That’s Just Grrrrreat

This image brings to mind many questions, like why is she squatting in front of an outhouse!?

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  1. Zauberer

    it has an 80s feeling

  2. Or wearing a bikini in the snow.

  3. The rest of the photos might be good but this is schlock. Who does masking like this these days? Oh yea, single men from the middle east on dating websites. (seriously)

  4. This is the result of what happens when you attack Sigfreid or Roy. Tigers…be warned.

  5. BurninBiomass

    I think the image is missing a while Lamborghini. Maybe she should be holding a white sword.

  6. Holy-whatness….

  7. That one guy

    i bet the made it b/w cause the white balance was way off. in fact it doesnt even look like a b/w it looks like they desaturated it or took down the vibrance but not all of the way… you can see some color in the tiger’s nose and eyes

    • Susan

      That looks to me as thought it was intentional. Why? No clue.

  8. Peace

    She’s in front of the outhouse because door handles are hard.

    I like all the partially transparent parts, including her branch-covered head.

  9. I’m going out on a limb here and say that the photographer who took a picture of this girl in front of the outhouse did NOT also take a picture of the tiger. So we also MIGHT be dealing with some copyright infringement here…..

    • Grackle

      The whole photo looks like it’s cobbled together from about four different sources.

    • Quetzal1

      That was my first thought, too.

  10. jeroen de haan

    This image needs more cowbell…

  11. Pelham

    Wondering if stripper/wannabe porn star paid for this session with a free lapdance. Assuming she’s the client, of course. The tiger’s eyes and nose colour are clearly more important than her.

    • She is a “model” don’t know if you have heard that term, but fuck you.

  12. Hay this should never be about attacking the model in the picture.. horrible photoshop indeed.. but calling the model a porn star.. be classy!

    • Alise

      But she’s dressed like one. I’m sure she realizes this lol

      • Pelham

        And I only said ‘wannabe porn star’. I know pro photogs who have shot strippers for their (the strippers!) promotional material (the photogs in question never considered stripper work to be port-worthy, just something that paid the bills). They took a look and this and yeah, this was the kind of stuff clients were asking them to shoot.

    • I agree 100%. BE CLASSY.

  13. With all the photoshopping going on, couldn’t the fauxtographer do something about her stretch marks?

    • Marcos Dantas

      You are talking about the tiger?
      I think that are regular stripes.

    • meggy

      Hey, stretch marks are nothing to hide or be ashamed of! 🙂 (especially if you are a tiger)

    • what stretch marks? Do you have a vision impairment?

  14. Steve Sagala

    The greatest photographs, from the greatest photographers, required technical skill, a sense of design, creativity, and respect for the moment. So much of what I see is the output of ignorant twinkie-tots who should be watching cartoons or monster trucks. Well, many of them are physically attractive – that’s very important these days,.

  15. OMG…watermark in Comic Sans too. Help.

  16. dstone81

    Did anyone else notice the car in the picture? It is in between the tiger’s head and the outhouse. It looks like maybe the girl was posing by a window and they masked everything else in? It just happened to catch my eye when I was looking at the pic.

  17. A photography studio took this awful picture? PSed in this bullcrap? Wrote their name in such a lame font instead of getting a proper logo? I believe it! But at what point in PSing is it no longer photography? Is it really just about stealing photos off the web?

  18. I think she looks better than all of you look on a good day.

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