now that’s funny 😀

    It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with a real live troll, so I forgot how desperate for attention they are. (Living in mom’s basement does that, I suppose. 😉 ) Someone I showed this picture to emailed me last night and told me the troll was having a field day posing as me and creating a handful of fake identities. I thought it was cute that someone wants to pose as me, so I popped over here.

    Obviously, anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together can identify which posts are from the troll, so I won’t patronize anyone by pointing them out. The good news is that it gave me enough encouragement that I actually bothered to register here, placing a pic next to my name for the sake of authenticity going forward.

    And for the troll, I’m really sorry. I know you guys love it when people get angry. I tried to be mad, I really did. But honestly, you’re material was just too funny. A clever troll, one that would stand a shot at irritating others, would be subtle. Write something that’s similar in writing style to the actual author so people might actually believe you are the real McCoy, but twist it just enough to make the original author out to be a jerk. Subtlety is key, and your attempts had all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. Ah well, nice try all the same. head on back over to /p/. I’m sure there’s some noob over there you can make cry. But thanks for trying. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and obviously since you’re so obsessed with me that you wanted to pose as me, you clearly have some level of envy going on.


    • oops. (smacks head)
      My bad, Jim. I honestly thought you were Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. It didn’t even occur to me how easy it would be to post with your name. Now that I know, I sincerely apologize for criticizing your posts, and I will say that your “research paper” was an insightful, intelligent piece of advice that I, as an amateur photographer, will take to heart.

      • No worries. We’re all human.

        Except for the trolls.

  82. So JimC is a double Secret agent troll?

    • Yup JimC was trolling but got called on it so he decided to try and act like it was some one else just to try and not look like a fucking loser.

  83. Boy, that escalated quickly.

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