Freaking Fucsia

The saturation here not only hurts the eyes, it makes the subject’s look a little zombiesque.

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  1. I love wrinkly bed sheets as backdrops. So classy.

    • Laziness in preproduction work, laziness in post production. There were many opportunities to eliminate the wrinkles. But if the photographer cant even bother to do that, why should we expect them to have proper saturation or color balance. Or even get it exposed correctly…

  2. I’m still trying to figure out where the focus is….

  3. pixelmunkie

    that just hurts my eyes in so many ways

  4. Helen Megginson

    Looks a tad out of focus to me. Nothing sharp.

  5. I like her shirt.

  6. anonymous

    What the F stop is this?!
    1. Where in the heck is the focus?
    2. Eliminate the shadows with proper lighting or at the very least photoshop it out
    3. Do not oversaturate. This literally hurts my eyes to look at.
    4. Smooth the background and darken it up a bit.
    5. Pull focus away from the shirt and focus on her face.
    I could go on for days.

    • #2. Photoshop it out??? Really??? How about simply separating the subject from the background a half foot… That will simply eliminate the shadow. This digital age relies too much on photoshop when a simple technique is the real answer.

  7. Wsroadrunner

    My eyes are bleeding

  8. I cant even comment… I don’t know where to begin?

  9. It’s “fuchsia.” Ahem.

  10. Fucsia?
    My mind read that as “fuk-see-ah” O_O
    Try fuchsia.

  11. My 14 year old intern couldn’t screw it up this badly . . . . . .

  12. its not out of focus. Its handheld camera shake. I would assume from using a low power tungsten light. The saturation probably came from a poor attempt to hide an orange tungsten glow.

  13. jessica

    I looked at this on my cell phone and it was awful. I clicked on the link again from my computer and its OMG WAYYY worse!!

  14. FroggieG

    ….my eyes are bleeding….

  15. The harsh shadow is just as hard to look at as the over saturated pink & the general blur~ugh

  16. It takes a lot of talent to have a photo with nothing sharp…

  17. So out of focus. Are those glow sticks on her wrists and around this person’s neck?

  18. Nice bokeh… oh wait… bokeh is supposed to have the subject in focus but not the background…that’s right! I forgot, for a minute there I thought maybe bokeh simply meant ‘a disgustingly blurry photo’… in which case, this wold be perfect.

  19. …it makes the subject’s look a little zombiesque…

    It’s because the skin tone is also oversat in the yellow yellow. Boy you guys sure can pic ’em.

  20. Miss Obnoxious

    Where should I even start…?!

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