Frightened Boudoir

Frightened… Just the look you want for a boudoir shoot!

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  1. Protog

    She knew this fauxtog was going to do such a terrible job, can you blame her?

  2. Ok – i can see the fauxtog is French (or French Canadian) either way, i’m 50% French. French is supposed to be sexy – i mean, she’s fine and has great skin tine despite the harsh flash, but the Kmart bed sheets and the IKEA bedframe? Vraiment? Zees eez NOT the language of love, zis eez merde. Boolala

  3. Zauberer

    She saw the photographers Tripod. Apparently it was a big one 😛

  4. WilBob

    That’s the look she gave when she noticed the severed hand on her hip.

  5. I used to work as a video producer, and I got sucked into doing a few wedding gigs every now and then. I was at one where the photog (a real fauxtog) would ask everyone “Who’s feeling naughty” before taking the exposure. I mean everyone. It sorta worked for the bride/groom pics, but when he was doing it on the dad/daughter pics, it was so awkward that you could feel it in the air.

    I bring up that story because the expressions on the client’s faces in many photos looked very similar to this girl’s.

  6. BurninBiomass

    It looks like her thumbnail is caught in her bra.

  7. Some would find this sexy…like…serial killers?

  8. Hm. I call a face swap. Disproportionate. Someone just slapped a face on a model body.

    • Jenna

      No, she’s got her chin sucked back because she is so uncomfortable.

  9. robot_legths

    “Photograph me like one of your French Canadian girls…”

  10. Kelly

    Maybe this is the face she makes whenever her man approaches her for sex. They wanted to keep the boudoir session realistic.

  11. HennyM

    deer in the headlights look… it’s the new sexy.

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