Hula Hoop

This looks more like something someone snapped with their cellphone at a bar than something from a professional’s portfolio.

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  1. WOW…I, uhh…wow…How is this good for someones portfolio? I’m wondering what kind of person thinks THIS is quality work for sharing?!?!?!

  2. Wsroadrunner

    And such a flattering pose too…

  3. this is someones portfolio?? oh my….

  4. You scared me. I shot some hula hoop photos by available dark last Friday night. I was afraid you’d seen them. While I like them, I do not always hold myself out as a professional photographer, but if people want to give me money, I take it. They are here:!/media/set/?set=a.3811382690237.2173008.1447611883&type=1

  5. Gotta love a flash pointing straight ahead.
    If that were handed to me by a second shooter, we’d have to have a talk.

  6. Nothing like part of a person in the corner of the photo to really bring out that special something.

  7. The good news is, they only had to get a release signed by the lady way in the back.

  8. carolsworld

    Not to mention the lady in red who is picking at her behind…

  9. This is a candid, and a terrible one at that. I certainly would never hold this out as an example of my work.

  10. Must have been focusing on the tramp stamp but really wanted to get the background in so they could “establish a sense of place”

  11. I LOVE MOLLY!!! AHHH WE ARE SO HALF NAKED AND DANCING GUYS. OMG……… the pictures looks as retarded as going to a rave with a bunch of molly’d out 16 year old. I’ll give the photographer props for capturing the crappy atmosphere at the party. lmao!

  12. Wow....

    It fascinates me that people can look at images like this and honestly think to themselves, “Wow, I did a good job.” It’s like the fauxtog just took out her P&S and snapped off a quickie. And like a quickie, this image left me unsatisfied and upset.

  13. There’s so much wrong with this photo… *sighs*

  14. Cranky Catholic

    The person’s Facebook page shows he’s got a few handsome studio shots and a nice engagement photo. So what gives with these candid shots?

  15. Snappy

    It’s how the fauxtog really accentuated those back boobs with a hard direct strobe that really takes this one to the next level. I also love blown out random hands in the foreground. Now that’s glamourous!

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