That’s Just Super

We’re guessing her weakness probably has nothing to do with kryptonite…

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  1. jentheartist

    I am not in any position to discuss anyone’s shape, but I am hoping that is a maternity shot….

  2. Annoyed

    I’d be Super pissed if I paid for a maternity session and this was the result.

  3. BurninBiomass

    Super womb?

  4. Alexis

    I don’t know what’s worse, the pathetic Blur effect done in post, or just the idea itself.

    Can someone tell me why the worst photos on this site all seem to be maternity sessions?

    • reactiveload

      Because maternity is the hardest to get right. There are maybe two or three angles that work for belly pictures and everything else makes it look horrible. The problem is that those two or three angles change ever so slightly for every person. Add that to people who can’t edit in post to clean up the stretch marks (or have the sense to use coverup before the shoot) and it gets ugly real quick.

  5. Jeffssis

    I do NOT understand why anyone wants or needs to have themselves and their big old belly photographed. It’s not like they’re doing anything special by having a baby. C’mon!! Wait til the little one is out and get some good pictures.

    • Miralys

      Having a baby definately is doing something special. Maybe not for human kind but it does change the parents’ life forever. I never saw the point in maternity shoots either, though…

      • Alise

        I understand the point but only in rare circumstances. For example, you get pregnant and then your husband deploys, so he misses out on the whole pregnancy and seeing you get huge (which, although might be kinda gross, is something very special for the father to witness). So in cases like that, I get photographing the bare belly. However, if you’re not in some long-distance situation like that, I really don’t see the point. Also, I will NEVER understand why they do idiotic things to the belly (like draw the superman symbol, for example).

    • Ugh, really? I have never been pregnant yet myself but you can bet I will have photos taken. It’s a special time in the parents’ lives. You can’t judge the emotions of being expectant parents until/unless you’ve been there. There are plenty of tactful and downright beautiful ways to photograph a bare pregnant belly. This is not one of them. This person is obviously overweight on top of being pregnant, but a different angle could have made this a more flattering shot.

  6. jaime

    I find maternity sessions idiotic. The few random snapshots of me when I was pregnant make me cringe at how bloated I look. As for the “glow” all I recall is how miserable I felt, not how nice my skin looked. I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to document and then torture people with pictures of their pregnancy. You look horrible! Honestly, no one wants to see your big fat belly. Anyone who says they like the pictures is LYING, the hormones have messed up your brain ladies. Save the photo session for when the baby is here, people do like to view those photos and not your whacked out body shots. Geesh, sorry. Just looked at 50 photos of a pregnant coworker, guess I needed to vent.

    • Michelle

      When my sister was pregnant I took snaps of her (clothed, yes!) when she was huge. Just snapshots of her and my mom. And for Mother’s Day I made her and my mom little photo album scrpbooks about the baby. On one page I had a picture of my sister, pregnant, and next to it, a shot of my mom in 1976, pregnant with that same sister.

      So that is why I like the idea of documenting a pregnancy. I would love to have pics of my mom when she was young and pregnant with me, but back then she just never took pictures. There’s nothing wrong with taking some snaps or even nice photos of yourself while pregnant.

      The superwomb thing is stupid though.

    • Not everyone think that people in maternity pictures look horrible. I love seeing those cute little baby bumps (When done tastefully). And I honestly regret that I did not get a maternity session. I absolutely loved my pregnancy and how I looked, and I feel sad I don’t have nicely done pics to look back on now. Just because it is something YOU don’t like, doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy it.

  7. spike

    What I don’t get about this sort of maternity photo is that (and I mean no disrespect toward pregnant or larger ladies) the most beautiful thing about an expectant mother is her glowing face. Why must these look like the sorts of photos that usually only appear in medical journals?

  8. I don’t ‘get’ the appeal of maternity photos, even though I can understand they’re documenting an exciting, one-or-whatever-in-a-lifetime moment of a mother/couple. That said, maternity photos can be done tastefully and artistically, for any woman, of any color or size.

    This is not it. Face-on with the pseudo-blur on the sides, it just looks bad. I hate to say it of a no-doubt proud mama to be, but she looks like she’s bearing a beer belly and not much else. Badly done, photog.

  9. Well, the head is cut off, which is poorly conceived. At least…no selective coloring, right?

    • i was looking through some of my really old stuff….like the first year that i started photography, and i was so ashamed…..i found at least 5 pics w/ selective colouring. I have never deleted something so fast.
      What did we all think we were doing when we were newbies?

      • I’ve never done selective coloring. I didn’t even know how. Come to think of it, when I started, Photoshop wasn’t even invented.

  10. Raven

    I also hope this is a maternity shot. I have done one maternity session and I will never do another one. Was called in last minute by a co-worker for her daughter when their photographer canceled on them. It was the most stressful, hardest shoot I have ever done and I just don’t think I ever want to experience that again. They loved the photos but I was not a fan of the pictures post shoot due to the angle of the belly and amount of post work needed to be done so she didn’t look so swollen and miserable.

  11. yeah…but no.

  12. Stacy

    The appeal of maternity photos is this………what if something (God forbid) happens to your baby?? Maternity photos are some of the only family pictures my friend has with her baby. They are special and priceless.

    I have one cell phone picture of my pregnant belly and my baby is gone. I cherish that crappy cell phone picture and wish I would have taken more.

    Now the superman belly……..well that is just tacky.

  13. Super Fugly…. :(\

  14. AnusFace

    No one wants to look at a bulbous prego belly. Sorry, but there is nothing pretty about a pregnant woman.

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