No Pants Guitar Time

At least this photo is so blurry that the lady’s identity is basically safe! Wait, is that my mom!?

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  1. meggy

    Trying to find something good to say.

  2. Could have been worse…could have been in focus.

  3. George Kremer

    Pantsless and pointless.

  4. BurningBiomass

    She obviously had been playing a guitar version of Bach’s “Air on the G String”.

  5. Harry Wyckoff

    I believe that’s Robert Smith from The Cure.

    Maybe this is an early promo shoot, or album artwork concept?

  6. reactiveload

    I thought Boudoir shots were done inside.

    • Harry Wyckoff

      Not at all – lots of boudoir is outside.

      But this isn’t boudoir.

      It’s just scary.

      And bad.

      And Robert Smith.

  7. The face makes me feel like the direction she was given was “Okay, look at me like you hate me, and you had to pose for this because it’s part of a bet you lost while in a drunken stupor. Okay, yes, now add a touch of fake smile. Yes, perfect! Hold that.”

  8. HennyM

    it’s not just no pants time, seems to be no bra time as well…

    horrible. just horrible.

    • HennyM

      she’s not wearing any shoes, either. i’m confused….

  9. Noamsayin

    Trying to be sexy is like trying to be funny — if you fail it’s just sad. This is sad.

  10. framed

    I loooooooooooove this not-so-rounded-but-still-reclangularish frame!

  11. Kevin

    Dear Photographer.

    The sticky out bit at the front of the camera is called a lens. If you twiddle with the turny bits the image in your eyes becomes sharper and easier to see. Give it a try, you might be surprised!

  12. Pelham

    OK class today we are going to learn the difference between fauxtography and photography. This has all the classic hallmarks of a fauxtog: the entire image is blurry/OOF, underexposed, no attempt at composition, poor choice of orientation and crop, meaningless props, strange lack of clothing/footwear, an awkwardly posed subject with a mannequin-like stiffness to her, and worst of all the grimace on her face saying that she’s not having a good time. At all. Bad post-work may have been done to the image though it’s hard to tell.

    • It was surprising that one thing sort of/could’ve worked, but hit all the wrong notes at the same time.

    • HennyM

      they’re trying to sell the guitar. the guitar is kind of in focus.

  13. Well, you wonder why I always dress in black
    Why you never see bright colors on my back
    And why does my appearance seem to have an unfocused tone
    Well, there’s a reason for the things that I have on

    I wear the black for the tasteless and the railroad tracked pics
    Sometimes but not always living in the sticks
    I wear it for the women who fall prey to a Fauxtog’s crimes
    But is there because she’s a victim of the times

  14. Junior

    Kelly Osbourne?

  15. whatda

    Two lopsided ta-tas are distracting me.

    • HennyM

      this is what happens if you, when reached a certain age, refuse to wear a bra.

    • Grackle

      Then don’t look at them, unless you feel that they’re the fault of the photographer.

      You know, the person you’re SUPPOSED to be critiquing?

  16. HennyM

    as someone with fairly poor eyesight i really don’t see what’s wrong with this.

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