Airbrushed To The Max

Fauxtogs… airbrushing the realistic right out of pics since the dawn of photo editing.

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  1. It’s like that freaky toddlers and tiaras type stuff.

  2. That is not airbrushed…anyone can see that fauxtographer specializes in love doll portraits.

  3. Maybe there was a special purpose for doing this but I think it makes the poor woman look like a wax figure.

  4. It doesnt even look real. It looks like a CGI (computer generated image) u know like the cartoons like shrek and monsters inc =\

  5. Did he airbrush the eyebrows right off her face? Oh, no, wait, she did that herself.

  6. I am pretty sure they went with the full-on abuse of the blur to hide the horrible seams from cutting out a background and supplanting this behind her. If you look around the hair, it looks pretty harsh, even with the blur.

  7. Elizabeth

    That’s one way to smooth out skin…gosh

  8. Clarity slider = -100, cruise control to cool.

  9. . . . and, oh, let’s examine her sinus cavities while we are at it . . . . .

  10. “i know! I’ll make her look like a giant doll! I’m sure she’ll appreciate that more than some ‘realistic’ looking photo that any photographer would give her.” says the fauxtog before destroying what could have been a decent picture

  11. David Gutierrez

    I think I saw her on GTA

  12. Heather

    Looks like something created for Doctor Who.

  13. I don’t find many things creepy – bat that really does creep me out. Awful.

  14. lol, I used to do this so I really can’t talk shit on this one!

  15. The wax figure thing is bad, but what’s worse for me is the tilted head. It gives her half a jaw line. Looks terrible

  16. Frankie

    I shoot digitally and had a convo with my friend who is also a photographer who shoots film……this is probably what he meant by he hates digital photography, too much can be done to a photo that isn’t real. Looking at this I get his point.

  17. Got to love the up the nose shot as well!

  18. She’s got a tick under her lip.

  19. FalconGTHo

    All that work yet he/she left behind that freakin wart on her face. Or is that some stupid ass piercing?

  20. That’s not a wart; it’s probably a mole, aka a beauty mark. Marilyn Monroe had one, as did numerous other beauties. In fact, years ago, (think: 50’s & 60’s), women sometimes added just sort of a mark as part of their makeup, though you don’t see it done anymore. Upon further review, it’s a piercing…

    Lastly, I like this photo. All art is subjective. I think she’s beautiful, though the pose isn’t so great.

    • You're Dumb

      Seeing your own pictures, I can see why you like this photo.

    • Those are actually called ‘Monroe’ piercings. Usually done on the upper lip in the corner, but I have seen them on the lower lip, as well.

    • Miss Obnoxious

      I think it’s a facial piercing… looks like it to me anyways.

  21. No nose has looked this fake since Michael Jackson.

  22. FalconGTHO

    Theres nothing “beautiful” about a “beauty mark”. Its a blemish and it detracts, no matter WHO its on. I was being my typical smart ass self when I called it a wart. A wart woiuld actually nbe less distracting since they are skin colored and not dark. As for it being a piercing, which I wondered about it, they are just dumb.

  23. I will bow in deference to the mighty Falcon Grand Turissimo HO, who is obviously the arbiter of beauty and good taste, and the Grand Poopah of all beauty standards by which others are judged, though I’m pretty pretty myself. I have a pierced ear, though I haven’t worn an earring in years. “As for it being a piercing, which I wondered about it, they are just dumb.”

    I hate being dumb. I want to sit in judgement of other people who aren’t perfect like I am.

    • FalconGTHO

      Thats “Gran Turismo” actually. However, in the context Im using it, its “Grand Touring”. Its the make and model of a famous and very sought after Australian car. But Im not Australian.

      • I can tell. Most Australians aren’t as obnoxious as you.

  24. This is what fauxtogs call the “painterly” effect. :-S

  25. This is clearly a photograph of a wax figure at a museum somewhere.

  26. Miss Obnoxious

    Wow. Just wow.

    EPIC FAIL!!!

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