He died of lung cancer…

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  1. photocriticgirl

    This can’t seriously be a photo a photographer posted.
    Not even a fauxtographer would claim that.
    People are disturbing.

    • HennyM

      you know what they say: “i have a camera, i must be a professional”

  2. Good use of a color triad.


    I dont believe it is from someone proclaiming to be a photographer.

  4. Could have been some sort of tribute to the deceased. Maybe he was a smoker too…who knows.

  5. really, they couldn’t take three steps to the right and not get the big yellow truck thing out of the shot?

    • HennyM

      if they’d done that, you wouldn’t see the headstone anymore

      • sure you would. it would just be at a different angle. duh.

      • HennyM

        you really think they would have been able to manage that? i mean they can’t even hold the camera straight

  6. spike

    Being familiar with the rites and mysteries of biker funerals, this would not be problematic…except that I’m pretty sure this isn’t a biker funeral. I could be wrong..but…

  7. Travis Beaumont…you are loved.

  8. jackd

    I don’t see any watermark on this identifying it as “professional” photographer

  9. The curse of Travis. The fauxtog was actually talented and highly respected. Then they took a photo near this grave. This was only the beginning. A week later, they started using selective coloring on every exposure, artificial vignetting, and they can’t drive past a set of train tracks without stopping to make a couple exposures.

  10. artie fufkin

    look at those fucking arms!

    blubber is the new black

  11. Pelham

    *eyeroll* Proof that smoking is sexy. And will make you thin.

    • TollToll

      Don’t pick on the people. This is not the site for that. Rude…

      • Pelham

        Hey, not my fault that smokers believe that smoking is *sexy* and as it’s an appetite suppressant., use it to make or keep themselves thin. Plain and simple fact.

      • Grackle

        Don’t be intentionally obtuse, Pelham.

      • obtussseeeeeeeee….and intentionally so….the shame of it.

  12. Kevin


    I think this one needs context. If this is a promo shoot for some sit-com then i think with a bit of work this idea may work.

    I don’t know what it is about this, but i like the idea – for the proper commision obviously.

  13. Mr.Four

    I feel ashamed to own a Subaru after seeing this… and I don’t even smoke!

  14. Chantal

    OMG sooo classy!!

  15. Don’t know what you guys’ problem is, I couldn’t take this shot any better.
    Horizon tilted for some dynamics, no harsh shadows, a yellow car behind the girl to separate her from the background, cutting off the headstone to protect the deceased person’s privacy, and a TIGHT crop – as Capa already said: “If you’re not good enough, you’re not close enough.” Or something.
    Also some excellent posing and a bit, just a tiny bit, of cleavage of the hopefully not underaged girl.

    Rock and Roll baby.

  16. bubblelevel

    It’s not the photographer’s fault, the tripod was perfectly leveled. Problem is, the girl in red was so heavy the entire county tilted 20 degrees on her side. Sorry for the devilish comment, couldn’t resist…

  17. ChubbyChaser

    Love it! I especially love the one on the right…

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