Not A Keeper

Seriously, this is included in a fauxtog’s Gallery? Open mouth in the background, cropped off chin, nothing about this picture says “professional”.

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  1. Personally I think it’s the Ranch dressing bottle that really makes this image shine.

  2. Personally I am a a big fan of the ranch dressing under the “background mouth”

  3. RichardsKitten

    I love the ranch dressing bottle in the background. Very classy.

  4. Faith S.

    Nice…Hidden Valley Ranch made a photo gallery debut! SMDH!

  5. oh come on look at the stunning white vignette.. it MUST be pro if it’s got a white vignette. ergh.

  6. Meowcate

    Look, I’m a pro !
    Uh ? what do you mean by bad picture ? look, I have a pro photographer website !

  7. Cranky Catholic

    You can spot the quality of the lens by the chromatic abberation in the girl’s eyes and the bows in her hair.

  8. Miss Obnoxious

    When will people learn that white vignette almost never looks good??

  9. FalconGTHo

    Wurp up, yo.

  10. It is a “snapshot” that was cropped, trying to make the masses think they are a photographer.

    Typical… I own a camera and I will make money. What is so hard about that?

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